VIDEO: Brit Hume Rips Left-wing ‘Habit’ of Equating Disagreement with Liberalism with Hate

Left’s rhetoric following Tucson murder recalls Homosexual Lobby’s exploitation of Matthew Shepard murder

For years, liberal, pro-homosexual activists have been using the cynical and dishonest tactic of blaming the Right and conservative rhetoric for horrific acts of violence: remember when the “gay” lobby organizations blamed the “Religious Right” for the 1998 murder of Matthew Shepard — supposedly by creating a “climate of hate” against homosexuals? [See Human Rights Campaign quote in the jump, following video.] Kudos to Brit Hume for supplying his usual dose of common sense, which has a much wider application than the Giffords case:

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Here is the statement about the Shepard murder by then-HRC spokesman Kim Mills; note her obvious allusion to Colorado Springs-based Focus on the Family:

“The savage beating and burning of Matthew Shepard did not occur in a vacuum.  Crimes such as these arise out of minds twisted and misinformed about lesbian and gay people.  The leaders of the most powerful religious political organizations — some of which have headquarters right here in Colorado — have made a strategic, political decision to target gays and lesbians,” said Mills at the press conference.

As you can read HERE, HRC’s politicized version of the crime and its cause had little to do with reality. (Shepard’s killers “came from classically troubled backgrounds,” ABC’s 20/20 reported in 2004; one was a meth addict.) Note also how Mills ascribes sinister motives to “religious political organizations” rather than the truth: these organizations merely seek to defend their biblical worldview that homosexuality is sinful behavior rather than the basis for “civil rights.”

Homosexual activists continue to blame religious conservatives for acts of violence against homosexuals, as well as for suicides by homosexuals). As we pray for the families of the Tucson vicims, we must not allow such lies and misinformation to gain ground in a media culture that remains heavily biased toward liberalism. — Peter LaBarbera,

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