Mike Heath Weighs ‘Equal Rights Not Special Rights’ Referendum in Maine

Thursday, January 21st, 2016

Archive of Evil: (left to right) AFTAH President Peter LaBarbera, Mike Heath and Albert Urias stand across the street from the bizarre Chicago sadomasochism “museum” (Leather Archives) in 2015–after calling attention to its vile contents, which included a book eroticizing violent, incestuous adult-child S&M. The perversion “museum” at 6418 N.  Greenview Ave., in Chicago’s Rogers Park neighborhood–is located within blocks of three schools. See AFTAH story HERE and our flier alerting local residents HERE.

Folks, I bring you this piece by my friend Mike Heath–which testifies to the utter collapse of the pro-family movement dedicated to resisting homosexualism. Mike is the only man in America to have led not one but two successful statewide repeals of homosexualist legislation (“sexual orientation” laws), in Maine in 1998 and 2001. Mike (and other pro-family heroes like Paul Madore and Paul Volle) understood that that those very types of laws were being used across the United States–indeed, the world–to suppress the freedom to act upon one’s religious and moral beliefs. By the way, that was happening well before “same-sex marriage” became a major issue.

Despite their two David-vs.-Goliath victories, a few years ago Mike and his gutsy truth-telling team were cast aside by the powers that be of the Christian Civic League of Maine–which today adopts a more “nuanced” tone. (Translation: the League is a shell of its former self in terms of aggressively defending biblical sexual values.) Yes, CCL, like so many others in the pro-family and conservative movements, has “moved on” by  largely giving up the hard fight of directly taking on the Sin Movement that calls itself “Gay.”

At the same time, and not coincidentally, the League is more subservient to the Maine Republican Party. Perhaps a name-change is in order: the Republican Civic League of Maine?

I know, it’s depressing: sellouts and unilateral surrenders are always rationalized, even by Bible-professing Christians. But I will never accept that the side defending God’s Truth should be less bold, less determined and–most importantly–less principled than the side fighting a fanatical cultural “war” against God and godly morality; against Nature; and against the innocence and moral rectitude of children.

Regardless, Mike is now getting back into the game in Maine, and I for one believe the state will be better off for it. Whether or not his proposed referendum takes off, those who are decidedly on the side of Truth in this values “war” ought to support Mike Heath and help him in any way they can (including volunteering). Send gifts to: Equal Rights Not Special Rights, 5 Sylvan Way, Chelsea, ME 04330, you can reach Mike at 207-956-0819; email:; website: HERE.–Peter LaBarbera, AFTAH

Mike writes:


Popular Uprising or Legislative Action?

In a few posts last year I chronicled my extremely slow progress on a referendum idea. You can read those posts by clicking on the Referendum category in this blog.

With the Legislature back in session for the next few months I’ve decided to consult with leaders regarding the referendum idea. I started that process in earnest this week. Here’s the situation in Maine:

  • Transgendering and all forms of sexual activity outside of marriage (sexual orientation) are grounds for legal action against Maine citizens who choose to associate with groups and individuals who don’t make their sexual sin a public issue.
  • Civil marriage hasn’t existed in Maine since 2012. It was replaced by a highly individualistic “institution” designed to destroy multi-generation families (homosexuality-based “marriage”). Marriage is simple: one man, one woman, one lifetime.
  • Maine’s Attorney General propagandizes youth with taxpayer money through “Civil Rights Teams” that are forced by law to equate morality with immorality in the minds of our young people.
  • No strategy for either resistance or victory exists in Maine. The only potential action I’ve heard about is the possibility of some limited political developments sometime this year.
  • The political and cultural Left has effectively stopped strategizing/resistance at the state level in both the Republican and Democrat parties. Even the outspoken tea party Governor was forced to bow to their insanity.

What should be done?

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LISTEN: AFTAH Interviews Brian Camenker of MassResistance on Adam Flanders’ Legal Harassment, Chicago Lesbian Judge Sophia Hall

Sunday, July 22nd, 2012


Brian Camenker (above) is being sued for $1 million by Maine homosexual and Registered Sex Offender Adam Flanders.

This interview [Click HERE to listen] with Brian Camenker of MassResistance was conducted July 12, 2012. We discuss the bizarre legal antics of Maine homosexual Adam Flanders, who is suing Camenker for $1 million for alleged “defamation,” in part because Camender and MR refused to take down from their website an open letter that Flanders wrote in 2007 exposing predatory sexual misconduct at a “gay youth” center in Belfast, Maine. Camenker and AFTAH President Peter LaBarbera (and co-host John Kirkwood) also discuss Illinois homosexual lawsuits to overturn that state’s law defining marriage for what it is: one man, one woman. Camenker comments on AFTAH’s reporting that the judge ruling on the “gay” and ACLU lawuits, Cook County Circuit Judge Sophia Hall, is an open lesbian and member of a homosexual judges group that advocates for homosexuals.

