Listen: LaBarbera Challenges SPLC: Why So Many Boy Victims of Pedophilia?

Notes Grove City Prof. Throckmorton’s craven praise of SPLC ‘Hate Group’ report that former Atty Gen. Ed Meese calls “despicable”

AFTAH's Peter LaBarbera asks why there are so many boy victims of pedophlia when homosexual men comprise such a tiny percentage of society. Above is the cover of a magazine published by NAMBLA, the notorious North American Man/Boy Love Association. NAMBLA once marched in "Gay Pride" parades before homosexual activist leaders wised up and kicked the adult-child sex advocates out of their annual celebrations. Many adult "gay" men and lesbians testify to being victims of predatory sexual abuse in their youth.

In this interview with Concerned Women for America’s online radio program [Click HERE to listen], CWA’s Martha Kleder and I discuss the Southern Poverty Law Center’s spurious “hate” monitoring. In addition to discussing the SPLC’s lopsided “vigilance” against Christian groups while professing ignorance about obvious homosexual hate incidents, I challenge the SPLC’s “hate” criterion chastising any group that says homosexuals are disproportionately involved in child molestation. (I ask why there are so many boy victims of pedophilia if homosexual men comprise such a tiny percentage of society; I assume few boys are molested by women.) I also note how the SPLC’s Mark Potok reserved special praise on the group’s recent webcast for ex-pro-family advocate Warren Throckmorton. The Grove City College professor, who claims to be biblically orthodox on homosexuality even as he ramps up his pro-“gay” advocacy, cravenly commended the SPLC’s tendentious report — the same report that former Attorney General Ed Meese called “despicable” for its “ridiculous” campaign to demonize mainstream pro-family groups as “haters.”   — Peter LaBarbera,  

CWA writes:

Southern Poverty Law Center Lists Pro-Family Groups with the KKK 

A recent report by the Southern Poverty Law Center demonizes mainstream pro-family groups as “hate groups,” simply because of their stand against the pro-LGBT agenda and same-sex “marriage.” Included on the SPLC”s list of “hate groups” are the Family Research Council, The American Family Association, Concerned Women for America, and Americans for Truth about Homosexuality. Peter LaBarbera, president of Americans for Truth, dissects the report and the SPLC’s recent press conference on this issue. He notes the complete lack of evidence in the report linking pro-family groups with “hate,” as well as the glaring omission of radical homosexual activists groups like ACT-UP and Bash Back!. Listen | Download


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