AFTAH and Hackers: Account Suspended over Extra High Web Usage Resulting from Previous Sabotage

January hack-attack infected AFTAH’s search engine

Server notice announcing suspension of AFTAH's website Wed. morning; a previous hack-attack appears to have caused the problem.

Americans For Truth About Homosexuality’s website was suspended earlier today — due to our exceeding server usage limits, apparently as a result of a hack-attack against AFTAH back in January. The January cyber-sabotage infected our Search engine, which went haywire and which has now been disabled until we find a solution.

It appears that today’s stoppage was not directly caused by a new round of hacking, but that possibility still exists. AFTAH is opposed daily by some of the most hateful and extremist “gay” websites on the planet (all in the name of “tolerance,” mind you), so there are plenty of militants who would love to shut us down. And we believe that — God help us — if they ever got the power, many self-avowed “queer” activists would support using the Government to do so.

Having said that, there are also other homosexual bloggers and advocates who are committed to free speech and would oppose any and all attempts to hack into or censor AFTAH’s site. We similarly condemn dirty tricks against homosexual and left-wing sites with which we strongly disagree, e.g., atheist homosexual and avid AFTAH-basher Joe Jervis and his “Joe.My.God” blog.

This is a battle of ideas, not cyber-vandals.

We will keep you informed of developments on this matter, but rest assured that our long-term plan is to keep the AFTAH website up and running — and responding to “GLBT” lies and misinformation — well past 2050. That is, unless the sexual-perversion/gender-confusion movement (aka “gay/transgender pride”) withers away and dies by then, making us obsolete. Thanks for your ongoing support. — Peter LaBarbera,

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