Et tu, Elisabeth? The View’s Hasselbeck Joins Pro-Gay-‘Marriage’ Sellouts

Hasselbeck joins growing list of conservatives who lack courage to defend truth on homosexuality

The View's token "conservative," Elizabeth Hasselbeck, abandons not just conservatism but timeless biblical truth by supporting homosexual "marriage."

Note: we apologize for botching Elisabeth Hasselbeck’s name not once, but twice (first and last); it is fixed below. We also note that Hasselbeck’s views on same-sex “marriage” have been evolving for some time, as this 2007 YouTube video with a homosexual activist shows:


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What is this, ‘Conservatives Without Principles Month’?

The following Newsmax article is yet another pathetic account of a confused “conservative” who abandons God’s truth, natural moral law, and common sense for the latest worldly trend: domesticated homosexuality and counterfeit “marriage.” If poor Elisabeth Hasselbeck of ABC’s The View knows that life begins at conception yet can’t understand the urgency of government protecting that life (unborn babies) in the womb — then it’s hardly surprising that she is confused about homosexual “marriage.”

Memo to Hasselbeck: the unborn baby is a human being with his or her own separate DNA, not some mere appendage. Regarding marriage: America’s moral slide and several decades of homosexualist organizing — and perhaps the likelihood that you sympathize with your “gay” friends and acquaintances — do not erase the timeless truth of the Book of Genesis.

I can deal with the “queer” activists, whose fanatical dedication to rationalizing their own sin problem is what you’d expect from a movement that “proudly” rejects normalcy and shakes its collective fist at God and His natural, created order. What confounds me are the “conserv-a-libs” (Ryan Sorba calls them “liberal-tarians”) — who so readily ditch five millennia of biblically-informed truth for the latest sexual/social fad.

George Will, Laura Schlessinger, Ann Coulter, Glenn Beck, Kathleen Parker, Mike Gallagher, Michael Barone (talk about poll-driven morality!), Bill O’Reilly, Elisabeth Hasselbeck — each of these conservatives has made some homosexuality-related cave-in, some more serious than others. And, of course, every defection has earned the plaudits of media liberals and LGBT activists alike.

Perhaps because it’s guaranteed to resonate so loudly within the liberal-secular media-libertarian echo chamber, selliing out on homosexuality has become the modern capitulation of choice for “conservatives” who lack the courage to defend politically incorrect truths. (After all, being “pro-choice” on abortion is so ’90s.) Then there are those who have bought the libertarian lie that unchecked individualism trumps ordered freedom and fealty to our Creator.

Yes, the libertarians appear to be winning the day on this issue, which is especially galling because the homosexualist agenda is a statist and anti-liberty agenda if there ever was one. Just ask its growing list of faith-based victims who have paid a high price for disagreeing with homosexuality.

One must wonder: if on the American Right, the once-unmentionable Sin of Sodom is now deserving of association with the sublime title of “marriage,” just what are modern “conservatives” like Hasselbeck conserving, anyway? — Peter LaBarbera,


Newsmax reports:

The View’: Hasselbeck OKs Same-Sex Marriage

Wednesday, 18 Aug 2010By: L.D. Breen,

Elisabeth Hasselbeck, the blonde and beautiful token non-liberal on ABC’s daytime all-women commentary show “The View,” who mixes it up with left-leaning co-hosts Barbara Walters, Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Behar, revealed in an interview that appeared Tuesday that she has fully changed her position on homosexuals marrying.

“I am not ultra-ultra-conservative on every issue,” Hasselbeck told’s Adam Buckman. “I actually support gay marriage.”

That was not the case in 2008 when the 33-year-old former reality TV contestant argued strongly in favor of California’s Proposition 8, the ballot initiative that amended the state constitution that year to recognize marriage as being only between a man and a woman — and was struck down in federal district court on Aug. 4.

Hasselbeck raised hackles last month when she suggested that aging women were switching to lesbianism because they can’t land men, who prefer younger women.

“All the older men are going for younger women, leaving the women with no one,” Hasselbeck said, a viewpoint Behar told her was “ridiculous.”

And Hasselbeck ended up issuing a teary public apology in May after mocking the skimpy “Dancing with the Stars” costume of ESPN sportscaster Erin Andrews – who had been famously victimized by a stalker who posted nude videotape of her on the Internet.

Abortion is another issue on which Hasselbeck’s “conservative” position seems to be a muddle. She told Fancast’s Buckman, “I am a person that does believe that life begins at conception, but I also don’t believe that the government should tell women what to do with their bodies. So I’m torn there in terms of supporting laws [for or against abortion].”

President Obama appeared on “The View” with Hasselbeck last month, and she subsequently said on the program that she has had “a crush on Obama since he left” and is planning to accept an invitation to bring her children to visit the White House.

Appearing on Sean Hannity’s show on the Fox News Channel, Hasselbeck said, “I think it was a cozy situation for the president; it was certainly an honor for all of us there,” adding that she “had a great conversation with the president backstage.”

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