Gay Activist Joe Jervis Smears AFTAH Academy as ‘Fostering Violence’ Against Homosexuals

WARNING: Offensive Language

New York City homosexual activist Joe Jervis recklessly claims that the Americans For Truth Academy "will train young people how to properly hate faggots and dykes and foster violent crimes against them." Jervis, here protesting California's pro-traditional-marriage amendment, routinely conflates moral opposition to homosexuality with hatred.

Jervis wildly claims that the Americans For Truth Academy “will train young people how to properly hate faggots and dykes and foster violent crimes against them.”

Folks, it didn’t take too long for homosexual activists to smear the Americans For Truth Academy, which will be held in Carol Stream, Illinois, August 5-7. Here is one particularly inane and mean-spirited post by atheist “gay” leatherman Joe Jervis, who runs the blog “Joe.My.God.” With clockwork-like regularity, homosexual activists resort to their favorite lie: that civil speech opposing homosexuality in the public square leads to violence against homosexuals. (Such claims form the basis for demands to banish said speech; of course, vicious and nasty attacks on Christians somehow do not qualify as “hate” nor lead to violence against people of faith….)

Experienced pro-family followers of AFTAH who have read Jervis’ J.M.G. blog know that if there were such a thing as a Hate-O-Meter scale, few could hope to score as high as Joe and his perverted friends (see some examples of their bigoted bile below). Even so, after AFTAH’s website was labeled a “hate site” by the Southern Poverty Law Center — on the recommendation of the Marxist, cop-hating, Christian-bashers over at Chicago’s Gay Liberation Network — Jervis and pals dutifully took up our challenge and labeled every pro-family group they could think of as also being a “hate” group. Get the message? Oppose homosexuality (publicly) and you are automatically a “hater.”

Per Jervis’ piece below, “Porno Pete” is a smear term against yours truly invented by another hypocritical homosexual militant, Wayne Besen, and circulated by fellow “gay” activists (who simultaneously condemn name-calling against homosexuals — go figure). One of the things we will teach at the ongoing AFTAH Academy is that while homosexual activists demand respect and tolerance from others, they consistently dish out vitriol and invective against their opponents — all the while cynically equating historic, Judeo-Christian moral truths with hate, bigotry and “homophobia.”

I challenge readers to get a sampling of the demented, ad hominem attacks that proliferate on Jervis’ homosexualist site and see if there is anything comparable on AFTAH’s website or that of any other mainstream, pro-family organization, such as Family Research Council. Go HERE for more info on the Academy. — Peter LaBarbera,


Here’s Jervis’ twisted entry on the AFTAH Academy, followed by some hateful, perverted and intolerant comments responding to his item:

Porno Pete LaBarbera has just announced the formation of the “Americans For Truth Academy,” which will train young people how to properly hate faggots and dykes and foster violent crimes against them. For a mere $99 donation, you can buy a budding young bigot a Scholarship In Hate™.

… The usual cast of knuckle-dragging douchenozzles have signed on to be LaBarbera’s Professors of Hate: Robert Knight (Coral Ridge Ministries), Matt Barber (Liberty Counsel), Laurie Higgins (Illinois Family Institute), Greg Quinlan (PFOX), etc. The first Three Day Hate™ will take place August 5th-7th in Porno Pete’s luxuriously appointed basement dungeon headquarters outside of Chicago.


Comments on Jervis’ site following article:


How can that [the AFTAH Academy] be a tax deductable [sic] function? or is that just another lie they tell them so they will sign up? How can they have a seminar on [teaching] hate to people and the government NOT get involved.




I want to attend and watch the live demo with Porno Pete and Bam bam Barber [Matt Barber, an AFTAH Board Member and AFTAH Academy speaker] when they demonstrate sodomy and fisting; their two most favourite [sic] activities.




“Okay, boys, pay attention. When someone touches you like THIS it’s really bad. Who needs to see that again?”



The important questions have yet to be asked! Will the pornmaster be sharing his rich cache of porno material? Will there be “helping hand” beat-off sessions during and afterwards? Are there shower facilities or must participants bring wetwipes and sanitizing lotion? How are attendees supposed to prepare properly without these clarifications?

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