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REMEMBERING JESSE: The Deviant Homosexual Rape-Murder of Young Jesse Dirkhising

Friday, September 26th, 2014
The 7th-grade photo of Jesse Dirkhising, from the Lincoln School yearbook in 1999 -- the same year he was killed after being raped and sodomized by homosexuals (and lovers) David Don Carpenter and Joshua Macabe Brown.

This 7th-grade photo of Jesse Dirkhising is from the Lincoln (Middle) School yearbook in 1999 — the same year he was killed after being sadistically raped and sodomized by homosexuals (and lovers) David Don Carpenter and Joshua Macave Brown. Dirkhising’s murder was largely ignored by cultural elites — while homosexual Matthew Shepard’s murder was given extraordinary, worldwide media coverage (based on a false “hate crime” narrative).


Update 9/26/2014: Fifteen years ago today, a 13-year-old Arkansas boy, Jesse Dirkhising, was sodomized to death by two older homosexual men who used him as their “sex toy.” This account by my friend and AFTAH adviser Allyson Smith gives the sordid and astonishing facts of his sadistic rape-killing.

Both of Jesse’s assailants, the more sinister (and older), David Don Carpenter, who planned the sickening, penetrative assault on Jesse, and his (their)  lover, Joshua Macave Brown, were friends of Jesse’s mother, Tina Yates, who naively allowed the boy to go away with the men and stay the night in another town. Tragically, Yates’ “pro-gay” attitudes contributed to the cruel death of her son.

We remember this Victim of Homosexuality today. Jesse would be 28 and in the prime of his life today were that life not robbed from him by sadistic “gay” predators who used him for their deviant sexual pleasures. More coming on this. — Peter LaBarbera. AFTAH


The Homosexual Rape-Murder of Young Jesse Dirkhising

No National Cathedral memorial event for Arkansas boy — while “progressives” continue to stoke Matthew Shepard “hate crime” myth shattered by new Stephen Jimenez book

The following article by my good friend and AFTAH writer Allyson Smith is adapted from her definitive 2002 article on the horrific and gruesome murder of a 13-year-old Arkansas boy, Jesse Dirkhising — who died from asphyfixiation and drugging after being brutally and sadistically sodomized by a homosexual man, under the twisted guidance of another (his much older “gay” lover). As WND reported,

“Dirkhising was found by police unconscious on the floor of a Prairie Grove, Ark. residence around 5 a.m. Sept. 26, 1999, his hands bound with duct tape and his mouth gagged. Police later determined Dirkhising had been repeatedly raped over a period of hours, including with foreign objects, by [Joshua] Brown, then 22, and Davis Don Carpenter, then 38….[A]uthorities said after the last rape he was left bound and gagged while his attackers ate a sandwich. He died of suffocation, a coroner’s report found.”

The two homosexual lovers who sexually tortured the boy — Joshua Brown and his older partner, Davis Don Carpenter — were both friends of Jesse’s mother, who reportedly was happy to let her son hang out with the men and even stay over the weekend in their apartment in a town 32 miles away. [Go HERE to read a PDF facsimile of the initial police report of the crime.] In 2000, AFTAH’s flagship newsletter, Lambda Report, reported:

“Evidence from the Jesse Dirkhising case suggest the Arkansas boy’s killers were following bondage and sodomy rituals of the type laid out in scores of books and magazines fueling the growing “leather” subculture — popular among “gay” men — that eroticizes pain, dominance and humiliation.”

As fate would have it, only a year and a few days separate the anniversary dates of the rape-murder of Dirkhising (September 26, 1999) from that of the assault on murdered Wyoming homosexual college student Matthew Shepard (October 6, 1998). But only one murder — with its contrived, convenient and politically-correct “hate crime” story-line — became useful to pro-homosexual “progressives” and the liberal media, while the other was largely ignored.

Shepard’s 1998 murder (condemned by this writer and many pro-family groups and leaders at the time) drew worldwide coverage as a supposed “anti-gay hate crime.” It is still commonly commemorated as such — despite the publication of homosexual author Stephen Jimenez’s new book, The Book of Matt: Hidden Truths About the Murder of Matthew Shepard, which shatters that the longstanding media and LGBT activist narrative that Shepard was targeted and murdered “because he was gay.”