HOW TO LISTEN: This is an mp3 file, supported in most operating systems by Windows Media Player, Quick Time and/or I-Tunes.  Real Player is not supported and there may be difficulty when attempting to listen with it.  Left click once on the link below to play. (Please be patient, depending upon the speed of your internet connection it may take a moment or two to load.)  OR right click the link then “save target as” to download the whole show.

7-12-12, Brian Camenker

Adam Flanders Warns AFTAH: ‘Cease and Desist’ or I Will Pressure Your Web Host to ‘Shut You Down’

Sunday, July 15th, 2012

Maine homosexual Adam Flanders — a convicted sex offender — warns AFTAH that he will pressure our web hosting company to drop us.

The following is the full text of an e-mail letter sent Friday by Maine homosexual Adam Flanders to Americans For Truth About Homosexuality. Flanders is responding to AFTAH’s Friday e-newsletter based on this web article in which we reprinted the 2007 letter sent by Flanders —  a registered sex offender in Maine — exposing adult-child sex and other abuses at a Maine “gay youth” group.

NOTE: in a future post, we will comment on Flanders’ outlandish claims and demands contained in this letter. In no way is our reprinting of this correspondence meant to affirm the accuracy of Flanders’ assertions. AFTAH has responded to Flanders’ letter with a letter to him by our legal counsel, Charles LiMandri of the Freedom of Conscience Defense Fund, delivered Saturday, July 14, 2012. LiMandri is not one to be intimidated by the likes of Flanders; he is the attorney who won the case involving four San Diego firefighters who sued after being commanded to drive a fire truck in the city’s baudy “gay pride” parade. 

Here is Flanders’ letter to AFTAH minus a single redaction of the web hosting company in Maine — which is also being pressured by Flanders because it hosts Brian Camenker’s MassResistance website:


From: Adam Flanders <> Date: Fri, 13 Jul 2012 10:42:34 -0700 (PDT) To: Americans For Truth<> ReplyTo: Adam Flanders <> Subject: Re: Fwd: Go ahead, Adam Flanders: Sue Us!

To “Americans for Truth,”

I don’t know if this is actually AFTAH or not since you are using a gmail account, but you are clearly trying to solicit some sort of reaction from me. I am already aware of the articles published on the AFTAH website. I may or may not pursue litigation against AFTAH, but the Belfast Police Chief indicated that’s what he would do in my situation. At this point in time my focus is on the origin of this defamatory material, that is, Brian Camenker and Mass Resistance. I have already established Defamation Per Se, which is recognized in the Maine courts. Even though AFTAH did not originate the material, it is still liable for re-publishing it. You would be wise to Cease and Desist this harassment. If you fail to promptly remove the defamatory and harassing personal material about me, I will contact your host, NoZoneNet. You are clearly in violation of their Terms of Service, which I have read, and it looks like you could stand to lose your entire account. I’m sure the court would grant a protective order against AFTAH for publishing the material, especially where AFTAH has apparently contacted me directly, soliciting a lawsuit. The same judge who granted the protective order against Brian Camenker is currently deciding an injunction that would prevent Brian Camenker from communicating about me, pursuant to Maine’s Stalking statute. The injunction will likely be broad and will apply to repostings of Mr. Camenker’s publications, which includes AFTAH’s publications.

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Homosexual Militant Adam Flanders’ Letter Exposes Adult-Teen Sex and other Abuses at Maine ‘Gay Youth’ Group

Thursday, July 12th, 2012

“Legal terrorist” and Sex Offender Flanders now suing Brian Camenker for $1 million for NOT taking down his 2007 letter

Adam Flanders, convicted sex offender.

TAKE ACTION: Brian Camenker and MassResistance need our prayers and our support. Please encourage other pro-family groups to publish Flanders’ 2007 letter exposing the pedophilia and abuses at a Maine “gay youth” group.

Folks, this is one of the most curious and outrageous examples of ‘homo-fascist’ arrogance I have ever encountered, and I apologize for delays in bringing it to you through AFTAH. Below is the (slightly redacted) text of a 2007 letter by Maine homosexual activist Adam Flanders, exposing the pedophilia, perversion and all-around dysfunction at a Maine “gay youth” group, “OUT!…as I Want to Be.” [Click HERE to view the letter in PDF format and HERE for a local article about his explosive letter.]

As MassResistance writes, “Flanders was subsequently convicted of sexually molesting a 14-year-old boy he met at the “gay youth” organization. He spent time in jail, and is currently a registered sex offender in Maine.” [Click HERE to view Flanders’ Maine Sex Offender Registry listing.]

