Christian Florida Teacher Suspended for Condemning ‘Cesspool’ of Homosexual ‘Marriage’ on his Facebook Page

Jerry Buehl

[UPDATE 8/25/11: Jerry Buehl has been reinstated in the classroom at Mt. Dora High School following protests by pro-family citizens nationwide. Congrats to Mr. Buehl, and to Liberty Counsel, American Family Association and all those who defended his First Amendment freedom to voice his beliefs about homosexuality.]

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Folks, kudos to one-time Florida “Teacher of the Year,” Jerry Buehl, for not groveling before the media or the “Gay” Thought Police for his PRIVATE comment denigrating homosexual “marriage” — for which he is now being persecuted. The good teacher — and this short CNN video shows just how good he is — now gives the lesson of his lifetime on the First Amendment and freedom. He deserves our prayers and support.

Regarding that “cesspool” of homosexuality (behavior), I heartily agree with my friend Laurie Higgins. Whole generations of Americans had a natural revulsion toward this perversion, but now — thanks to decades of liberal “tolerance” propaganda — people recoil at frank denunciations of homosexual acts rather than the vile acts themselves. (Well, let’s be honest: most people are shielded from the repulsive and destructive reality of homosexuality; check out this AFTAH story on a pro-homosexual California AIDS flier that lays out the extreme health risks — e.g., bleeding after anal sex — associated with unnatural male homosexual behaviors. And it doesn’t get much more “cesspoolish” than “rimming.”)

Before holier-than-thou Christians and PC-minded “conservatives” get all over Buehl’s case, we should remember: wasn’t it God Himself who declared it “detestable” for a man to lie with a man as with a woman? (Leviticus 18:22) What does that tell you about a society moving toward the embrace of homosexuality-based “marriage”? — Peter LaBarbera,

Following is a CNN news clip featuring Buehl and his Liberty Counsel attorney, followed by an article on the case by Laurie Higgins of Illinois Family Institute:

Florida Teacher Investigated for Criticizing Homosexuality

By Laurie Higgins, Illinois Family Institute; reprinted from the IFI website

There’s troubling news coming out of Florida that provides evidence that the cultural movement to normalize homosexuality poses a serious threat to First Amendment speech and religious rights.

Mount Dora High School social studies teacher and winner of the 2010 “Teacher of the Year” award, Jerry Buell, wrote this on his private Facebook page during non-work time:

I’m watching the news, eating dinner, when the story about New York okaying same sex unions came on and I almost threw up.

If they want to call it a union, go ahead. But don’t insult a man and woman’s marriage by throwing it in the same cesspool as same-sex whatever! God will not be mocked. When did this sin become acceptable???

The administrative response to this veteran teacher’s condemnation of government-endorsement of abominable (God’s word, not Buell’s) relationships is to suspend him from the classroom and begin an investigation.

Society has become so desensitized to the offense of cesspoolish acts that calling them cesspoolish constitutes an offense. Our cultural moral compass has become so broken that citizens do not recognize that homosexual acts are, indeed, cesspoolish. In a very literal sense, the primary sexual act engaged in by homosexual men is cesspoolish in that a cesspool is a waste receptacle, but the term “cesspool” also refers to corrupt, depraved acts. Although Buell’s word choice was indelicate and politically incorrect, it strikes me as accurate. (For recent CDC information on HIV infections among Men Who Have Sex with Men (MSM), click HERE, and for shigellosis information click HERE. [Editor’s note: AFTAH substituted the latter link due to a problem with the original link in the IFI article.])

Christians have become deluded into believing that saying that homosexual acts are cesspoolish is an unchristian act, and they have been bullied into self-censorship by exactly the kind of repercussions Buell is experiencing.

Americans, including leaders in government, education, and even the church, increasingly accept the dangerous notion that the First Amendment should be subordinate to the “feelings” of homosexuals. What next? Will speech rights and religious liberty be subordinated to the feelings of “minority-attracted” persons (aka pedophiles) and polyamorists? How long will it be before yet another group committed to normalizing their particular sinful proclivity starts talking about how marginalized, stigmatized, and “unsafe” they “feel”?

Some questions for Mount Dora High School administrators:

  • If teachers are not permitted to express their moral and political beliefs during their free time on their private Facebook pages, should they be permitted to express their beliefs on blogs?
  • Should they be permitted to express them in letters to their local press?
  • Should they be permitted to express them in conversations in public restaurants where they may be overheard by others?
  • Should they be able to express them in radio or print interviews?
  • Was it the word “cesspool” that generated the investigation and suspension of Buell, or was it his disapproval of the legalization of same-sex “marriage” and homosexuality?
  • If it was the word choice that got the administrators’ panties in a bundle, will these language-dictators provide a list of acceptable denunciatory words? Remember, it’s our educators who are promoters of diversity and the free exchange of ideas and defenders of even obscene language when it’s found in the books they teach our children.
  • If it were not merely the word “cesspool” but rather any expression of disapproval of homosexuality, is it just homosexuality that teachers may not condemn in their free time or are there other topics of which they may only safely express approval? If so, what are those topics and who decides?
  • The First Amendment was intended to protect the expression of even unpopular ideas. How does Big Brother–I mean the Mount Dora High School administration–reconcile its draconian response to Buell with the First Amendment?

The Mount Dora administration might defend their actions by citing the need to keep students “safe.” What school administrations rarely do, however, is define “safety.” The entire homosexuality-affirming juggernaut depends on the tricksy manipulation of rhetoric. “Safety,” which formerly meant the absence of physical threat, has now come to mean the absence of emotional or intellectual discomfort. Of course, liberal activists in public schools won’t admit this (and conservative teachers are too fearful to expose it).

Intellectual and ethical consistency–never the forte of liberals–is not found in public schools even on the topic of “safety.” Liberal activists have no problem making conservative students feel uncomfortable (i.e. “unsafe”) if it’s in the service of eradicating conservative moral beliefs. In so doing, increasing numbers of homosexual students and their “allies” (another rhetorical buzz saw in the homosexuality-normalizing tool box) are becoming presumptuous ideological dictators. They treat all encounters with dissenting moral propositions with high dudgeon and an expectation of administrative censorship.

The exaltation of subjective feelings through the self-actualization and self-esteem movements and the demonization of shame have collided with the tyrannical homosexual “rights” revolution, resulting in the cultural collapse that’s happening right in front of our eyes. (And what do conservatives do? Cover their eyes, plug their ears, and shut their mouths.)

My advice: exercise your right to express unpopular ideas while you can.

[Note: to read Laurie Higgins’ Postscript to this story, go HERE]

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