AFA-Michigan’s Glenn: Stupak’s U-turn No Surprise

Rep. Bart Stupak (D-Mich.)

Stupak’s U-turn No Surprise

Charlie Butts – OneNewsNow – 3/22/2010

Michigan Congressman Bart Stupak did an about-face Sunday night and voted for the healthcare reform bill — and at least one pro-life Michigander isn’t surprised.

Stupak has been touted by the national media as a leading combatant against using tax dollars for abortion. But when the bill was finally put to a vote and Stupak voted in favor, many of his constituents were not surprised. Gary Glenn of the American Family Association of Michigan explains why.

“We issued a news release months ago calling Bart Stupak a fraud, because what happened at the last minute from a national perspective was no surprise at all to those of us actually here in Michigan,” says Glenn.

The AFA-Michigan spokesman explains that reaction is because of a town hall meeting last fall in Cheboygan with Stupak facing his constituents on the issue.

“[Let’s say] I offered an amendment that says no public funding for abortion — that’s been the law of the law for many, many decades — and [let’s say] we lose that vote: would I vote against healthcare?” Stupak asked rhetorically. “If I had a chance to vote my conscience on it, I probably would not. I probably would still vote for the healthcare bill at the end of the day.” (Watch YouTube video HERE)

The meeting continued as some in attendance sought a clarification from the congressman. “And finally when he had persuaded them that that’s what he really meant, the crowd booed him,” Glenn recalls. As depicted on the YouTube video, they booed him more than once.

Glenn said pro-life Democrats in his state will take note of the vote because Michigan is a pro-life state. Experts say the fact that President Obama issued an executive order banning use of federal dollars for abortion means nothing because it can be rescinded.

Rep. Stupak’s 2009 townhall meeting YouTube video link:

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