Part Two: Interview with Pastor Ken Hutcherson

Ken Hutcherson could not wait to get out of the NFL so he could go full-time in the work of the Gospel. "Hutch" discusses spiritual disciplines -- especially the need to study the Bible -- in Part 2 of AFTAH's interview with him.

Here is Part Two of Peter LaBarbera’s interview with Ken Hutcherson, senior pastor at Antioch Bible Church in Redmond, Washington. Hutcherson is the keynote speaker at Americans For Truth’s upcoming banquet Saturday, Nov. 13th, at Christian Liberty Academy in Arlington Heights, IL. The Chicago-based, Marxist homosexual hate group Gay Liberation Network has already announced plans to protest the event [see their deceitful post HERE]. In this segment, Hutcherson discusses the weak response of “Evan-jellyfish” (evangelicals) to the aggressive homosexual movement — noting that trying to appease this Sin Lobby will only encourage it. He also discusses how he met this wife, his personal habit of extensive Bible study — and how pro-homosexual teachers at his daughter’s high school rudely challenged him after he had taken a stand against a pro-homosexual school propaganda event called the “Day of Silence.” You can listen to Part One of Hutch’s interview HERE, and get more info for our banquet  HERE. RSVP at

HOW TO LISTEN: This is an mp3 file.  Left click once on the link below to play.  (Please be patient, depending upon the speed of your internet connection it may take a moment or two to load.) OR right click the link then “save target as” to download the whole show. 

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