AFTAH to Coulter: Donate Your GOProud Speaking Fee to Pro-Family Groups

Conservative pundit lashes out at WND’s Farah as “swine” after Farah drops Coulter as speaker

Ann Coulter is the keynote speaker at "Homocon," a party put on by GOProud, a homosexual activist group for "gay" Republicans.

Ann Coulter is angry at WorldNetDaily publisher Joseph Farah and called him a “swine” because Farah and WND dropped Coulter from speaking at their upcoming “Taking America Back” conference in Miami [conference info HERE]– due to Coulter’s speaking appearance at GOProud’s “Homocon” party for “conservative” homosexuals in September. (See AFTAH’s original press release urging Coulter to reconsider her GOProud speech HERE.)

Coulter’s is a baseless charge to level at Farah — who showed his commitment to conservative principles by dropping Coulter. But what’s odd is that it comes after Coulter admitted to Farah that she’s doing the GOProud speech pretty much for the money (i.e., as just another speaking gig). See her rationale as relayed to WND HERE.

We at AFTAH have an idea: how about if Coulter donates her GOProud speaking fee to two worthy pro-family organizations whose mission (we hope) Coulter agrees with more than that of the phony “conservatives” over at GOProud, who put “gay rights” above traditional values. Here are two wonderful groups that could benefit from GOProud’s cash (via Coulter):

  • Elaine Donnelly’s Center for Military Readiness, which has led the way in battling President Obama’s reckless plan to homosexualize the U.S. military in a time of war (GOProud supports the Democrat-led effort to repeal the ban on open homosexuals in the military);
  • Parents and Friends of Ex-Gays and Gays (PFOX) — this worthy yet perpetually underfunded organization stands up for the rights of former homosexuals — who regularly get demonized and sometimes bullied by the supposedly “tolerant” Homosexual Activist Lobby.

If Coulter insists on going forward with the GOProud speech — even though the organization supports many of the same homosexual-agenda goals of other “gay” activist groups, then maybe she can make it count for some good by helping to sustain the noble work of these two fine organizations.

Ann, we’re asking you to put your conservative and Christian pro-family principles above the Almighty Dollar. — Peter LaBarbera,

Take Action: Contact Joseph Farah at in support of his standing on principle and not caving to the homosexual activists.

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