Allyson Smith to Michael Steele: GOP Should Stick to Platform, Not Veer Left

Will rejoin the GOPĀ  when it “proves it is serious about adhering to its own platform”

Americans For Truth writer Allyson Smith sent the following e-mail to pro-family activists urging them to contact Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele to urge him not to promote the homosexual activist “Log Cabin Republican” agenda:

From: Allyson Smith
Sent: Friday, February 13, 2009 10:38 AM
To: Pro-Family Advocates

Dear Everyone,

I just spoke with a staffer at RNC [Republican National Committee] chairman Michael Steele’s office and explained to her about the Log Cabin Republicans [LCR] and their nefarious activities. [The staffer] thanked me for the call and asked me to ask all of you to call in to ask Michael Steele to NOT give any accommodation or quarter to LCR members within GOP ranks. He assured me that my message would be passed on to Chairman Steele.

I gave her the following talking points and urge you all to call in and repeat them:

  • Log Cabin Republicans are homosexual activists first, Republicans second.
  • Because they are homosexual activists above all else, LCR members actively work to oppose the party’s plank on traditional marriage.
  • California Log Cabin members actively worked to oppose Proposition 8, even as the GOP supported it.
  • [Lesbian columnist] Deb Price recently wrote an article saying that LCR members are cheering Michael Steele’s election. To people like me, that is a red flag and cause for alarm.
  • The GOP likes to pride itself on being the “big tent” party. However, when you admit so many members without discretion, you end up with people who think 180 degrees differently from the platform and then end up with a house divided against itself–and we all know what happens then.
  • The key to the GOP regaining its power and membership is NOT to tack more to the left, but to reclaim and stick to its platform and get rid of people who work against the platform.
  • The moral issues are the foundation and key to everything else the GOP is trying to accomplish. It does no good to talk of shoring up the economy or national security when the party permits and promotes immorality. We cannot secure the blessings of liberty when we accommodate pro-aborts, sodomists and other immoral people.
  • I left the [Republican] party because it was becoming too much like the Democrat Party, and will be happy to rejoin when the party proves it is serious about adhering to its own platform.

I’m sure you can think of more things to add, but these are the main points I made to to [the RNC staffer]. Please call in using the numbers in Peter LaBarbera’s [AFTAH] message [RNC phone: 202-863-8700; e-mail:; see Americans For Truth story HERE].

God bless you all,

Allyson Smith
San Diego, California

Allyson Smith is contributing writer to Americans For Truth about Homosexuality. She can be reached through the AFTAH website.

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