Truth Tour 2009: AFTAH’s Peter LaBarbera Coming to Maine

mike_heath_ccl_capital_resized_5.jpgMy good friend and Christian “culture war” hero Mike Heath (right) — AFTAH Board Chairman, executive director of the Maine Family Policy Council, and long-suffering whipping boy of fundamentally intolerant social leftists throughout his state — is way too kind in writing the following entry on his blog today. … — Peter LaBarbera:

…In the early 1990s Bob Knight talked sense to me. His polite confrontation over the phone inspired me to sink my teeth into the culture war. He was working for the Family Research Council (FRC). Peter LaBarbera was his assistant. Bob had a small team of guys that were beginning to provide effective coordination and motivation to grassroots pro family activists.

After Gary Bauer left to run for President Bob’s department was disbanded. That was a very sad day for me. I still regret that decision by FRC. Bob and Pete have stayed in the fight. They are America’s two most valuable national pro-family assets. If the pro family movement brought those two guys together again and funded them things would change fairly rapidly in the good ole USA.

I’m going to bring my very good friend Peter LaBarbera to Maine later this month, on May 28 and 29. He now heads up the most effective online advocacy website for common sense in the “gay” fight, Make sure you check it out, and tell all your friends.

The title of Pete’s talk is “The Zero-Sum Game: How Gay Rights and ‘Same-Sex Marriage’ Undermine Religious Freedom.” I’m hosting a working lunch in Portland, supper in Houlton on Thursday, May 27th and breakfast in Bangor on Friday, the 28th of May.

Throughout the summer we will be providing opportunities for people to hear the truth about the “freedom to marry” through our Truth Tour 2009. We aren’t going to pull any punches. None of what we will be doing is about political correctness. All I care about is getting the truth out there.

The people of Maine are going to do the right thing when they hear the facts. I know it. Thank God for the Peoples Veto.

These are invitation only events. You must either e-mail or call me right away to secure your place at these VIP meetings. The press is NOT welcome. Email me at or call my cell at 207-592-4137.

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