VIDEO: Perez Hilton and In-Your-Face ‘Queer’ Activists: the Obnoxious Spoiled Brats of our Culture

Tuesday, April 21st, 2009

Carrie Prejean sought to please God rather than politically-correct man; WARNING: GRAPHIC DESCRIPTIONS

By Peter LaBarbera

OK, where do we start with the Perez Hilton-Carrie Prejean Miss USA controversy? Earlier today I was a guest on the Bob Dutko Show on WMUZ in Detroit, and observed that Hilton epitomizes the spoiled-brat aspect of “queer” activism. It’s bad enough that this obnoxious and rude “gay celebrity blogger” calls Miss California a “dumb bitch,” and then stands behind his ugly remark after initially apologizing for it. I want to know why this nasty fellow is then treated so deferentially by the media — first by this MSNBC anchor Norah O’Donnell and then NBC’s Matt Lauer? Are the liberal media — like those irresponsible parents who let themselves be manipulated by their spoiled children — now so indulgent toward homosexuals that they can’t even call out an angry activist whose vicious and juvenile conduct is obvious to most everyone else? Would NBC have accorded similar respect to a right-wing blogger who blasted a homosexual contestant as a “dumb fag”? Of course not (but they would have made an example of him as a hateful bigot, which is precisely what Mr. Hilton is). Watch this YouTube of this morning’s NBC Today Show, followed by more commentary after the jump:

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eHarmony Launches Homosexual Dating Site — after Capitulating to ‘Gay’ Legal Bullies

Thursday, April 2nd, 2009

A profile in corporate cowardice … 

compatible_partners-2-gay-couple.jpg ‘Gay’ Legal Bullies Rewarded: new homosexual dating website, “Compatible Partners” — which was created as part of a legal settlement after eHarmony founder Neil Clark Warren chose to capitulate to a homosexual activist’s harassment lawsuit in New Jersey. Will eHarmony’s sellout inspire other acts of Christian and corporate cowardice?

Folks, we’ve written before on how and its founder, Neil Clark Warren, failed the test in defending their (and our) religious liberties when they caved in to a homosexual activist’s harassment lawsuit last year. Now I hope that pays a price for its capitulation, which hopefully will not spawn other acts of corporate cowardice. “Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty,” said abolitionist Wendell Phillips, and creating “civil rights” based on human wrongs (homosexuality and gender confusion) naturally undermines our First Amendment freedoms.

Even lesbian Georgetown law professor Chai Feldblum is honest enough to admit that the battle between “gay rights” and your freedom to act on your moral beliefs is a “zero-sum” game. Of course, Prof. Feldblum thinks homosexual “rights” usually should come out on top. (And speaking of capitulations, what’s up with a “Catholic” school employing a lesbian activist attorney who thinks “rights” based on homo- and transsexuality trump religious freedoms, anyway?)

eharmony-powered-by.jpgAs a pro-marriage guy who believes that true masculinity is bound up in being a good husband and father — not in sexual conquests and certainly not in homosexuality — I’m all for matchmaking (although my matchmaking attempts for others have been duds so far). I realize that singles are looking for something that works, and eHarmony has been successful in this regard, but I hope that principled single men and women will at least consider using an alternative dating company; here’s one that has remained Christian in focus:

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Tell Congress You Oppose ENDA — The ‘ENDA’ Our Freedom’ Bill

Friday, January 9th, 2009

Imagine oppressive state pro-homosexual laws — enhanced by federal power

neil_clark_warren-2.JPG How Many More eHarmony “gay” sellouts under ENDA? Neil Clark Warren, founder of, lost his courage and settled rather than fight a homosexual lawsuit filed under New Jersey’s “sexual orientation” law. So now Warren and are facilitating immoral homosexual unions. If a federal ENDA bill becomes law, it will greatly enhance the power of homosexual activists to force businessmen and employers to accommodate and subsidize homosexual relationships against their will. The very freedom of Christians, Muslims and other moral-minded citizens to disagree with homosexuality hangs in the balance. 

TAKE ACTION: Answer the pro-homosexual lobby campaign! Call the U.S. Capitol Switchboard at (202) 224-3121 and have them connect you to your Representative (based on your zip code). Tell them: “I am a constituent and I would like you to please tell Representative _______ that I strongly OPPOSE the Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA) — which threatens Americans’ basic freedom to live out their faith and disagree with homosexual behavior. I also oppose expanding federal “hate crimes” law to add “sexual orientation” and opening up our Armed Forces to open homosexuality — especially during a time of war. Then, call back and leave messages with your two Senators too! Contact their local offices, which you can find through and


By Peter LaBarbera

OK, everyone, vacation is over. Americans For Truth is back on the beat, fresh from being denounced and mocked by various pro-sodomy “queer” blogs at the end of 2008 (what an honor — more on that later). Below, please read an appeal for the Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA) from a major homosexual activist group — and then DO THE OPPOSITE by calling your U.S. Congressman and Senators and urge them to vote AGAINST the ENDA bill.

We’re calling ENDA — a top priority for the Homosexual and Transsexual Lobbies — the “ENDA’ Our Freedom” Bill because it poses a severe threat to Americans’ First Amendment freedom to disagree with homosexuality. ENDA would be used to force small- and medium-sized businesses to subsidize immoral homosexual unions — and that’s un-American!

Here’s a paper I wrote for AFTAH on ENDA, but if you’re too busy or too lazy to read that, here’s how to think of ENDA:

Remember the recent outrage over’s sellout to homosexual activism — when evangelical Christian founder Neil Clark Warren agreed to create a “gay” dating website under the auspices of eHarmony? Well, that sellout, unnecessary and misguided as it was, came at the point of a gun. And the “gun” was New Jersey’s state version of ENDA: a pro-homosexual “nondiscrimination” law. That very same New Jersey “sexual orientation” law was used to launch the legal assault against the Boy Scouts of America’s fundamental right to live by its own creed and NOT allow homosexual (or atheist) Scoutmasters.

Thankfully, the Boy Scouts (unlike did not capitulate and the U.S. Supreme Court ultimately preserved their freedom of association in a 5-4 decision that surely would have gone the other way if just one more liberal justice of the sort favored by President-elect Obama (and many other powerful Democrats) were seated on the Court.

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Letter: Dr. Neil Clark Warren and ‘Caving into Evil’

Friday, November 21st, 2008

See AFTAH story, “eHarmony Sells Out after Homosexual Complaint Files Using New Jersey’s Special Rights Law.” Jan of Crystal Lake, Illinois sent the following letter to


From: Jan
Sent: Thursday, November 20, 2008 5:34 PM
To: [Dr. Neil Clark Warren, founder,]
Subject: unbelievable

Dear Mr. Warren:

I was absolutely shocked that you would cave into the homosexual agenda, by offering date-matching for homosexuals on your “Christian” dating website.  They have their own dating websites which I understand to be extremely X-rated.

I have several single and widowed friends who use your website.  I will be sending an e-mail to them about your caving into EVIL and that they should not use your website — ever again.

Extremely disappointed,

Crystal Lake, IL

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