Jimenez, building on his groundbreaking 2004 ABC News 20/20 expose showing that Shepard’s death was largely a drug robbery, demonstrates conclusively that Shepard not only knew his killer, Aaron McKinney — who like him was a methampthetamine dealer — but partied with him and may even have been involved sexually with him. (In his murder trial, McKinney attempted a “gay panic” defense, claiming that he sought to punish the supposed stranger Shepard because the latter came on to him at a bar.) Jimenez interviewed ten sources who testified that McKinney knew and associated with Shepard.

National Cathedral marks Matthew’s death, not Jesse’s

Seemingly oblivious to the well-researched revelations in Jimenez’s book, the Washington National Cathedral, in the nation’s capital, held an anniversary event last weekend in remembrance of the Shepard murder in the context of “honoring gay youth.”

In contrast, there were no national commemorations last week of Dirkhising’s 1999 murder. Conservatives have attempted with little success over the years to get the “mainstream” media to acknowledge that the pedophilic, sadistic-sex killing of young Dirkhising by two homosexual lovers deserved as much coverage as the brutal beating of Shepard. But the response that often came back was that the Shepard case (as an alleged “hate crime”) had something to teach America (i.e., about “hate” and tolerance) while the Dirkhising case was merely another sordid sex crime.

Symbolizing the media double-standard, TIME magazine essayist Johnathan Gregg wrote back in 1999:

“The reason the Dirkhising story received so little play is because it offered no lessons. Shepard’s murder touches on a host of complex and timely issues: intolerance, society’s attitudes toward gays and the pressure to conform, the use of violence as a means of confronting one’s demons. Jesse Dirkhising’s death gives us nothing except the depravity of two sick men. There is no lesson here, no moral of tolerance, no hope to be gleaned in the punishment of the perpetrators. To be somehow equated with these monsters would be a bitter legacy indeed for Matthew Shepard.”

In a courageous work, openly homosexual author Stephen Jimenez has laid bare the many media myths surrounding the Matthew Shepard murder.

In a courageous work, openly homosexual author Stephen Jimenez has laid bare the many media myths surrounding the Matthew Shepard murder — which was a drug crime and not a “hate crime.”

Now the evidence continues to mount that the entire foundation of the Shepard story underlying Gregg’s tendentious thesis is bogus and its true lessons have nothing to with hate or “gay tolerance” — but rather the dangers of meth addiction, drug and alcohol abuse, family breakdown, reckless living and even the effects of homosexual molestation. (Ironically, the Dirkhising story teaches some of those same lessons.) Jimenez documents (HIV-positive) Shepard’s repeated sexual aggressions, and the book ends with this shocking revelation:

“Matthew Shepard was a victim of sexual abuse and molestation as a boy and as a teenager…Apparently, his wounds from being sexually victimized also manifested in another common, but tragic pattern: The victim becomes a perpetrator himself….At age fifteen Matthew was arrested for molesting two eight-year-old boys in his Casper [Wyoming] neighborhood…Matthew’s juvenile arrest record had been quietly concealed.”

Not all crime victims are equal

Unfortunately, there is a politically-correct hierarchy of victims in the United States — and (white, middle class) “gay” victims are at the top while, perhaps, boys seduced and abused by homosexual pedophiles are at the bottom. Most Americans have never heard the basic facts surrounding Jesse Dirkhising’s troubled upbringing and the savage sexual assault that cruelly cut short his life as a young teenager. On the other hand, most Americans have heard a false and grotesquely simplified ‘spinning’ of the Shepard murder that just happens to fit the needs of the “Gay” Lobby and the liberal media who have come to be its most important allies. — Peter LaBarbera, AFTAH

PS. Americans For Truth has obtained firsthand materials surrounding the prosecution of Dirkhising’s murderers and will have more on this story. We will also lay out in greater detail some of the startling facts about the Shepard murder brought forth by Stephen Jimenez in his The Book of Matt. [Allyson Smith’s article is after the jump]


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MSM=Three-Ways — ‘Thruple’ Defined

Monday, March 23rd, 2009

joe_my_god_blogger.jpgAtheist homosexual blogger Joe Jervis and his “Joe My God” blog do more to illustrate the deviance of male homosexuality than AFTAH ever could. HERE Jervis writes matter-of-factly about his meet-ups with a “thruple” (that’s gay slang for three-way relationship). And HERE Jervis and his perverted followers accuse Americans For Truth president Peter LaBarbera of wanting “sweaty mansex” because Joe was mad that Americans For Truth exposed a sadomasochistic homosexual “Pig Sex” orgy at a D.C. hotel, leading to the event’s cancellation. We’ll have more on one of Jervis’ favorite events — a twisted New York City spectacle known as the Black Party — in coming posts.

