Don Feder on the ‘War on Christmas’ in America

DonFederExcerpted from, “We Wish You A Merry Multicultural, Inoffensive, Inclusive, Secular Seasonal Holiday,” an exclusive commentary for GrassTopsUSA by Don Feder, Dec., 13, 2009 (link added):

“For most of the 20th century, we had municipal Christmas trees, public displays of crèches and Christmas greetings uttered in shops and stores – and America was better for it.

“I’m a Jew. I don’t celebrate Christmas (though they tell me it commemorates the birthday of a Jewish kid). But I’m not offended by those who do, yea, even publicly. This is a Christian nation. Christianity is the glue that holds America together. As a patriot, I defend the public celebration of Christmas as a public good.

“Does anyone in Israel object to municipal menorahs? Do they say, “Oh the poor Moslems, they must feel so excluded”? Only in America.

“America is the only nation that has made a fetish of sensitivity and inclusiveness. But we’re very selective about that to which we are sensitive. We can have full-frontal nudity and simulated moaning and gasping on cable TV, but a manger scene on the courthouse lawn is an affront to decency.

“We can have grade-school children indoctrinated in the more bizarre aspects of the homosexual lifestyle – the president of the United States can tell a gay gathering that he longs for the day when two men or two women living together are treated exactly the same as mom and dad – but Christmas carols are over the line.

“Our seasonal sensitivity samba is due in part to hyper-concern for the sensibilities some, and in part to the fear of law suits. The ACLU is ever vigilant to lighted trees and other attempts to establish a national church, and ready to pounce.

“But there’s another, darker motive. The War on Christmas is a War on Judeo-Christian morality is a War on America. Take our president – please!

“Obama was planning a ‘non-religious Christmas,’ White House Social Secretary Desiree Rogers told a gathering of her predecessors earlier this month. That included not displaying the traditional manger scene with other Christmas decorations. The administration later reversed that decision, which apparently did not play well in Peoria…..”

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