Congress’ Christmas Lump of Coal for Troops – Open Homosexuality?

Urge your Senators to vote against the hasty repeal of the military’s common-sense ‘Gay’ Ban

“People view the military as the last bastion of morals and what is good. If we break that down here, what does it boil down to? What’s left?” — Service member comment made in Focus Group as part of the administration’s DoD’s report on repealing the ban on open homosexuality in the Armed Forces.

According to a Support Plan for implementing President Obama's plan to allow open homosexuals to serve in the military, a couple of male Marines in civilian clothes could kiss and display homo-erotic affection at the local mall without any repercussions. "Standards of conduct regarding public displays of affection (PDA) are orientation-neutral," according to the report (p. 82). What about on base? Obama's radical Repeal plan would degrade the moral authority of our Armed Forces and turn the Pentagon into the biggest bureaucracy working to mainstream homosexuality (sin) that the world has ever seen.

The U.S. Senate is hours, or perhaps a day, away from what I believe is the most important congressional vote on homosexuality ever taken in the USA: a bill that would Repeal the existing ban on open homosexuality in the military [Call your Senators: 202-224-3121]. If we lose and the Repeal goes forward, it will usher in a sea-change of pro-homosexual political correctness — not just on our Armed Forces, but on the rest of society, as a Brave, New, ‘Gay’-affirming Military will be held up as the new “civil rights” paradigm for the rest of America (God help us). The Homosexual Lobby knows what is at stake, which is why they have been pounding Capitol Hill for weeks on the Repeal. Unfortunately, not enough conservatives and people of faith understand the critical importance of this vote.

A handful of Republicans such as Sen. Scott Brown (who has flip-flopped on Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” ), Sen. Lisa Murkowski (R-AK), and the two Maine Senators (Olympia Snowe and Susan Collins) may join with the Democrats in supporting the fast-track legislation passed by the House Wednesday (see vote Roll Call HERE). Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid needs 60 votes to homosexualize the Armed Forces.

As sure as New Years Day follows Christmas, the Homosexual Lobby would seize upon this (giant) opening and push for more and more pro-homosexuality policy changes in the military — including same-sex partner benefits, “married” housing for homosexual Service members, sweeping pro-gay “diversity” propaganda for our troops, etc.  What a Christmas “gift” for our military men and women! (More like a huge, rainbow-striped lump of coal.) Please pray and do all you can to oppose this radical legislation! — Peter LaBarbera,


Action Steps:

1) Call your Senators using the Capitol Switchboard at 202-224-3121 ( and urge your U.S. Senators to vote against the Repeal of the military’s “gay” ban — and demand that a full and fair debate be held on this radical legistlation that would turn the Pentagon into the world’s largest de facto pro-“gay” advocacy agency. Here are some key Senators to call in this bill; use the Capitol Switchboard (202-114-3121; 202-225-3121) or even better: go to for their contact info and call their local office numbers:


  • Sen. Lisa Murkowski (AK):
  • Sen. Scott Brown (MA):
  • Sen. Mark Kirk (IL; still “undecided,” according to his aides):
  • Sen. Richard Lugar (IN)
  • Sen John Ensign (NV)
  • Sen. Olympia Snowe (ME)
  • Sen. Susan Collins (ME)
  • Judd Gregg (NH)
  • George Voinovich (OH)


  • Joe Manchin (WV) (he was the only Democrat who voted with the Republicans to deny cloture in the last Senate Repeal vote)
  • Bill Nelson (FL),
  • Ben Nelson (NE),
  • Jon Tester (MT),
  • Evan Bayh (IN),
  • James Webb (VA)
  • Mark Warner (VA),
  • Mark Pryor (AR)
  • Blanche Lincoln (AR)
  • Mary Landrieu (LA)

2) Pray that this Repeal bill would be stalled in the Senate. Contact your friends and urge them to pray as well. If Harry Reid calls the House bill and gets 60 votes, this battle is over — and then (as with Obama-care) Americans will learn the radical ramifications of this legislation!)

3) Pass this e-mail to your family members, friends, and contacts — especially those living in states with key states above, and urge them to take action!


