Illinois Legislator: ‘They Bought Passage of Civil Unions Bill’

Vanden Bosch describes arm-twisting by Democratic leader Madigan in Springfield

Rev. Bob Vanden Bosch

Folks, Rev. Bob Vanden Bosch of Concerned Christian Americans is a minister and veteran full-time pro-family lobbyist in Springfield, Illinois. Below are his accounts of the “lame duck” Civil Uions votes in the Ilinois General Assembly. Here are Rev. Bob’s two reports on the Civil Union votes in the House and Senate; note the ridiculous analogy to Jim Crow laws in the second article. — Peter LaBarbera,


It’s Getting Dark in Illinois!

By Rev. Bob Vanden Bosch, Concerned Christian Americans, published 12/1/10

It is said of Jesus in John 1:5, “And the light shineth in darkness; and the darkness comprehended it not.” It is getting darker in Illinois. Today the Illinois Senate passed the Civil Unions bill (SB 1716) by a vote of 32-24 with 1 member voting present, and another absent. Much of what was done to pass this legislation was done in darkness.

This morning, I talked to a Democratic House member who voted No on SB 1716. He had tears in his eyes as he said, “Bob, they bought the passage of that bill.” Yesterday [Tuesday], Governor Quinn was running House members in and out of his office to pass the bill out of the House. Today [Wednesday], Governor Quinn was running Senate members in and out of his office. Both days, Governor Quinn was on the floor as the bill was voted on in the House and the Senate.

Meanwhile, all the work on jobs and balancing the budget took a back seat to making sure that the Civil Unions legislation passed. As one Senator said today, “He’s fiddling while Rome is burning!” Where is the urgency about the $13 Billion deficit Illinois is running? Where is the urgency about getting jobs for Illinois citizens? Where is the urgency on figuring out how to cut a budget deficit?

Just this week, I read that Illinois’ bond rating is just below that of Iceland, and just above that of Iraq–but the most important thing the governor and the legislature can do is to pass civil unions legislation. Where is the sense of priority?

In spite of some of the frustration that I feel (along with many legislators on both sides of the aisle), I must say that I have been able to experience the peace of God through all of this. Isaiah said, “Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on thee; because he trusteth in thee.” While I do not trust God perfectly, I can say that God has upheld me by His grace through all of this. I don’t know what God is doing through all of this, but I do know that I can trust Him in the middle of this storm.

Thank you to the many of you who have contacted your legislators and let me know how they were voting. What a great help and encouragement! Thank you to those of you who have already contacted me and been an encouragement after this potentially devastating defeat.

Just so you can know how your state senator voted on SB 1716, I am including the web address for you to click on. It is: .  You will notice that the only Republican voting “yes” on this bill is the newly elected Treasurer of Illinois, Senator Dan Rutherford. I would encourage all of you to contact his office to let him know how disappointed you are in him. If your state senator voted “no” on SB 1716, I would encourage you to contact their office to thank them for their principled stand against same-sex “marriage” and civil unions.

Thankfully, tomorrow is the last day of the fall veto session, although the House of Representatives is coming back to Spring field on January 3, 2011 for a continued lame duck session. Just remember this: It is when it is the darkest out that the light can shine the brightest. While it has been a defeat, it can be a defeat which God can use in a tremendous way to show His light to the world.

May God bless all of you. In His Service,

Rev. Bob [Vanden Bosch]


Emphasis added below:

A New Day Dawning

By Rev. Bob Vandenbosch, Concerned Christian Americans, published 11/30/10 

There is a new day dawning in Illinois, literally and figuratively, as I write this to you. It was an extremely disappointing day yesterday, to see legislators who have no moral compass being persuaded by Speaker Madigan on the floor, to vote for the Civil Unions Bill. Some legislators talked of potential projects in their districts, while others talked of legislation that the Speaker will now allow them to move forward. Some were guilt-ridden and unable to sleep because of the deals they made.

Take a look at the roll call for the House vote yesterday ( and you will find that at least 12 of the 61 “yes” votes on the Civil Unions Bill are those of lame ducks who will not be back in the Illinois General Assembly next year. It’s hard not to be skeptical of Illinois government leaders, who in the face of a $13 Billion state deficit find that the most important items to vote on in the lame duck session are the death penalty, civil unions, and medical marijuana.

One thing is clearly illustrated: We do not have enough people in public office who have moral convictions. If there is one thing that must be looked for in those running for public office is for moral conviction.

The organizations supporting Civil Unions put out an email yesterday, and I will attempt to pass it on to you later, but will at least quote them for now:

“Furtermore, TCRA [The Civil Rights Agenda] and LGBT Change [Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender] will now turn their efforts to marriage as a matter of full equality. It is time to open a new chapter in our State’s history and start the march toward full marriage equality. We won’t drink from a separate water fountain; we won’t accept ‘separate-but-equal’ treatment, and we won’t tolerate a government that discriminates against its own citizens.”

Just a last few thoughts this morning: God is still on the throne. Christians will face difficulties down the road, especially those who own businesses, and may be required by law to provide benefits or do things they find morally repugnant. Churches need to make sure that they have their church constitutions in order, specifically stating what marriage is in their doctrinal statement–or they could find themselves in the uncomfortable position of being asked to do a civil union. After the session is out, we will work on putting together a package of information to help churches to protect themselves.

Pray for the Senate vote today. They go in at 10 AM this morning. As I mentioned yesterday, it is unlikely that we can stop SB 1716 in the Senate today unless God intervenes in a very unusual way. Pray for us as we continue to lobby. My heart breaks for Illinois and the direction it has taken. May God bless all of you.

In His Service,

Rev. Bob

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