One can only imagine how many incidents of adult-teen predatory behavior and abuses like this have gone on at the many “gay youth” centers in cities and communities across the country, but which have never been exposed, much less investigated!

Recently, Flanders started pressuring pro-family websites to take down his letter exposing OUT! Most complied, but not Brian Camenker of MassResistance — a  true man of principle who makes it a point never to give in to “gay” activist bullies. So Flanders accused Camenker of “stalking” him and got a bizarre “restraining order” (in a kangaroo-court trial) against Camenker — even though Brian, living in another state, had never come near Flanders.

Next, when Brian continued to refuse to take down his letter, Flanders successfully pressured Camenker’s Kentucky-based web provider to drop MassResistance as a client. Even the conservative WorldNetDaily pulled a couple of articles about the story after being pressured by Flanders.

The latest action by this malicious “legal terrorist” is to sue Camenker for $1 million for “defamation”! (How do you “defame” someone by publicizing their own exact words?) Like so much of the homosexualist agenda, it’s all about intimidation. Camenker warns that Flanders’ and similar lawsuits are part of a new homosexual activist strategy to harass and browbeat pro-family opponents into submission.

We suppose that young Flanders in his hubris might now sue or threaten to sue AFTAH. So be it. We must not cower to radical homosexual militants who seem to think they are above the First Amendment, and who — like spoiled brats — attempt to bully their opponents in the culture through crass acts of intimidation like Flanders’ preposterous lawsuit against my good friend Brian. — Peter LaBarbera, AFTAH


Following is a reprint of the MassResistance post on Flanders’ original open letter:

Public letter from gay activist in Maine reveals homosexual sex with kids as young as 14 at “gay youth” group meetings

Also drugs, alcohol, suicide threats, more. An extremely sad and troubling story. The grave danger of gay “clubs” in your schools.

POSTED by January 2007.  UPDATED by MassResistance June 2012 In January 2007

Adam Flanders — a 20-year-old homosexual activist — wrote this shocking letter about the outrageous abuses going on between adults and kids in the local “gay youth” club. It includes his own admission of sexual relations with two younger boys.   Flanders sent copies of the letter to two local police departments, the local news media, other government agencies, and various pro-family groups. And he encouraged them to publish this letter as a warning to the public. In fact, MassResistance has been warning about this kind of problem for years.

View/download the actual letter PDF format HERE:


[Text of Adam Flanders’ letter with slight redactions by MassResistance; emphasis added is AFTAH’s:]

January 13, 2007

To Whom It May Concern:

My name is Adam Flanders. I am 20 years old and a current resident of Belfast, Maine. I am writing to you on behalf of my own concerns, as well as the concerns of other youth members and past members (who wish to remain anonymous) of the nonprofit organization, OUT! … As I Want to Be located in Rockland, Maine. We wish to inform you of the negligence and abuse of OUT advisors and adult members. Let me briefly summarize the original purpose of this organization.

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Mike Heath: The Most Important Article I’ve Ever Written

Thursday, June 28th, 2012

Editor’s Note:  While I’ve reposted a number of articles that Mike Heath has written over the years, I’m pleased to announce with this article that Mike is going to be a regular contributor to Americans for Truth.  Mike is an outstanding Christian father and leader in Maine — as the former executive director of the Maine Christian Civic League. He sent this article out to his e-mail list this morning.  I encourage you to read it all the way to the end.  Mike takes no prisoners in this article. He is uniquely qualified to provide this honest perspective from inside our movement.  He needs our support.  Click here to visit Mike’s website and subscribe to his email.  He was one of the first in the movement many years ago to see the value of using broadcast e-mails in communicating truth.  Thanks in advance for reading all the way to the end! — Peter LaBarbera, AFTAH

The Greater Glory

The hero from the new movie “For Greater Glory”


By Michael S. Heath

I apologize for taking so long to write. Click here to read my last email to you, which was sent on April 30, 2012.

In that article I write candidly about my history of ministry in Maine. I encourage you to take a few moments to click through to the link and read the article again. It is important to understanding what I am going to write to you today.

I don’t mention in that article a group formed by the Maine Legislature many years ago called “The Ethics Commission.” I need to write about that this morning. Their existence provides a bit of explanation for why I haven’t been writing to you as often as I would like.

