eHarmony Launches Homosexual Dating Site — after Capitulating to ‘Gay’ Legal Bullies

A profile in corporate cowardice … 

compatible_partners-2-gay-couple.jpg ‘Gay’ Legal Bullies Rewarded: new homosexual dating website, “Compatible Partners” — which was created as part of a legal settlement after eHarmony founder Neil Clark Warren chose to capitulate to a homosexual activist’s harassment lawsuit in New Jersey. Will eHarmony’s sellout inspire other acts of Christian and corporate cowardice?

Folks, we’ve written before on how and its founder, Neil Clark Warren, failed the test in defending their (and our) religious liberties when they caved in to a homosexual activist’s harassment lawsuit last year. Now I hope that pays a price for its capitulation, which hopefully will not spawn other acts of corporate cowardice. “Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty,” said abolitionist Wendell Phillips, and creating “civil rights” based on human wrongs (homosexuality and gender confusion) naturally undermines our First Amendment freedoms.

Even lesbian Georgetown law professor Chai Feldblum is honest enough to admit that the battle between “gay rights” and your freedom to act on your moral beliefs is a “zero-sum” game. Of course, Prof. Feldblum thinks homosexual “rights” usually should come out on top. (And speaking of capitulations, what’s up with a “Catholic” school employing a lesbian activist attorney who thinks “rights” based on homo- and transsexuality trump religious freedoms, anyway?)

eharmony-powered-by.jpgAs a pro-marriage guy who believes that true masculinity is bound up in being a good husband and father — not in sexual conquests and certainly not in homosexuality — I’m all for matchmaking (although my matchmaking attempts for others have been duds so far). I realize that singles are looking for something that works, and eHarmony has been successful in this regard, but I hope that principled single men and women will at least consider using an alternative dating company; here’s one that has remained Christian in focus:

Please take a good look at the eHarmony’s new court-induced, Bible-defying creation: — the moral equivalent of a pro-life group (after settling in court with a radical feminist) creating a website telling women and girls where to go to get an abortion. Let’s cut away the legal rationalizations and get to the nub of it: how could a Christian man allow the use of his “Christian” company — founded with the help of Dr. James Dobson and people of faith — to promote an anti-Christian venture facilitating deviant “relationships” based on immoral behavior clearly condemned in God’s Word? Wouldn’t that be worth fighting to the death against?

Maybe we should ask eHarmony’s Chamberlain-esque legal team to answer that one, or this: How did your settlement resulting in a homosexual dating website advance the cause of liberty? But then again, they might rack up a few more thousand dollars in fees trying to cover their you-know-whats.

In its letter to people who complained about eHarmony settling the homosexual lawsuit, the company wrote: “we ultimately decided it was best to settle with the state [New Jersey] since litigation outcomes can be unpredictable.” Wow. Who knew freedom could be sold so cheaply? Lots of things are “unpredictable” in life and in this cultural battle, but one thing is certain: the same homosexual and liberal activists who routinely malign our sincerely-held, Biblical beliefs (or Judeo-Christian morality) as “hateful, bigoted and homophobic” will continue to seek to criminalize “anti-gay” actions and speech. Which is to say, criminalize Christianity.

A lot of people like this guy, who is no “fundy,” are starting to realize that, as he puts it, “Liberal bullies are the real liberty killers” (he cites Jonah Goldberg’s new book Liberal Fascism).

Sadly, by failing to aggressively defend their own Biblical beliefs and American freedoms, Mr. Warren and his eHarmony executives (and lawyers) made it that much easier for the intolerant “Queer” Lobby to go after ours.  God bless. — Peter LaBarbera,

_________________________________ reports (see their full story HERE):

Dating service moves into ‘gay’ market

eHarmony launches homosexual offering to satisfy ‘discrimination’ complaint
By Alyssa Farah, posted by April 01, 2009

The Internet dating service eHarmony, which has been distancing itself from its reported Christian foundations for years, now has launched a matching service for homosexuals.

Compatible Partners has been put online by eHarmony, the result of a lawsuit settlement between eHarmony and the attorney general in New Jersey.

The state official pursued a complaint against the company over a 2005 statement from Eric McKinley, a homosexual, who alleged eHarmony’s heterosexual-only matching service violated the state’s anti-discrimination law.

According to the Boston Globe, “it might be the first dating site whose owners didn’t really want to create it.”

Click HERE to read the entire WND story, “Dating Service Moves into the ‘Gay’ Market”


Neil Clark Warren, founder of eHarmony, could have fought all the way to the Supreme Court — like the Boy Scouts did — to preserve his right as an American not to promote behavior that violates his religious and moral beliefs.

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