Mega-pandering Mega-pastor Rick Warren Sells Out on Prop 8

rick_warren_prop_8.jpgNOTE:  Watch the Rick Warren-Larry King interview at the bottom of this article, or read a transcript HERE. You can write Pastor Warren at Saddleback Church at:, or call: 949-609-8000.

Folks, Rick Warren’s recent interview with Larry King (view the YouTube at bottom or go HERE to read the transcript) was one of the most painful things I’ve ever had to watch as a pro-family advocate.  To behold Mr. Warren cravenly playing down his role in helping Proposition 8 pass in California – and tell how he “apologized” to his “gay friends” when if anything he should be apologizing to Americans for not doing more for Prop 8 and more to defend marriage nationwide – was pathetic and disheartening.  And what’s up with Warren claiming that he was “oblivious” to the Iowa supreme court’s homosexual “marriage” ruling?  “Oblivious” to liberal judicial elites who unanimously imposed sodomy-based “marriage” as a constitutional “right” in America’s heartland?  And of course, there’s the lesson from the playground: by rewarding the “gay” activist bullies who savaged him for supporting Prop 8, Warren has now guaranteed that they will step up their bullying against other pastors and churches. (And they won’t be lovin’ you, either, Rick, unless you complete your capitulation by: denouncing “homophobia”; embracing “same-sex marriage” and “queer parenting”; lobbying for a federally-observed “Harvey Milk Day” in honor of LGBT Americans; and declaring homosexuality and transgenderism special “gifts from god” that should be taught as normal to all schoolchildren.)

Nobody expects Pastor Warren – a man of amazing accomplishments — to lead the charge against the homosexualist juggernaut.  But Christians should expect him to stand tall for marriage as God ordained it rather than shrink back in embarrassment for the evidently reluctant role he DID play in “protecting” the sacred union between husband and wife.  Sadly, if Warren doesn’t repent and reverse course, he will become only the latest prominent opinion-maker to be intimidated into silence by the militant and very powerful “queer” movement.  Remember “Dr. Laura” Schlessinger, who also (needlessly) apologized to homosexuals for speaking her mind about deviant homosexual behavior – after “gay” radicals tried to get her knocked off the air?  (They succeeded in getting her TV show cancelled.)  Remember Anita Bryant, who was hit with a pie in the face by a homosexual activist as she was giving a press conference?  And Rush Limbaugh, who scaled back his rhetoric against the homosexual agenda after “gay” activists “zapped” him while he was guest-hosting a talk show?  When will a courageous leader rise up who will take a situation like the “gay” campaign against Rick Warren after Barack Obama chose him to give the inaugural prayer — and use it to rally people in defense of God’s truth, rather than run away from it?  God bless. — Peter LaBarbera,

Here’s the Larry King-Rick Warren video:

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