VIDEO: Chris Matthews Tells Pro-Homosexual Activists: ‘You Want to Silence People’

[To watch the Chris Matthews “ambush” video on YouTube, go here:]

By Peter LaBarbera

It’s rare when I agree with (pro-homosexual-“marriage”) Chris Matthews, the fast-talking host of the MSNBC program “Hardball” — but here he hits the nail on the head. At a March 24 book signing in Framingham, Mass., Matthews was “ambushed” by video-camera-wielding activists with the pro-homosexual, leftist group Faithful America. They badgered him about having Tony Perkins, president of Family Research Council, on as a repeat guest on “Hardball.” Here’s Matthews’ response [more commentary after the video]:

Silencing “hate”?
Needless to say, Faithful America justifies its blacklisting campaign against Perkins on the basis of Family Research Council being (mis)labeled a “hate group” — by fellow left-wingers at GLAAD (Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation) and the Southern Poverty Law Center.  [See Faithful America’s Youtube comments HERE.] Perkins is a good man who ably and articulately defends the historic Judeo-Christian sexual and marriage ethic, for which he is rewarded with the usual vitriol by embittered homosexual activists and bloggers. Anyone who has seen Perkins debate on TV can see he is not “hateful” in the least — nor is the respected family organization FRC (where I once worked as a cultural analyst).

Do you see what is happening? The intellectual cowards on the Left — puffed up by a compliant media and suffused with enough “gay pride” and arrogance to presume that their aberrant sexual/gender ideology has NO LEGITIMATE OPPOSITION — are busier than ever trying to bully the media into joining their “Pro-Gay-Only” crusade. It is despicable, but worse: it is a grave threat to American liberty. Because when the media en masse kowtow to censorious activists — a road on which they are quite far along with the Homosexual Lobby — accountability, reason and fairness are jettisoned, paving the way for ever more reckless and extreme pressure campaigns against the dreaded “haters.” (That would be you, me and just about anyone who takes a public stand against homosexual behavior or “gay” agenda goals like same-sex “marriage.”)

Excerpts from the video:

Chris Matthews: I watched them deal with Buchanan [referring to MSNBC’s recent firing of conservative commentator Pat Buchanan]….I don’t believe in fatwas. I don’t believe in silencing people. I don’t believe in it, OK? I want Rush Limbaugh on the air. I want him on every day. I want people to hear it. I want everybody to hear all the arguments; it’s a free country.–

“Faithful America” activist: We want a progressive–

Matthews: You want to silence people! You want to silence people [stronger emphasis].–

“Faithful America” activist: We want a progressive Christian …[unclear]–

Matthews: …What channel do you want Tony Perkins on? What channel would you like him on?

“Faithful America” activist: Well, I’d prefer that he’s not–

Matthews: See, you want to silence him!

“Faithful America” activist: It would be great if he is going to be on, to have a progressive Christian [on opposite Perkins]…

Matthews: [Perkins] doesn’t hold out that homophobic stuff on my show, he never does it…

“Faithful America”: But when he’s on your show, you lend legitimacy to the things that he says off your show.–

Ratcheting it up
Thus we behold the ratcheting up of the “Anti-Hate” rhetorical lynch mob. They rail fanatically against “misinformation” and “homophobia,” even as they cynically misinform the public about decent, pro-family advocates like Perkins — blaming them for causing youth suicides and smearing them with preposterous analogies to the KKK. The smarter members of the Gay Thought Police insist that they are not really anti-Christian(ity) — i.e., against people’s right to believe the Bible’s teaching that homosexual practice is sinful. Rather, it is merely the way people like Perkins make their “anti-gay” arguments that disqualifies them from the Public Square, they say. Don’t buy it.

Meanwhile, the true haters on the Left, like Dan Savage, creator of the toxic attack-site “Santorum[dot]com,” are rewarded for their cruelty because, of course, their hatred is directed at the proper target: social conservatives, especially Christians. (The pro-“gay” Left still seems largely uninterested in radical Islamic teachings and practices that apply a harsher standard against homosexuals than most Christians could even envision.)

Liberal ends justify nasty means: just ask the Santorum family. (By the way, Dan Savage just got his own show on MTV. Apparently, launching a vile web campaign aimed at destroying a conservative’s name by attaching it to the gross byproduct of perversion is no impediment to a liberal’s career.)

With regard to the above video, my hunch is that when Matthews avers that Perkins “doesn’t pull that homophobic stuff on my show,” he is thinking of real hatred toward homosexuals — read: uncivil, caustic verbal bashing of homosexuals, not “hatred” re-defined to suit left-wing ideological purposes.

Or maybe not: who can know when we’re dealing with ambiguous, “progressive” Newspeak like the catchall construct homophobia? A media study going back a decade or two would document the steady expansion of what constitutes “homophobia” in the minds of pro-homosexual activists. It began with some connection to unreasonable fear, but these days has grown to include mere opposition to homosexual “marriage.”

Libertarians, secular-minded conservatives, and honest liberals, take note: if the Left succeeds in “silencing” all media voices critical of homosexuality and LGBT activism, it will move on to its next target, with gullible media sycophants in tow. Which perhaps explains why savvy Muslim activists and their allies have latched on to making frequent accusations of “Islamophobia” as a means to demonize their opponents (again, mostly Christians).

These opportunistic Muslims should reconsider their tactics. They forget that they, too — as opponents of the sin of homosexuality — could become a target of the pro-“queer” silencing campaign that brooks no dissent in its push for public approval and the power to enforce Political Correctness, beginning with the indoctrination of young children in schools.

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