Georgia ‘Gay’ Republican Activist Calls AFTAH ‘Domestic Terrorist Group,’ Compares Us to Nazis

Abe Lincoln was right: “A house divided against itself cannot stand”

jamie_ensley_log_cabin.gifUnhinged Anti-Christian Bigotry: Homosexual activist Jamie Ensley, President of the Georgia Log Cabin Republicans and a Georgia GOP official, smeared Americans For Truth as a “radical christian domestic terrorist group” and compared AFTAH to Germany’s Nazi Party. Call the Georgia Republican Party and GOP Chairman Michael Steele (contact info below) and ask that disciplinary action be taken against Ensley. Photo taken from Log Cabin Republican website.

TAKE ACTION:  Respectfully request that the Georgia Republican Party (404-257-5559; and the Fulton County (Ga.) Republican Party ( take appropriate disciplinary action against Jamie Ensley, president of the Georgia “Log Cabin Republicans” (and Fulton, County, Georgia Republican Party member) — after Ensley compared Americans For Truth to Germany’s Nazi Party and labeled AFTAH a “radical christian domestic terrorist group” (see letter below). Ensley was reacting to our call last week to GOP Chairman Michael Steele not to bend to the Log Cabin’s homosexual activist agenda (which includes “same-sex marriage” and the attempt to overturn Proposition 8, passed by California voters on Nov. 4, through the courts). Calls opposing the homosexual Log Cabin agenda have poured into Steele’s office following our appeal.

Also, please write or call Mr. Steele (; 202-863-8700) and graciously urge him to work hard keep the GOP a pro-traditional-marriage party that does not promote homosexuality in the guise of “tolerance.” Congratulate Mr. Steele on winning the GOP’s chairmanship and send him a copy of Ensley’s slanderous letter (below) as evidence of Log Cabin’s bigoted, anti-Christian agenda that will cost the party support if promoted by the GOP. (If you are a Democrat, contact the Democratic National Committee (202-863-8000) and/or President Obama (202-456-1414) and urge them to reverse the Party’s growing collusion with radical homosexual activists.)


Dear Readers,

Someone smart once said that the first person in a debate to accuse his opponent of being a “Nazi” automatically loses the argument. If this is true, then the Georgia Log Cabin Republicans (LCR) — a homosexual activist group — has just telegraphed the bankruptcy of its “Homosexuality-First” agenda. In the e-mail below sent Saturday by Georgia LCR President Jamie Ensley to GOP Chairman Michael Steele and copied to Americans For Truth, Ensley compares AFTAH to “a mainstream Nazi Germany organization” and calls us a “radical christian domestic terrorist group.”

What further proof than Ensley’s nasty message do GOP leaders and the party’s rank-and-file need that Log Cabin Republicans is a group that — far from promoting “inclusion” and expanding the GOP’s appeal — is devoted to slash-and-burn homosexual extremism and rank anti-Christian bigotry? Rarely is such raw, anti-religious hatred so brazenly put on display, even in 2009 America, as in this slanderous missive by the “gay” Georgia Republican activist. (See AFTAH writer Allyson Smith’s letter to Steele and our original release calling on pro-family Republicans to contact Steele urging him not to pander to the Log Cabin agenda.)

And Ensley’s spurious analogy is also a lesson in the danger of pro-homosexual “hate crimes” legislation. If a seasoned political operative like Ensley can become so unhinged as to compare a peaceful pro-family advocacy group like AFTAH to Nazis and “terrorists,” you begin to see how “hate crime” laws ultimately will be applied in this nation. “Gay” militants routinely equate the defense of Judeo-Christian teachings on sexual morality to “hate” and argue that pro-family rhetoric against homosexuality contributes to a “climate of violence” against homosexuals. This will inevitably result in calls to curb “anti-gay” speech.

We must remain vigilant to expose and confront anti-Christian bigotry whenever and wherever it rears its ugly head. Please take action today using the contact information above so that GOP leaders will understand that tolerating this sort of malice is unacceptable. Abe Lincoln (whom the Log Cabin Republicans also smear by claiming him as their inspiration) was right: “A house divided against itself cannot stand.” The GOP cannot be pro-marriage and -family while radically undermining both at the same time.


Peter LaBarbera
President, Americans For Truth About Homosexuality


Letter from Georgia Log Cabin Republican President Jamie Ensley to GOP Chairman Michael Steele [web links added by AFTAH]:

From: [Jamie Ensley]
Sent: Saturday, February 14, 2009 10:13 AM
Subject: From the Georgia Log Cabin Republicans

Dear Chairman Steele,

I’m the current president of the Georgia Chapter of the Log Cabin Republicans, and I want to urge you not to allow small biggoted [sic], anti-American and anti-Christian fringe groups such as Americans for Truth to influence you.

Most Americans and people of medical science believe that people do not choose their sexual orientation. Groups like Americans for Truth simply want to divide Americans, and truthfully their group would be more welcome as a mainstream Nazi Germany organization, than an organization which provides any value at all in 21st Century America.

I hope you will continue to support the Log Cabin Republicans, and not listen to the radical christian extremist domesitc terrorist groups such as Americans for Truth.  There were 1.7 million gay and lesbian Americans who voted for American hero Sen. John McCain, and I’m sure you agree that it’s important that we keep these folks active in our Party.

God bless you, America and the GOP!


James Ensley
President, Georgia Log Cabin Republicans
57th District Chairman,Fulton County Republican Party
Board Treasurer, Georgia Equality [a homosexual activist group]

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