Nobody Hates Like the ‘Gay’ Left, No. 127 — Infantile ‘Joe.My.God’ Blog Post Attacks AFTAH

The “queer” bloggers are losing it, and that’s saying something because it’s a dubious proposition that they ever had “it” to begin with. Check out this particularly nasty and childish post by Joe Jervis, a homosexual activist who runs a godless blog called “Joe.My.God.” Jervis’ post is entitled, “Peter LaBarbera Wants To Have Sweaty Mansex With Every Single One Of You.” Here’s some of Joe’s riveting prose:

Petey…honey….give it up. Just come out already. Yes, yes…you may be hideously unattractive to the vast majority of sighted gay men, but if we can put a man on the moon, we can put a man on you. Yes, even you. If it comes to it, I’ll even kick in for a hooker. But I get to take pictures.

You get it, right? Want to really insult a Christian conservative or anyone committed to fighting that “gay” agenda that homosexual activists cannot seem to locate? Well, accuse him or her of being a … homosexual! Or even worse, an ugly homosexual! Or is this merely a case of the thief who thinks everybody steals, as Joe Nicolosi of NARTH told me a long time ago? No further comment necessary, except to indict the “gay” blogosphere in general — as this angry, lost soul won the award for Best LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender) Blog at the 2007 Weblog Awards (as reported by fellow “Jeebus”-hater Pam Spaulding HERE).

The closest I will get to being an accessory to masochism is giving you this link to the Joe.My.God blog so you can find the piece if you want to read it. — Peter LaBarbera

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