By Peter LaBarbera

I found this homosexual slang word — “thruple” — perusing atheist homosexual leatherman Joe Jervis’ “Joe. My. God.” website. Jervis is the New York City blogger-perv who, in a fit of pique after AFTAH exposed and helped cancel a homosexual “pig sex” orgy in a Washington, D.C., hotel, wrote an especially nasty piece (even by “gay” standards) attacking me under the title: “Peter LaBarbera wants to have sweaty mansex with every single one of you.” (I’m not kidding.) How does one respond to such demented and malicious (not to mention self-hating) tripe?

Anyway, it got me thinking: the reaction of most normal people to the mere mention of “pig sex orgy” is outrage and shock that such a vile thing even occurs at all. (It’s like NAMBLA — which used to march in “gay pride” parades: conservatives couldn’t make this stuff up if they tried.) But Jervis and like-minded deviance defenders react by lashing out in cruel, kill-the-messenger fashion at me and AFTAH for writing about it (with their favored theme being, of course: “LaBarbera is a homo”). It’s all very bizarre for the uninitiated, but no less so than “thruples,” fisting, twinks, rimming, M-2-Fs, “power bottoms,” “fag hags,” “daddy-boy relationships,” “transphobia” or countless other twisted behaviors and ideas lurking under the “queer” umbrella.

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Genetic Disorders Like S.A.D. Deserve Treatment, Not Acceptance

Saturday, March 1st, 2008

by George Kocan

I refuse to use the g-word [gay], in this discussion.  I prefer SAD (Sodomy Attraction Disorder) because it describes a pathological condition in clinical and descriptive terms.  The g-word is clearly prejudicial and self-serving.  I, therefore, refer to a person suffering from SAD, a ‘SADist’ or a SAD person.

SADists have boldly proclaimed that SAD is inherited.  The first person to do so was Magnus Hirschfeld, a SADist who lobbied to abolish laws prohibiting SADism in Germany in 1898 (1).  He claimed that scientific evidence proved that SAD was inborn and irreversible.   I do not know what evidence he had in mind.  Nevertheless, since then, behavioral genetics has advanced greatly.  The science has shown that a great deal of human and animal behavior results from genetic influence.

However, the SADists have played a trick on the public.  By asserting that SAD has a genetic basis, they have diverted the topic into a discussion about nature vs. nurture.  In my view, this is all wrong.  It does not matter that SAD is genetic.  It is still a disorder and pathology and requires treatment.  Many disorders afflicting the human condition have a genetic basis and are difficult to correct.

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Homosexuals Squelch Facts About MRSA Outbreak

Tuesday, January 29th, 2008

dr_john_diggs.gif Dr. John Diggs says male homosexual behavior should be discouraged for public health reasons. In 2002, Diggs authored a white paper on the “Health Risks of Gay Sex.”

The following is excerpted from an article in  

Homosexuals Squelch Facts About MRSA Outbreak, Conservatives Say
By Pete Winn Senior Staff Writer
January 28, 2008

( – Conservative groups say the truth about a new “multi-drug resistant microbe” prevalent among homosexual men is not being presented to the public because of political correctness.

Almost two weeks ago, researchers announced they have isolated a new form of MRSA, or methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus, an infection that is spreading through San Francisco’s homosexual community and could spread to the general community.

“These multi-drug resistant infections often affect gay men at body sites in which skin-to-skin contact occurs during sexual activities,” said Binh Diep, the University of California-San Francisco scientist who led the team that made the finding.

In fact, the researchers determined that this variant of MRSA infection is 13 to 14 times more prevalent in homosexual men than for the general population.

But the media are now obscuring that fact, according to Matt Barber, director of cultural policy for Concerned Women for America (CWA).

“The real story here is the way that the media have whitewashed this outbreak,” Barber told Cybercast News Service. “It is amazing to see what they’ve done with this.”…

Internationally known infectious disease specialist Dr. John Diggs is siding with the conservatives. The Massachusetts-based physician said treating any infection in a politically correct manner could be dangerous. Treating MRSA that way could prove fatal.

