Letter – More Homosexual Hate: BURN IN HELL, AFTAH!

Over the years, I’ve met thousands of people involved in some way in the pro-family effort to resist the demands of the homosexual activist movement, but I can’t imagine even one of them sending hate-mail like this — delivered to AFTAH today through our website. (We get lots of similar letters.) Isn’t it fascinating to see so many modern “queer” activists going to such great lengths to use moral and religious rhetoric to defend their sexual misbehavior? Homosexuals who appropriate the Bible to justify their embrace of sin are treading on very dangerous ground: I fear these poor souls one day will reap the punishment that they wish upon us. But God is gracious and is waiting for all stubborn sinners to repent, accept Christ’s free gift of salvation, and change their wicked ways. — Peter LaBarbera, Americans For Truth

“YOU will BURN IN HELL for spewing your garbage water and spreading hatred through this world. Thank GOD your views are a DYING BREED because gay rights ARE HERE FOREVER! We will all enjoy each other\’s company in heaven while you SLAVE AWAY FOR SATAN!”


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