WTTW’s Phil Ponce’s Fawning Interview with Dan Savage, Homosexual Activist and Anti-Christian Extremist

Perverted and Christian-hating sex columnist treated with great respect in Chicago

"Queer" sex columnist Dan Savage believes straight married couples should have outside sex (like many homosexual male couples) as a way to help reduce the divorce rate. Few in the LGBT movement have a record as extreme and hateful as Savage when it comes to vulgar demonizations of pro-family leaders like former Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum.

[CORRECTION: Note HERE our technical correction to this article: Dan Savage correctly points out that his and his male partner’s “three way” trysts were with acquaintances — NOT “strangers” as we originally reported in this piece.]

TAKE ACTION: Call taxpayer-funded WTTW at 773-583-5000 (9-5:00 Central Time M-F; hit “0” and ask for Phil Ponce). Or contact WTTW CEO and President Dan Schmidt. Let WTTW know that it is hypocritical and shameful that they were so  respectful toward a hate-filled, vulgar anti-religious homosexual extremist like Dan Savage. Eight percent of WTTW’s budget comes from the taxpayers: urge the station to balance their in-depth interview with the anti-Christian Savage with an extended interview with a pro-family leader opposed to mainstreaming homosexuality.  You can e-mail the program at chicagotonight@wttw.com. Or leave an online message on Chicago Tonight’s contact form HERE. You can also contact your Congressman at 202-224-3121 (www.Congress.org) regarding cutting off all federal funds the far-left-biased Public Broadcasting System [contact PBS’ Ombudsman HERE].


Folks, I sent a version of the letter below to WTTW, Chicago’s main public TV station, and its daily evening  program, “Chicago Tonight.” Apparently, like most of the rest of Chicago’s Left-dominated media, WTTW has decided that there is no legitimate “other side” on the homosexuality issue. Hence Wednesday they felt free to do an embarrassingly uncritical interview with renegade ex-Catholic Dan (“Saliva Terrorist”) Savage — who is as radical and perverted a Christian-basher as there is in the LGBT movement. [To view Ponce’s fawning interview with Savage, go HERE.]

I forgot to mention in my letter Savage’s admitted “three way” gay sexual romps — he, his “husband” Terry and a male acquaintance [NOTE: see AFTAH clarification: we originally reported that the three-ways were with “strangers”] — while Terry and he were co-adoptive “daddies” of “The Kid” (the title of Savage’s book). AFTAH wondered: who babysat “The Kid” during their orgy? Savage is a leading booster of “gay parenting” and homosexual adoption — once even landing as a guest on the conservative Michael Medved Show (Medved said he was unaware of Savage’s advocacy of “nonmonogamy” and his history of viciously maligning Christians.)

Savage is living proof that nobody hates like hard-core homosexual activists — yet because he is a “gay” activist and Christians are the target of his bile, Savage not only gets a pass from the media but is treated with deference and respect. (While in Chicago, Savage was also the featured speaker at the Chicago Humanities Festival.)

More Savage Hate

Wikipedia reminds me of one of Savage’s most cruel and vile stunts.  In 2003, the “Savage Love” columnist — upset at remarks by then-Sen. Rick Santorum (R-PA) linking homosexuality to other sexual sins — asked his readers to create a malicious definition for “Santorum” [see the “Political Advocacy” Wikipedia section HERE; watch a YouTube where Savage explains it HERE.]. We won’t reprint the winning entry [see this link; WARNING: graphic and disgusting], but suffice it to say that to achieve the desired grossness in his attempt to smear the good senator, Savage ironically but appropriately had to resort to using the by-product of anal sex for his sick “definition.” (That’s why homosexual sodomy was once described as the “Infamous Crime Against Nature,” Dan; the only thing more disgusting than describing its after-effects is actually doing it in the first place.)

Would WTTW air an ingratiating interview with a “conservative” activist who mocked, say, Sen. Harry Reid, by forever linking his last name online to the revolting byproduct of  perversion? Of course not.

Only “progressives” and hopelessly biased media would honor a toxic perv like Dan Savage with his seemingly boundless capacity for demonizing pro-family leaders, creatively reaching into the depths of his very, very dirty — and reprobate — mind.

According to FY 2009 figures [see p. 27 HERE], two percent of WTTW’s comes from the State of Illinois and six percent comes from the federal government. YOU, the taxpayers, just helped fund the promotion of this smutty, anti-Christian zealot; now take action to either de-fund PBS or get some balance and decency on this government-subsized network. See the Action Steps at top.  — Peter LaBarbera, www.aftah.org


Peter LaBarbera’s letter to WTTW:

Dear Sirs,

WTTW's Phil Ponce

I am stunned and appalled at Phil Ponce’s sycophantic interview with Dan Savage (11/17/10), who is a radical homosexual activist with starkly bigoted and hateful views against Christianity and traditionalists. Phil seemed to adore Savage as if he were some respected icon rather than a man so possessed with hatred for religious conservatives that he actually LICKED THE DOORKNOBS of the Iowa campaign office of evangelical presidential contender Gary Bauer in a twisted attempt to give Bauer a cold. Yep, a real role model for LGBT youth….

But it gets… worse….

Savage opines that straight married couples should tolerate outside sex (like many gay male couples) and that this would help lower the divorce rate (!). Why didn’t Phil raise any of these extreme opinions in questioning Savage — much less Savage’s routine use of the pejorative term “homophobe” (amidst other polemical cliches) to belittle traditional people of faith?

Savage obviously harbors a serious hatred against Christians — but somehow Ponce didn’t pick up on that or even make a pretense of querying Savage on his malice toward religious opponents of homosexuality. And by the way, Savage’s ridiculous slams against biblical orthodoxy on the issue of sinful homosexual behavior are easily answered — not that Phil thought to challenge him on that (see www.robgagnon.net for sound defenses of biblical teachings on homosexuality).

Would Ponce similarly “roll over” in an extended interview with a religious conservative? I doubt it. Would WTTW even consider doing an uncritical interview with a conservative columnist who has a long record — like Savage — of making extremist, vulgar, and hate-filled attacks against moral critics? Not a chance.

The only way for WTTW to right this example of journalistic malpractice and restore some sense of balance and impartiality on this issue is to invite a Christian, conservative opponent of the homosexual activist agenda on the program — and give him or her the same time and deferential treatment accorded Savage. Your very credibility as a “news” program and organization is on the line. I will be happy to provide you with a list of names of people who could fill that role.


Peter LaBarbera

Americans For Truth About Homosexuality
Carol Stream, IL

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