Gay-Hate Watch: Homosexual Activists Crudely Vilify Fired Christian Actress on ‘Gay’ Blog

patricia_mauceri_2.jpgFolks, those loving and compassionate human rights activists over at the homosexual blog “Joe. My. God.” are at it again — showing fired soap actress and committed Christian Patricia Mauceri (right) what it means to respectfully disagree with an opponent without falling into cheap, vulgar name-calling and ad hominem smears. Well, not really.

Here’s some of the hateful “gay” slime dumped on One Life to Live actress Mauceri after JMG’s Joe Jervis attacked AFTAH’s post relaying a FoxNews report about her claim that she “was fired and abruptly replaced for objecting to a gay storyline because of her religious beliefs.” This is no way to treat a lady. — Peter LaBarbera,


From atheist New York City homosexual activist Joe Jervis’ “Joe. My. God.” blog:


I trust the [c**t’s] next role will be one in which her most important line will be “Do you want fries with that?”


DavidE, I’m a firm believer in a chorus of protest against this sort of [bullsh*t], not one unified voice of calm, polite discourse. Part of the conversation needs to include comments like…

“Tough [sh*t, c**t.] Suffer.”


Firing her was stupid.

I would have made her quit. All they had to do was make her character come out as a lesbian. Toss is a few lesbian love scenes.

She would have quit the day she got the script.


No, firing this religious [c**t] was the RIGHT thing to do. If it’s the only way to get these pathetic religious terrorists to stop shoving their bigoted beliefs down the throats of others, then that’s how it should be. [F**K] religion and every terrorist who follows it.

FunButNutz [note his mischaracterization of Christianity]:

Those scenes aired last week.   She finds her son in possession of a book that is titles “How to Tell [Your] Parent’s You’re Gay” that he was going to give to his newly out friend.  Then her character says (scandalously) that she does not care if he’s gay, she loves him anyway.  I guess she wanted the freedom to say, “I hate you my son, you are off to hell!!”


I think I saw that sow grazing on some dumpster garbage by the side of the interstate last week. Sooey!!! Hog trough up, Bee-otch. Chow down for Jeezuz, Missy Pig snout.

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