‘Kill. Christians.’ and other Nasty E-mails: Why they Hate Americans For Truth

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“Grow the [f–k] up. My god your an [a–shole]. I can see that look on your balding head. Probably in the closet all these years trying to deny your mysioginistic [sic] way. God can\’t save you from the [f–cking] miserable choices you make in interpretating his rules as literal, not figurative mesaages [sic] on ways to live your life. I went to sunday school for half of my life – I should know. The name of this site should not be Americans for Truth, but Americans for Lies. People do not force themselves to like other people, amd [sic] only a thickheaded person like you deserves to rot in the depths of hell if there is such a place. Another good name for this site would be mainly [yourana–hole.com]. Perfectly suits you afterall.” — Hate e-mail sent anonymously to AFTAH by “Counter-bigot” through the Americans For Truth website Oct. 13, 2008. 

Dear AFTAH supporters,

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Folks, Americans For Truth is one of the most despised groups among the most aggressive and vocal homosexual activists. Why? Because we are hateful, “phobic” bigots like they say? Because we’re out to hurt homosexuals – just like racists are out to hurt minorities?  Because we are unthinking fundamentalists blindly following some ancient religious creed, with no consideration for how we are “oppressing gays and lesbians”?

Of course not.  AFTAH is hated because we hold up a standard of Biblical truth and natural law on the homosexual issue and will never compromise that standard.  Homosexual militants despise us because we expose their truly radical agenda — e.g., “gay adoption” activist Dan “Three-Way” Savage, who adopted a baby boy with his now homosexual “husband,” saying that consensual “nonmonogamy” (outside sex) is GOOD for marriages and will help reduce the number of divorces [listen to CWA interviewing me about Savage HERE].

AFTAH shows the world what homosexual activists “tolerate” and celebrate – e.g., public nudity in San Francisco, and  – and we are hated and mocked relentlessly by “GLBT” militants because of that.

Every day I open hateful e-mails like this rather pointed one we received recently from “Bob” through the AFTAH website:

Kill. Christians.

Here’s another sent to us Nov. 17 by “Jack,” with the subject header “Jesus”:

[f—k] all of you self righteous jesus freaks trying to force your beliefs on others people. i dont [sic] see how anybody being gay affects your life. they\’re not trying to force anything upon you, so why should you do it to them? christ taught about love and brotherhood. your form of christianity is no better than the mutilated form of islam that people use as justification for terror and murder. i think you need to examine yourselves and think about the pain and sorrow that you\’re causing so many people, and think about how you would feel if you were being persecuted for being who you are. i hope you see that you\’re doing a very horrible thing, and that you can find a way to atone.

The consistently eloquent Darren W. Lyle of Boston wrote us two days before Christmas with this message:

[F–k] you all.

And Alejandro Bueno sent us this evil missive on Dec. 15:

The only truth in you web site is that You guys are full of [s–t]. You should try some of the oufits from the leather convention, you migth [sic] enjoy it, because Im sure you love that. People like you are the more perverted and sick, but you preffer [sic] to keep it in the closet, you are BIgots!! and as far as I know you are the one that are going to burn in HELL first 


Day in, day out, the hate e-mails come – as if homosexual activists think they can bully us into submission as they have done to so many others in our culture (including eHarmony’s Neil Clark Warren).  Well, AFTAH will not be bullied, and we will press on with our noble calling of reporting truth about homosexuality and radical “gay” activism that you cannot find in the mainstream media (e.g., Newsweek, which now claims that the Bible supports “same-sex marriage”!).

Here at Americans For Truth, we don’t hate anybody but we love homosexual men and women enough to tell them the truth: that there is a way out of this destructive lifestyle that endangers body and soul – a way out through the Christ of Christmas.   Please help us to continue in our critical mission by making as generous a tax-deductible, end-of-year gift to AFTAH as possible:

Making a tax-deductible gift to AFTAH of $10, $25, $100, or even $500 to help sustain our unique and bold mission.  You can give online using a credit card or PayPal at www.americansfortruth.com/donate/; or mail your gift to:  AFTAH, PO Box 5522, Naperville, IL 60567. To sign up as a Truth Team member by pledging $25, $50, $100, $250 or more per month to support AFTAH’s critical work, go HERE.

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