A Note from Italy

Just a quick note from Europe… Thanks for doing what you do. It must take a lot of guts and faith to go up against the gay-rights juggernaut. I am a Roman Catholic. I love Christ, I love my Faith and I love my Church and it makes me sad to see how in most parts of Europe all opposition to the gay agenda has already been silenced. Worst part? The denial of Christian and Catholic values has been crammed down the throats of Europeans ever since the so-called Enlightenment. So if today you are a young European with an average education and intelligence and are forced to chose between being PC [politically correct]  and being considered a religious bigot, you don’t even think twice. You drank secularism, humanism, liberalism, egalitarianism with your mother’s milk. Plus: It has always been and will always be the Church’s fault, no matter what. So, again, thanks for doing this. I’ll keep you in my prayers!

Leo, Italy

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