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“You are a worthless dishonest lying hypocritical piece of excrement, and your God is going to have words with you someday.”
“You have “gay face”. Gay face is a certain look that some gay people have. your face is perfect to have a [XXX] inserted into your [XXXXX] and [XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX] across your eyeballs.”
— Two of the hundreds of hate missives sent by pro-homosexuality activists to Americans For Truth in 2010 


The Real “Haters” Hate AFTAH?  Folks, Americans For Truth is on the receiving end of an incredible amount of real HATRED from homosexual activists — evil and vile letters like the above that neither we nor any pro-family advocate I know would ever even consider sending to a homosexual or a “gay” organization.  And yet WE are dubbed a “hate group” — because we actively oppose the Homosexual-Lesbian-Bisexual-Transsexual movement.  Please help us at

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December 2010

Dear Americans For Truth Supporter,

I hope you are having a blessed Christmas and holiday season — and I’m sorry to have to expose you to the daily demonization and hatred that Americans For Truth experiences at the hands of homosexual activists every day.  Let us pray that 2011 will be a year in which America as a nation – and each of us in our own lives — moves closer to God, as we daily seek to honor His Son, the King of kings, Jesus Christ.  Happy New Year!

This was a tough year, but there was an especially ominous gambit coming from the Left in 2010: the escalating campaign to demonize AFTAH and other Christian pro-family organizations as “official hate groups” – so that the media (and ill-informed Americans) will treat us like they treat racist fringe groups!   Of course, defending historic biblical morality is not “hate,” but our foes hate God’s Truth on this moral issue, so to them it is no big deal to promote one more falsehood to destroy us!

We must fight on and NEVER give in an inch to their evil lies.  Please consider making a generous year-end donation to Americans For Truth to help us match a new $10,000 “Match Grant” from a generous donor – to support our mission to do exactly what the Homosexual-Lesbian-Bisexual-Transsexual Lobby and their liberal-Left and Big Media allies fear most: proclaim the Truth about the destructive homosexual lifestyle and the ‘Gay’ Lobby’s well-funded, anti-Christian campaign to normalize it. 

This has been a most exciting and productive year for AFTAH:

  • We held our debut “Truth Academy: Chicago 2010” in August – a three-day conference with 21 wonderful lectures that is certainly one of the most comprehensive teaching conferences on the Homosexual Agenda ever held — not just in the USA, but in the world.  AFTAH brought in leading pro-family experts from across the country for what was, by all pro-family accounts, a phenomenal “teach in” on the various aspects of this issue.  A radical homosexual group in Chicago organized a huge and noisy protest against the conference, held at Christian Liberty Academy in Arlington Heights, IL.  “Gay” bloggers sent spies into the Academy and accused us of “teaching hate” to students.  Audio- and video-tapes of the Truth Academy can be ordered HERE.  Our next Academy will be held in Columbus, OH this April — as a joint project with Mission America.
  • AFTAH reached millions of Americans with the “truth about homosexuality” through media interviews and press appearances.  
  • AFTAH launched its weekly radio show, the “Americans For Truth Hour.”  I conducted in-depth interviews with over two dozen front-line pro-family activists on the homosexual issue, including: Matt Barber, Bob Knight, Rob Gagnon, Elaine Donnelly, Laurie Higgins and Linda Harvey – and former “gays” like D.L. Foster and Linda Jernigan.  All our interviews are available online and have encouraged and informed tens of thousands of truth-starved people worldwide!
  • AFTAH tirelessly fought radical homosexual legislation and Big Media’s overwhelming pro-“gay” bias.  We also have exposed the shocking embrace of homosexual “rights” by some evangelicals, such as wayward Grove City College professor Warren Throckmorton.  AFTAH is now forced to spend significant time and resources holding Christians and conservatives accountable when they stray from historic Judeo-Christian sexual morality.
  • AFTAH exposed the folly of the Southern Poverty Law Center’s smear campaign against Americans For Truth and other pro-family organizations as “hate groups.”  AFTAH led in educating Americans on the REAL and awful “hate” that emanates from the LGBT Lobby.  

This year’s setbacks have only strengthened my resolve to better educate and mobilize against the “Queer” juggernaut – which is corrupting our youth and is in the vanguard of undermining our precious religious freedom.  To that end, AFTAH is planning an exciting new web project for 2011 to teach “inconvenient truths” about the homosexual agenda.  We need your help to finance this project; stay tuned.

Thank you so much for standing with Americans For Truth.  Please pray for us and ask the Lord what you can do to advance the truth about this most Politically Incorrect of all issues.  Your tax-deductible gifts will be doubled thanks to our new Matching Grant, so please be as generous as you can.  AFTAH is small as non-profit organizations go, but we deliver a lot of “bang” for the buck.  God bless you as we seek to uphold divine Truth in this season when we worship the One who IS the Way, the Truth, and the Life, Jesus Christ, who came to earth to save us from our sins.

Sincerely in Christ, 

Peter LaBarbera,

President and Founder, AFTAH; email:

P.S.  If you send a tax-deductible gift to AFTAH of $100 or more, you will receive a free hard-cover book, Homosexuality: A Freedom Too Far, by the late Charles Socarides. And remember: the deadline for counting your gift as a 2010 tax deduction is midnight, Friday, Dec. 31st!

“I am the way, the truth and the life.  No one comes to the Father but through Me.” – John 14:6

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