MSM=Three-Ways — ‘Thruple’ Defined

joe_my_god_blogger.jpgAtheist homosexual blogger Joe Jervis and his “Joe My God” blog do more to illustrate the deviance of male homosexuality than AFTAH ever could. HERE Jervis writes matter-of-factly about his meet-ups with a “thruple” (that’s gay slang for three-way relationship). And HERE Jervis and his perverted followers accuse Americans For Truth president Peter LaBarbera of wanting “sweaty mansex” because Joe was mad that Americans For Truth exposed a sadomasochistic homosexual “Pig Sex” orgy at a D.C. hotel, leading to the event’s cancellation. We’ll have more on one of Jervis’ favorite events — a twisted New York City spectacle known as the Black Party — in coming posts.

By Peter LaBarbera

I found this homosexual slang word — “thruple” — perusing atheist homosexual leatherman Joe Jervis’ “Joe. My. God.” website. Jervis is the New York City blogger-perv who, in a fit of pique after AFTAH exposed and helped cancel a homosexual “pig sex” orgy in a Washington, D.C., hotel, wrote an especially nasty piece (even by “gay” standards) attacking me under the title: “Peter LaBarbera wants to have sweaty mansex with every single one of you.” (I’m not kidding.) How does one respond to such demented and malicious (not to mention self-hating) tripe?

Anyway, it got me thinking: the reaction of most normal people to the mere mention of “pig sex orgy” is outrage and shock that such a vile thing even occurs at all. (It’s like NAMBLA — which used to march in “gay pride” parades: conservatives couldn’t make this stuff up if they tried.) But Jervis and like-minded deviance defenders react by lashing out in cruel, kill-the-messenger fashion at me and AFTAH for writing about it (with their favored theme being, of course: “LaBarbera is a homo”). It’s all very bizarre for the uninitiated, but no less so than “thruples,” fisting, twinks, rimming, M-2-Fs, “power bottoms,” “fag hags,” “daddy-boy relationships,” “transphobia” or countless other twisted behaviors and ideas lurking under the “queer” umbrella.

Another observation: our “gay” activist critics couldn’t be more off base when they accuse us of exaggerating the GLBT movement’s, well, queerness. Just take a quick read of Jervis’ “live blog” account of the 2006 “Black Party” — an annual S&M oriented gay “circuit” dance party in New York (saturated with drug use and deviant sex on the premises), which he attended with his “thruple” buds. Or check out this online video in which Black Party partygoers describe what they witnessed at the 2007 event [WARNING: graphic language]. Both demonstrate that Americans For Truth barely skims the surface in exposing homosexual perversions and the general dysfunctional weirdness of modern homosexuality.

P.S. We’ll let you know if and when Jervis and fellow sodomists take up the cause of “thruple rights.” I can hear one of their talking points now, spoken with appropriate indignation: “So how does a loving thruple’s marriage affect YOUR marriage, anyway?” God help us. — Peter LaBarbera,


From the Urban Dictionary website:

thruple — Three-way relationship. Properly known by polyamorists as a triad. Amusingly known by many gay men as a ‘thruple.’

[Example:] “In a gay thruple, there is twice the sex, but six times the emotional baggage, as the joke goes.

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