Background — Working Group Report makes case for NOT repealing the “gay” ban:

I finally read most of the Obama-/Def. Sec. Gates-commissioned Working Group DoD report on the DADT Repeal and — although biased and carefully written and “spun” to camouflage some of the extreme results of allowing open homosexuals in the military, it STILL contains plenty of information showing how damaging the Repeal would be to our military. Here are some findings of and problems with the DoD report:

  • 23.7 % of surveyed Service members (38.1 % of Marines) said repealing “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” would cause them to “leave [the military] sooner than I planned” or “think about leaving sooner than I had planned”;
  • 44.3% of combat veterans (59.4% of Marines) said that having an open homosexual in their immediate unit in a field environment or out at sea would “Negatively” or “Very Negatively” affect their “unit’s effectiveness at completing its mission”; other survey data shows significant opposition within the ranks to the idea of homosexuals serving openly;
  • A major flaw of the Working Group report is the analogy it draws between Service members currently serving with men and women they know or suspect to be homosexuals (under DADT) — with being able to serve alongside “gays and lesbians” under a new regime in which homosexuality is out of the closet. Obviously, in the current situation, homosexual Service members are forced to be discrete. A new military culture tolerant of “open and proud” homosexuality — including pro-homosexual “diversity” teachings, etc. — is simply not analogous to “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell”;
  • The report punts on the question of military benefits for same-sex couples, but recognizes that this will be a future issue — and even notes that one of the big problems it will cause is that unmarried heterosexual soldiers will be upset if coupled “gay” soldiers get partner benefits while they are not allowed to get benefits for their hetero boyfriend or girlfriend. Thus, repealing the ban jars open a Pandora’s Box: surely gay activists will DEMAND partner benefits — using lawsuits if necessary — in the name of respect, equality, and “fairness”;
  • The report discusses respecting Service members’ “dignity” but rules out separate shower facilities and barracks for homosexuals — saying that doing so would “stigmatize gay and lesbian Service members in a manner reminiscent of ‘separate but equal’ for blacks prior to the 1960s” (p. 12). In other words, the Armed Forces is more concerned about offending ‘gay and lesbian” members’ sensitivities than defending the privacy rights and dignity of normal, hetero Service men and women;
  • The above shows that in the name of paving the way for homosexuals’ alleged “civil rights,” the DoD is willing to abridge the civil rights of the normal majority of Service Members;
  • The above is also just one example of the DoD’s unfortunate penchant for linking the laudable and noble civil rights achievement of racially integrating black soldiers into the Armed Forces with the crusade to allow open homosexuals — with their attendant sexual desires and behavior — into the military. Racism is bigotry, and wrong. Moral opposition to homosexuality (widely and historically regarded as sinful) — and common-sense privacy concerns based on the self-described sexual desires of homosexual men and lesbians — are natural and acceptable. Applying the DoD report’s logic, men should be able to shower with women as long as they recognize that they cannot ogle them or make sexual advances on them in the shower (see p. 13: “to fit in, co-exist, and conform to social norms, gay men have learned to avoid making heterosexuals feel uncomfortable or threatened in these situations”);
  • The Working Group report admits that factoring in the sentiments it received in its review process — through large “informational exchange forums” held on bases, smaller focus groups, online confidential communications, etc. — “our sense is that the majority of views expressed were against the repeal of the current policy” (p. 49). Perhaps this helps explain why President Obama and Defense Sec. Gates did not task the Working Group with studying whether the troops wanted this pro-homosexual change, but rather how a Repeal would be implemented;
  • There are some excellent comments from Service members opposing Repeal in the DoD report, including this by a woman: “I do not have to shower or sleep with men so I do not want to shower or sleep in the same room as a woman who is homosexual. I would feel uncomfortable” changing and sleeping as I would if it wa a man in the room. i should not have to accept this.” (p. 50);
  • On DADT: “You don’t ask and you don’t tell, you come to work and do your job. It is not broke so don’t fix it.” (p. 52);
  • On using the military to promote immorality: “People view the military as the last bastion of morals and what is good. If we break that down here, what does it boil down to? What’s left?” (p. 55)
  • In defending the right of religious and moral-minded Service members (and chaplains) to voice their opposition to homosexuality, the DoD report authors seem oblivious to the escalating legal and cultural conflict in the civilian world between homosexual activists’ demanding same-sex “rights” — and the freedom of Christians and other moral critics to live out their opposition to that behavior. Surely this “values contest” will be transferred to the a post-Repeal military — as many homosexual activists will put their “right” to be accepted above the freedom of Service members to disagree with homosexuality. The report offers no coherent plan for how it will manage and balance that inherent conflict — and how it will avoid trampling over the rights of moral-minded Service-members in its zeal to enforce homosexual tolerance through (presumably mandatory) post-Repeal education and training programs.

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