“This outbreak is especially troubling because it is a community-based form of MRSA,” said Diggs, who is an executive committee member of the Physicians Consortium. “Until recently, MRSA has typically been confined to hospitals. The implications are very serious, because we don’t know exactly where this is going to go.”

Medically speaking, any break in the skin that is exposed to the organism can then set off an infection, which can destroy “a lot of tissue” before it’s brought under control, Diggs said.

“You can take something that was relatively isolated in a small place, and suddenly, when it spreads to the general population, things such as school wrestling matches, or football games or basketball games or other sporting events, can take on a specter – they can become deadly,” he added.

The fact is, the epicenter for this outbreak is among men who are having sex with men, Diggs told Cybercast News Service. Researchers identified the rates of drug resistance on the basis of ZIP codes, not ideology.

“The particular ZIP codes they looked at were ones that were associated primarily with men who were having sex with other men,” he said, “the Castro district in San Francisco and also a healthcare center called the Fenway, here in Massachusetts, in Boston.”

Diggs noted that the study itself pointed out that the infection manifests as “an abscess in the buttocks, genitals or perineum” and concluded that it “probably started out in San Francisco, and has been disseminated by the frequent cross-coastal travel” of homosexual men traveling from San Francisco to Boston.

“Men who practice anal sex, men who have promiscuous sex, men who have multiple partners in short periods of time are much more likely to spread this disease,” he said. “It’s not because of who they are. It’s because of that they do.”

“Now I know that a lot of people have attacked those who have brought this to people’s attention as being homophobic, but the real issue – and you have to face the facts – is that men who have sex with men have very high rates of sexually transmitted disease,” Diggs said.

“When you face that reality, then you have to start taking a serious look and deciding that the best public health intervention is to discourage behavior that causes the infection to spread.”

The biggest problem with this new strain – as with any variant of MRSA, Diggs said, is that it is increasingly difficult to find drugs that will effectively combat the problem.

Click HERE to read the whole article


LISTEN: Homosexuals Pressure Media and Researchers on MRSA Outbreak Story

Thursday, January 24th, 2008

We apologize: we initially posted to the wrong CWA interview in our initial post: 

Click HERE to listen to Concerned Women for America’s online interview yesterday between Matt Barber and Robert Knight. Less than a week after Reuters drew national attention to a study about an outbreak of the deadly MRSA staph infection among homosexuals engaging in risky behavior, follow-up articles started appearing that seemed to downplay the findings, attack the researchers and demonize pro-family groups that commented on it. Barber, CWA’s Policy Director for Cultural Issues, and Knight, Director of the Media Research Center’s Culture and Media Institute, discuss these often-used tactics by radical homosexuals to avoid inconvenient truths. You can also go HERE to CWA’s website to listen to or download the interview.

Barber did a previous interview with AFTAH’s Peter LaBarbera, which you can listen to by clicking HERE, or by connecting from this page on the CWA website.

Drug-Heavy Gay ‘Circuit Parties’ as HIV/AIDS Fundraisers? The White Party in Miami

Monday, August 27th, 2007

white_party_week_graphic.bmp  At right is an online ad for the annual hedonistic “White Party” in Miami, Nov. 21-26, that appeared on a popular homosexual news site.

By Peter LaBarbera 

Now here’s a curious concept: promote all-night, all-weekend, orgiastic dance parties featuring rampant drug and alcohol use — which fuel risky, unnatural homosexual sex by people under the influence — as “HIV/AIDS Fundraisers” (see ad at right).

That’s sort of like raising funds for abstinence education at Hugh Hefner’s Playboy mansion. Only in the surreal “gay” world — which is rarely held accountable by ‘mainstream’ media — would this be allowed to thrive.

A few homosexual writers like Michelangelo Signorile and academics alike have described what goes on at “circuit parties” such as the annual “White Party Week” in Miami, scheduled for Nov. 21-26. Signorile has crusaded for AIDS groups to end their affiliation with the circuit bashes — which are a study in an of themselves of the hedonistic homosexual male subculture.

And yet, the “AIDS prevention”-circuit party linkage continues: proceeds from the White Party go to Care Resources, “South Florida’s oldest and largest HIV/AIDS service organization,” according to the White Party website.

