Mike Heath Confronts ‘Sodomy-based Marriage’ in Maine

Woman Strongly Disagrees During Heath Sermon and Walks Out

Mike Heath (left) and his wife, Paulie, with American Family Association founder Don Wildmon. This photo was taken in 2010.

Mike Heath is my good friend and the former Board Chairman of Americans For Truth. He’s also the former Executive Director (1994–2009) of the Christian Civic League of Maine — which, I might add, has become decidedly less boldly “Christian” — and less principled — with the departure of Mike and his talented staff a few years back. (That’s a long and fascinating story, but it needs to be told because it says a lot about what ails the presumptively “Christian pro-family movement” [quotes necessary].)

Anyway, Mike Heath [see website HERE] is also a heckuva good guy who — now that he is free of the burdens of “pro-family movement” politics (quotes necessary) — is more apt to tell it like it is than he was before. That’s saying something, because Mike was usually more honest about what’s at stake in the “Culture War” over homosexuality than most pro-family and conservative leaders, who are — I’ll just say it — pretty much intimidated, out-gunned and out-organized by the Homosexual Lobby and at a loss for how to stop it. (See this New England homosexual lobby group’s website to get an idea of what we are up against.)

I don’t necessarily share Mike’s views on the potential that come November Mainers will likely vote for “sodomy-based marriage,” as he calls it (Mike doesn’t fret about style like so many Chistians these days). But the fact that it is even a possibility speaks to the failed “pro-family” strategy of NOT focusing on Homosexuality in the battle over, yes, Homosexual so-called “Marriage.”

Elephant in the room? What elephant in the room?!

When I read this piece, I wondered: where is the sustained outrage coming from America’s pulpits over the evil idea of attaching the noble institution of marriage to a lifestyle — no, a behavior — no, a sin and a perversion — which our Creator God in His Word calls an “abomination”?

Shame. That’s what happens when Christians cut corners by adopting Talking Points that avoid the main issue at hand: will government enshrine the perversion of homosexuality as a basic “civil right” and pretend that homosexuality-based relationships deserve “equal” treatment to the normal variety? Of course, practical arguments and positive, pro-real-marriage strategies are necessary and useful in the battle against counterfeit “same-sex marriage.” But until the Church starts viewing homosexual sin like God sees it, an insidious and creeping Political Correctness — now seeping into religous and moral discussions — will gradually overcome any effective resistance to Big Sodomy (aka the “gay rights” movement).

We’ll be following Mike’s campaign in Maine against a new push for sodomy-based “marriage.” And maybe we’ll even contrast his efforts with those of the “nicer than Jesus” crowd of milquetoast Evangelicals and Catholics who are so caught up in not offending or “judging” the LGBT Movement that they are rapidly paving the way for its triumph in our confused culture. — Peter LaBarbera, www.aftah.org

P.S. A little known fact: a few of the same Maine leaders who helped boot Mike Heath from the “establishment” pro-traditional-marriage movement (he was deemed too harsh and controversial) actually had supported or at least did little to fight against the “gay rights” (“sexual orientation”) non-discrimination law in Maine — which Mike, Paul Madore, Paul Volle and others successfully beat back twice through grassroots “People’s Vetoes” before it ultimately passed in 2005. Now that same LGBT nondiscrimination law is being used to promote homosexual “marriage.”

Lesson: Naivete and good intentions are no match for the incrementalist homosexual power grab that now is on the verge of “criminalizing Christianity” as it relates to Americans’ God-given freedom to oppose homosexual sin.  TAKE ACTION: Support Mike Heath’s important work HERE.


Murdering Marriage Tour Hits the Road: The Truth Hurts

posted Feb 20, 2012 3:35 AM by Michael S. Heath   [Feb 20, 2012]

Woman Strongly Disagrees During Sermon and Walks Out

Paulie [Heath, Mike’s wife] and I drove two and half hours north from our home yesterday morning to Millinocket. The struggling mill town is the gateway to Baxter State Park and Maine’s highest mountain, Katahdin.

We have visited Millinocket many times over the years, preaching and singing in churches there. Yesterday morning we worshipped with the good people at “I Care Ministries.”  Hershel Hafford is the pastor.

Paulie led the congregation in some songs, closing the worship time with her popular tune, “Make Me Pure.”

My text for the sermon was from Genesis 19, the familiar story about Sodom and Gomorrah.  I was provocative and controversial.  I purposely launch a frontal attack on political correctness and all things “gay.”  I don’t mince words.  I explain, without becoming inappropriately graphic, the importance of sodomy and behavior in gaining a proper understanding of “gay” rights as they are now being forced upon the institution of marriage.

Many Christian leaders and institutions have adopted the talking points, tone and style assigned to them by radical homosexualists and the media.  They choose to avoid confrontation and truth.  It is an epidemic, really.  An epidemic of evil compromise.

A woman spoke out from the back of the sanctuary about half way through my sermon offering her opinion that I was wrong, and that I was playing God and being judgmental.  I challenged her to show me from the Bible, or Christian teachings, where I was wrong.  She stood and declared that I was playing God as she put on her coat and left the church.  The moments that passed during our exchange were tense.

While I disagree with her, I respect this woman for courageously stating her views.  Many, many Christians agree with her — but remain silent.  This is why the society is giving up on common sense, innocence, beauty, decency and purity.  Where is John the Baptist when you need him?  Where are the men equipped to speak truth to power?  I believe that many men are called by God to speak truth to power.  Few of them are equipped, however, to do it.

Christianity is useless if it doesn’t produce disciples — men — who are like John the Baptist.

While difficult and unpleasant, the incident was important.  It was a divine appointment.  I know the Holy Spirit used it, and will continue to use it, to instruct all of us in the truth about human sexuality, marriage and Christianity.  I pray I have the opportunity to challenge all of Maine’s church goers to think about this issue more clearly than what the media and politics permit.  This needs to happen before the vote in November.

I told the congregation that Maine may endorse sodomy based marriage in November.  Maine could become the first state in America to endorse this perversion in statewide voting.  There is little doubt in my mind about this.  It will happen because Maine Christians are too sensitized to the whims of power and money.  They think they are being like Jesus by choosing “love” and “compassion” toward “gays.”

The truth is that Jesus spoke very clearly about evil.  He said that adults who cause children to stumble in sin should be cast into the sea with a millstone around their neck. Many teachers and parents now promote the idea publicly in schools that homosexuality is a moral good, even for children.

Google the “Maine civil rights teams” and do some research and thinking about the ideology that informs this taxpayer funded effort.  I am clueless as to why Governor Paul LePage allows this to continue.  And this indoctrination is going on without the specific knowledge of the parents.  How evil is that?

It is never wrong to tell the truth.  It is always wrong to pretend that something unwholesome, unhealthy and dangerous is benign and morally good.

I pray I will have an opportunity to speak to your church or group in the near future.  Call me at 207-956-0819 or send an email to mail@mikeheath.net.

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