Former Homosexual DL Foster Says Hook-up Culture that Killed George Weber Is Common in Gay World

“I probably will get hate mail for saying this but this type of hookup culture is common in the homosexual world. Another guy in NY who did the same thing was murdered. And yes heterosexuals do it to, but no matter what type of sexual proclivity it is, SIN leads to death. The best course of action is to get out of the deadly sin business and live for Christ.
DL Foster, former homosexual and publisher of Gay Christian Movement Watch, commenting on the murder of homosexual New York City newsman George Weber.

dl_foster_family.jpgDL Foster, founder of Gay Christian Movement Watch, and
the beautiful family that his former life of homosexuality could not have produced.

By Peter LaBarbera

Folks, I heartily recommend that you become regular readers of DL Foster’s important blog, Gay Christian Movement Watch, analyzing and monitoring the so-called “gay christian” movement. DL gets attacked often by loving and tolerant homosexual activists because he tells it like it is. Go there often, tell all your friends about it, and take a stand for truth with DL against those who would pervert the Gospel of Christ.

(Speaking of which, renegade Christian and Grove City College prof Warren Throckmorton now seems to be on a crusade against pro-family veteran Scott Lively — joined by Warren’s homosexuality-promoting buddies, of course. We think Warren ought to deal with that heretical log in his own eye —  Throckmorton agreed in a 2007 interview with “gay” activist Mike Signorile that “being gay” is “normal, natural and healthy” — before picking at the speck in Scott’s.)

But I digress. Below Foster comments on the sad irony that less than a year before his death, George Weber — who was murdered by a 16-year-old boy he hooked up with for sex — complained about evangelical Christians witnessing at an airport. “Jesus freaks,” he called them. DL is right: many of America’s problems can be traced to the fact that there is so little fear of God in this nation. There is a way that seems right to a man, but the end thereof is the ways of death (Proverbs 14:12).

Who can doubt that if Weber had stopped and listened to those “Jesus freaks” in the airport and allowed the Gospel of grace to penetrate his heart and change his life, he likely would have escaped putting himself in the dangerous circumstances that exposed him to a sadomasochistic, teenage, sex-crazed murderer. Go to “A Tragic and Ironic End” on the on the GCM Watch site to read the whole entry:

Little did the gay man [George Weber] who wrote that tragically ironic blogpost March 30, 2008 know that his soul would be required of him less than a year later.  George Weber, an ABC News broadcaster in New York was stabbed to death March 22, 2009, by a 16 year old boy he picked up for sex. The report said Weber routinely picked up men for sex from Craigslist. [source]

No one knows when their time to die will come. If you are reading this and you have not given your life to Christ, don’t delay. Don’t turn a deaf ear and go on enjoying your sin. Don’t mock God or the people he sends to you to tell you time is winding up and your soul is at stake. The only payment you can receive from sin is death.  And when death comes and you are not in relationship with Christ, hell and eternal torment await you. That’s not to scare you, its just the unfettered truth.

Read HERE to read what another man who turned his former “gay” life around by accepting Christ says about the Weber murder.

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