The Ethics Commission

They exist, in part, to provide a guarantee to Maine people that corruption isn’t happening in government — that everything in politics is above board … ethical. They provide this service to the public by forcing lobbyists, politicians, Maine citizens, businesses, corporations — everybody in America really — to fill out many, many forms and meet lots of deadlines if they choose to influence Maine politics. The forms, some of them dozens of pages in length, and governed by language only a lawyer working with his accountant could love (or understand) require the disclosure of everything related to finances including the names, addresses and business connection of donors. The ACLU has argued in the past that this is unconstitutional. The National Organization for Marriage is making the same argument now in court. I haven’t checked recently but I think they are still in court fighting the State of Maine over the 2009 vote on “marriage.” Their attorney, Jim Bopp, charges hundreds of dollars an hour for his services. They’ve been in court for years, and the case hasn’t completed the appeal process.

I’ve been in the headlines before as leader of the Christian Civic League of Maine charged with being unethical. It’s impossible to win those headlines when you are a religious leader. The press prints the accusations, but not the results (when you are exonerated).

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Heath Assails ‘Sodomy-Based Marriage’ in Launching Maine No Special Rights Campaign

Saturday, June 16th, 2012

The following are the remarks of Michael Heath, Co-Chairman of the Maine No Special Rights Campaign, on June 9, 2012, at the Lewiston City Hall Steps in Lewiston, Maine. Heath, Co-Chairman Paul Madore and No Special Rights are opposing a ballot initiative in November to legalize homosexual “marriage” in Maine:


As our society continues her descent into the gloomy depths love compels us to come together here today.  The inky blackness of evil only appears solid.  The flicker of a solitary candle reveals the deception.  Light always forces darkness to flee.  Darkness has no power over light … and love.

Sodomy, and those who practice it, choose to live in the darkness.  First they convince themselves that evil is good, and then they must convince everyone else.

The siren song of sexual pleasure entices them from the righteous course God prepared for them in eternity.  The clanging song excites them for a minute, but the pleasure always flees before the moment passes.  And so it will be with Maine.

The most unloving and intolerant act we could choose to perform would be to not engage the people of Maine in a conversation about morality, sodomy and sin.  My heart is heavy, for the institution most capable of leading this conversation is itself now turning her head in the direction of the siren’s song.

The church must repent.  It must choose clarity and courage over political correctness and sin.

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Two Manly Men – Mike Heath and Paul Madore – Battle ‘Sodomy-based Marriage’ in Maine

Thursday, April 26th, 2012

Bucking political correctness, they say the battle is ALL about the “morality of homosexuality”

Why haven't America's Christian men (and women) risen up in anger over the promotion of homosexual perversion even to teenagers, on primetime TV? This photo of the infamous, extended homosexual kiss on the FOX program "Glee" is blocked for decency's sake.

Folks, how did we get to the point in our society where opposition to homosexuality became more “controversial” than homosexuality itself? (See Isaiah 5:20.) You might be shocked by what the Coach writes below, but then again: you need to be shocked. — Peter LaBarbera,


Two Manly Men in Maine

By Coach Dave Daubenmire, of Pass the Salt Ministries

 April 26, 2012
Reprinted from [to learn more about “NewsWithViews” and subscribe to their e-mails, go HERE.]

The boys are back in town.

Not that they ever went anywhere. But Mike Heath and Paul Madore are teaming up once again to take on the sodomites in Maine.

That is bad news for the gay-rights thugs, and they know it. Heath and Madore are like Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, Batman and Robin, or the Lone Ranger and Tonto.

They are the homosexual movement’s worst nightmare.

For the seventh time in recent history, there is an attempt by the deviant-left to foist “sodomy-based marriage” onto the grandchildren of the citizens of Maine. When does “no” mean no?

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Boys in Girls’ Locker Rooms? Maine Schools Subject to Radical ‘Transgender’ Guidelines

Tuesday, February 23rd, 2010

When it comes to the Transgender Lobby — the crazy cousin of the “gay” movement — truth is stranger than fiction. Yes, there is a price to pay when “Normal” becomes “Discriminatory.” No wonder homosexual and “transgender” activists don’t want to put such policies up for a vote (or if they do, make it be as stealthy as possible)! What about the privacy rights of the vast majority of … dare I say … normal students? And what about the rights of parents to protect their children from being subjected to this lunacy and sexual/gender confusion in school? Please support the Christian Civic League of Maine in fighting this latest folly arising from the aggressive “GLBT” agenda.  — Peter LaBarbera,

TAKE ACTION: Contact the Maine Human Rights Commission HERE (Commissioners’ names are at bottom). The Civic League writes:


Private and Public Schools Subject to Transgendered Guidelines
By Staff of the Christian Civic League of Maine
Feb 19, 2010

The Record wishes to share news of urgent importance to all Christians in Maine. The Maine Human Rights Commission is preparing educational guidelines which will apply to schools across Maine, both private and public. The guidelines will require schools to allow transgendered students access to facilities of the opposite sex, including bathrooms and locker rooms. The  guidelines will be discussed at a public hearing in Augusta on Monday, March 1st.

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