WATCH IT: Maggie Gallagher Debates Joe Solmonese

Below is a YouTube video of an MSNBC debate April 8 between Maggie Gallagher of the National Organization for Marriage and Joe Solmonese of the Human Rights Campaign. Keep in mind that Solmonese makes $338,400 a year to do things like claim that pro-family advocates are lying when they rightly assert that the homosexual political agenda — including “gay marriage” — will undermine the religious and moral freedoms of Americans who oppose homosexual behavior. Maggie and I focus on different aspects of the overall debate and we may disagree on a point or two, but she is a modern hero for truth and deserves our thanks for the yeoman’s work she has done on behalf of marriage. For this, of course, she is now rewarded with daily vilification by the Forces of Tolerance, led by those meanspirited “gay” bloggers and Professional Homosexuals like Solmonese.

It’s comical to watch homosexual activists call others liars — even as they promote the colossal falsehood that denies the “queer” threat to Americans’ religious liberties and freedom of conscience. Heck, HRC staffers have cut their teeth demonizing faith-based pro-family advocates as bigots on a par with vile racists of the past — while working to squelch our voice in the public square. (I wonder if HRC staffer Darryl Herrschaft got bonus pay for kicking me off a “DiversityInc” panel discussion on “Religion in the Workplace” in 2007.) Worst of all, they maliciously link pro-family and church speech to violence against homosexuals in their cynical campaign to pass “hate crimes” legislation. Make no mistake: if HRC’s agenda is enacted at the federal level, your freedom to live by your beliefs will take a big hit. Please support NOM’s work. — Peter LaBarbera,

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