Crystal meth and condomless sodomy 

Here’s a description of “circuit parties” by two researchers from that bastion of homophobia, Northwestern University, as reported by NARTH (National Association for Research and Therapy of Homosexuality):

The authors describe circuit parties as weekend-long erotically charged “drug-prevalent dance events attended by up to 25,000 self-identified gay and bisexual men who socialize and dance nonstop, sometimes for 24 hours or longer.”

NARTH’s summary of the Northwestern researchers’ paper continues (emphasis added):

Ghaziani and Cook state that circuit parties originally began as AIDS awareness events in the mid-80s, but, “Although it is unconfirmed, circuit parties may have ironically become potential sites for HIV serotransmission.” They maintain that the idea of a link between circuit parties and HIV transmission is “not unfounded, even if it remains speculative.”

They note that as many as 25% of the circuit party attendees admit they are HIV positive and use crystal meth as well as ecstasy in risky sexual behaviors.

Most circuit party attendees (95%) admit using psychoactive drugs. Of these, 61% ingested three or more drugs in one night. In addition, 67% reported engaging in anal or oral sex. Only 21% reported engaging in “safe anal sex.” Twenty-nine percent had multiple sex partners during a weekend. Of these, 47% reported unprotected anal intercourse (UAI).

Reasons for attending circuit parties varied with 97% saying they wanted to attend to “celebrate and have fun”; 68% wanted “to be wild and uninhibited”; 43% said they wanted sex; and 14% wanted to “forget about HIV/AIDS.”

The authors noted that the use of crystal meth at circuit parties is at epidemic proportions.  

Yikes. Why isn’t our our taxpayer-funded CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) condemning these drug-infested perversion parties — or at least assailing their being marketed as AIDS fundraisers? Why isn’t our federal government moving aggressively to expose this farce — just as it it did with cigarette companies that used cartoons to market to young people? 

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More on Australian Man Who Deliberately Infected Others With HIV

Wednesday, March 21st, 2007

All of this degradation and suffering is avoidable — God can renew the mind and enable a man to master his lust

Excerpted from Accused Of Spreading HIV, Man Allegedly Bragged About It, published Mar 20, 2007, by the pro-homosexuality 365Gay:

A 48-year old married Melbourne man on trial for knowingly spreading HIV to other men allegedly bragged that he had made “75 people pos,” a court was told on Tuesday.

…Rochford said that Neal met the victims in parks and other areas where gays cruise for sex and on the internet.

He allegedly tried to get one victim to help him spread the disease and drugged another man — who is now HIV-positive — because he refused unprotected sex.

…Rochford said that Neal knew what he was doing and regularly held “conversion parties” to create more people with HIV so that he could have “bareback sex”.

Continue reading at 365Gay…

Why Are So Many Mid-Life “Gay” Men Getting HIV?

Monday, March 19th, 2007

More on that “healthy” “gay” lifestyle…the one that our schools are promoting to our children…

Excerpted from Why Are So Many Mid-Life Gay Men Getting HIV?, by Spencer Cox and Bruce Kellerhouse, PhD, published Mar 15, 2007, by the pro-homosexuality Gay City News:

New data released by the city’s department of health show that the highest rates of new HIV infections are among gay men 35 to 49 years old. These findings are alarming and, to some, perplexing.

Why are so many mid-life gay men who were able to avoid HIV infection for so long now taking risks that are exposing them to the disease?

We believe that one common thread runs through most of these men’s life histories – they came out and/or lived during the death-saturated culture of the 1980s and early to mid-1990s.

Mid-life gay men have lived most of their adult lives during the worst of the HIV/AIDS epidemic, experiencing the loss of partners, friends, and people in their community…

By 1988, gay men had already on average lost six lovers, friends, and/or family members…

Many health problems that are now common among gay men are made worse by loneliness and lack of social opportunities…

Furthermore, gay men have high levels of depression and anxiety disorders, another characteristic of people who have survived trauma. Studies estimate that gay men have about twice the levels of depression than are found in Americans generally. Depression is strongly linked to high-risk behavior, including drug use, alcoholism, and risky sex.

The methamphetamine epidemic that has swept through urban gay communities also contributes to high levels of new HIV infections. A recent study from the Los Angeles Gay & Lesbian Center, which offers HIV testing, found that one in three new HIV-positive tests was associated with meth use. About one in 10 gay men in New York City report recent meth use.

In some ways, gay men in mid-life are at the center of a “perfect storm,” in which multiple problems converge to create a very high-risk environment…

Continue reading in Gay City News…

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