AFTAH Challenges IML Homosexuals to Show their ‘Leather Pride’ — as Leathermen Put Out Photo Alert for LaBarbera and Barber

Aren’t homosexual advocates proud of their activities?



PERVERT SHAME? The sadistic boys at “International Mr. Leather” (IML) have no problem with welcoming guys who urinate in each other’s mouths for a sexual thrill, or porn videos extolling the horrifying practice of “fisting” and other über-deviant acts — but they are deeply, deeply concerned that a couple of Christians might show up at IML taking pictures to document such depravities. At left, atheist leatherman Joe Jervis hawks an online “UNWANTED” flier designed to alert IML attendees to the possible presence of Peter LaBarbera (Americans For Truth) and Matt Barber (Liberty Counsel). Check out the hateful comments on Jervis’ “Joe.My.God” blog post, and click HERE for the online “Unwanted” photos, and here for the accompanying flier, filled with lies. LaBarbera challenged Jervis on why he is not “proud” about IML’s twisted activities and instead feels the need to hide them from the public, while Barber says he’d only attend IML in a biohazard suit.

TAKE ACTION:  call Hilton’s HQ in Los Angeles at 310-278-4321 ; and Hilton Chicago at 312-922-4400 to tell them how you feel about Hilton profiting off of the extreme perversion-fest that is “International Mr. Leather”; the Hilton Chicago closed all its rooms to the public from May 22 to May 25 so IML could take over the hotel as a “private event.” E-mail Hilton’s national headquarters HERE.)



By Peter LaBarbera

Folks, the sadistic boys at “International Mr. Leather” (IML) have no problem with guys who urinate in each other’s mouths for a sexual thrill (yuck), or porn videos extolling the horrifying practice of “fisting” and other über-deviant acts — but they are deeply, deeply concerned that a couple of Christians might show up to shoot pictures to document the depravities at the annual “leather” perversion-fest.

Yes, some “leathermen” distributed my photo and that of Matt Barber (a Board Member of AFTAH and Liberty Counsel culture warrior) at the notorious IML, which this year was held in the Chicago Hilton & Towers hotel on Michigan Avenue in the Windy City (phone: 312-922-4400).

I posted the following comment on New York City homosexual Joe Jervis’s blog, Joe.My.God, after Jervis publicized the “UNWANTED” fliers:

My, my. So much homosexual hate, so little time. Joe [Jervis], what are you afraid of re: photos of IML getting out to the public? I thought you and your hateful buddies were “proud” of all things “gay” and “leather.” Could it be that deep down you’re actually ashamed of the depravities or you know that America would regard you as freaks? If not, why don’t you post pictures of the men who urinate on and in one another and explain to America why we should all have more “tolerance” for this lovely activity?

What is comical is to behold the ad hominem attacks from a group that espouses “tolerance.” Gimme a break: there’s more hate and judgmentalism just in this thread than Fred Phelps could muster in a year. Any sane person reading Joe’s blog will see who the real haters are. Your putdowns have as much a basis in reality as your fake “masculinity.” (We oppose homosexual activism, therefore we must be secret homosexuals–wow, that’s profound.) Real men don’t sodomize other men.

I have a proposal in the interest of “Leather Pride”: why don’t you post a webcam at IML Leather Market of all the fun activities so the public can get to know who you are and what you’re about? Like the “watersports” porn, or the “pig sex” booth, or the fisting videos? That way the public can assess who is telling the truth. What are you afraid of, Joe? Show me some “pride”!

biohazard.jpgMatt Barber made the following comment after learning that he was on the IML “UNWANTED” flier:

“Oh, those fun-loving little sadomasochists. They do enjoy their, um, slapstick, don’t they? I’m flattered to have made such an impression. Comedy aside, though, forgive me if I find the specter of a fussy little mob of queer CPAs, I.T. geeks and interior designers in buttless leather chaps pointing at me shrieking ‘There he is! There he is!’ a little less than daunting. I hate to disappoint, but with the disgusting and wicked perversion that goes on at these events, If I did somehow end up at the Chicago Hilton, I wouldn’t be that hard to spot. I’m the guy walking around the lobby in a full biohazard suit looking for the exit.

“So much for ‘gay pride.’ I don’t blame them for desperately trying to keep their lifestyle under wraps. As John 3:19 tells us: ‘And this is the condemnation, that the light has come into the world, and men loved darkness rather than light, because their deeds were evil.’ The reality of the behavior doesn’t mesh with the rhetoric, you see. It’s all about ‘marriage equality’ and ‘civil rights,’ remember? We can’t focus on the actual perversion or America might get wise to the scam.”

Lies upon lies

The “Unwanted” poster is filled with the usual lies against Americans for Truth, and against LaBarbera and Barber. It refers to LaBarbera using the “gay” smear term “Porno Pete,” implying that the AFTAH president has some prurient interest in homosexual perversion just because he works to expose it. (According to such logic, ardent pro-lifers who protest abortion mills and expose the horror of abortion secretly support the killing of unborn children.) Jervis the leatherman blogger has pushed this silly line before; in fact, he was so irate that AFTAH helped close down a homosexual “pig sex” orgy in a Washington, D.C. hotel that he wrote a piece called “Peter LaBarbera wants to have sweaty mansex with every one of you.”

Apparently if you want to bring out the hate and rage in the “leather” world, take away their vile perversions.

In a different post, Jervis, commenting on an AFTAH article, writes, “Porno Petey [Peter LaBarbera] should know by now that ‘sadistic pervs’ is a honorific to Folsom attendees.” If that is the case, I wonder why Joe and his IML friends are so paranoid about AFTAH exposing their pet “fetishes” to the public.

As for Barber — who was fired by Allstate Insurance Company in 2005 after writing an online column critical of homosexuality on his own time — the “Unwanted” flier spreads the Allstate talking points. Don’t forget: Allstate settled Barber’s lawsuit. Clearly they didn’t want all the facts of the case to come out in open court. They folded like a cheap lawn chair, cut their losses and gave Barber an undisclosed amount for violating his civil rights.

More on IML in future posts: AFTAH has learned the Miller Brewing Company serverd as a “proud sponsor” of the perversion-fest.

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