Pro-‘Gay’ Liberals Dare Not Discuss This … Homosexual Health Risks

Dear AFTAH Supporter,

Homosexual activists are giving Americans For Truth and yours truly an extra dose of venom beyond their usual hatred and ridicule for posting an article by a medical trascriptionist about male homosexual health risks — with a photo of anal warts (yes, it’s offensive: see online story with photo HERE).  There are two things “gay” activists NEVER want to talk about (or hear anyone else talk about, especially the media):
  1. Former “Gays”…That there are lots of happy EX-homosexual men (like DL Foster); EX-lesbians (like Linda Jernigan and Yvette Schneider); and even EX-transsexuals (like Walt Heyer) who have overcome sexual/gender confusion and troubled circumstances in their own lives — usually through a relationship with Jesus Christ; and 
  2. Unhealthy Behavior….The multiple health risks associated with homosexual behavior — which occur at vastly disproportionate rates relative to the rest of society.  Naturally, practicing perversion is harmful to one’s body (and soul).

Of course, the medical transcriptionist story deals with #2.  I was contacted by a medical transcriptionist, who couldn’t help but take notice of the many maladies contracted by male homosexual patients, whose records she was typing.  Keep in mind that young people are RARELY IF EVER taught or told about the massive health risks associated with homosexual behavior — e.g., the CDC’s report that61 percent of all new HIV cases involve “men who have sex with men.”

I recently had the opportunity to debate a homosexual activist at a Naperville, Illinois, high school — where I mentioned the enormous “gay” health risks.  A male student came up to me after my talk, incredulous about the CDC’s “61 percent” figure above for homosexual men and AIDS.  He asked me how he could verify this information; I told him to go to the CDC website.  I could see that it really got him thinking.  (Who knows?  Maybe it will help deter him from embracing a destructive homosexual identity.)  Today’s youth — like this young man — are starved for basic facts like this; we must find ways to reach them with accurate information!

Hard Truths: Homosexuality-related diseases and dangers is not an easy subject to discuss, but discuss it we must. (Note the obvious connection between Epididymitis and homo-sexually deviant acts in the AFTAH article.)  One of the reasons that the “gay” side currently has all the momentum is that conservatives have not done a good job of telling the HARD TRUTHS about homosexuality.  (Of course, many people are intimidated and simply afraid to criticize “gayness” or the radical homosexual agenda at all due to Political Correctness.)

That’s where AFTAH comes in: we are stepping up our efforts to tell the uncomfortable facts and tragic realities about homosexual behavior and its intolerant and extreme activist-defenders.  Please help us do so today with your gift to AFTAH — online at; or via regular mail: AFTAH, PO Box 5522, Naperville, IL 60567-5522.  Please give me your feedback, and God bless. — Peter LaBarbera,; e-mail:

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