Two Manly Men – Mike Heath and Paul Madore – Battle ‘Sodomy-based Marriage’ in Maine

Bucking political correctness, they say the battle is ALL about the “morality of homosexuality”

Why haven't America's Christian men (and women) risen up in anger over the promotion of homosexual perversion even to teenagers, on primetime TV? This photo of the infamous, extended homosexual kiss on the FOX program "Glee" is blocked for decency's sake.

Folks, how did we get to the point in our society where opposition to homosexuality became more “controversial” than homosexuality itself? (See Isaiah 5:20.) You might be shocked by what the Coach writes below, but then again: you need to be shocked. — Peter LaBarbera,


Two Manly Men in Maine

By Coach Dave Daubenmire, of Pass the Salt Ministries

 April 26, 2012
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The boys are back in town.

Not that they ever went anywhere. But Mike Heath and Paul Madore are teaming up once again to take on the sodomites in Maine.

That is bad news for the gay-rights thugs, and they know it. Heath and Madore are like Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, Batman and Robin, or the Lone Ranger and Tonto.

They are the homosexual movement’s worst nightmare.

For the seventh time in recent history, there is an attempt by the deviant-left to foist “sodomy-based marriage” onto the grandchildren of the citizens of Maine. When does “no” mean no?

Six times they have tried, and six times this dynamic-duo has helped push them back. It hasn’t been easy, and it hasn’t come without a cost. They both have the scars to prove it.

But at least they have scars. Rare is the man willing to take the arrows that come for standing publicly for what he believes. With all due respect to homo-queen Elton John, Madore and Heath can sing “I’m still standing” as they enter the ring in what they believe is the final round against the sodomy crowd.

“We are going for the knockout,” Heath recently told me. “We are going to turn them back with a 70 percent vote. It will be a long time before the homosexual activists get off of the canvas in Maine.”

Paul Madore

“It is time to get serious with the society on the issue of homosexuality and the practical effects that are very harmful to society that this distorted and perverted lifestyle will have. It is time to take the gloves off. Good people just keep moving the line back in regards to homosexuality. But not any more,” says Madore.

Heath, an ordained minister and pastor of the non 501 (c)(3) Helping Hands Ministry, and Madore, a strong working-class conservative-Catholic, are not to be taken lightly.

“For 30 years we have bought the lies and we have played by the Homosexual’s rules. We have tried the “nice” approach to Christianity and have continually lost ground. For me, and this ministry, it is not about a political referendum. I spent a career depending on politicians and it took me awhile to see the light. This is not a political issue. It is a moral issue. Our goal is to re-stigmatize sodomy. To paint a picture in the mind of Mainers exactly what it is that sodomites DO. We want to make the thought of sodomy abominable once again,” Heath says.

These guys play to win to win. They believe the future of the culture is at stake.

Heath used to run with the “big dogs” in the pro-family movement. Although his name is not as nationally known, he was at the table with James Dobson, Tony Perkins, Ralph Reed and the boys as the fight for culture has been waged over the years. He saw the emergence of the unholy alliance as the Christian leadership slowly morphed into Republican lapdogs.

The Christians held a seat at the table, but the “Republicans” are the ones who called the shots.

Truth be told? The Republican establishment has never been comfortable with the partnership.

They loved the Christians’ votes, but not their issues. After three decades, what do the Christians have to show for the hundreds of millions of dollars that the grass roots donors have trusted them with?

Well, they have a beautiful complex in Colorado Springs, palatial offices in Washington D.C., silk ties and leather shoes in the halls of Congress, and millions of names in their donor bases.

What have they given us in return? Perhaps Dr. Dobson could tell us:

“We tried to defend the unborn child, the dignity of the family, but it was a holding action, We are awash in evil and the battle is still to be waged. We are right now in the most discouraging period of that long conflict. Humanly speaking, we can say we have lost all those battles.”

It would be interesting to note that shortly after that honest statement, Dr. James Dobson was forced out of Focus on The Family, an organization he founded and led for a generation because they “wanted to take a new, less divisive direction.” Yep. Fighting abortion, sodomy, and sin has become too divisive to the Christians in nice suits.

God bless Dr. Dobson for all he did. Today, Focus on the Family is MIA in the culture war. They have returned to the safety of “pastoring the family” instead of training the troops to defend the family by fighting the enemy.

Sad, isn’t it? Most Christian organizations are proudly endorsing Mitt Romney in the battle between the “Morman and the Muslim.” Their only hope is that the arm of the Republican Party can defend Christians better than the hand of the Lord. But I am sure those donations are still rolling in…

Mike Heath knows how Dr. Dobson feels. After 25 years, he too, was forced out of his position at the Christian Civic League of Maine. What was his crime? He played to win. He recognized that it was war and he understood the stakes. Unfortunately, others didn’t. They felt it was nobler to lose looking good in their fancy suits, than to win with a bloody nose and holes in your pants.

“I never saw a football player make a tackle with a smile on his face.” –Coach Woody Hayes.

In a recent press release “the boys in the suits” at the National Organization for Marriage (NOM, which just endorsed Romney), [NOM President Brian Brown] said, “We reject attempts to make this campaign [over homosexual “marriage” in Maine] about the morality of homosexuality.” Homosexuality is not a moral issue, huh?

Yep, we have lost a lot of ground but have sure looked polished doing it. Most national pro-family organizations have modeled the church. They want to be nicer than Jesus. Well Heath and Madore want to win. They think Jesus is glorified through victory. Can you help? Here is their plan.

Madore is Rocky Balboa. Heath is his trainer Mickey. Together, these defenders of the Faith are going to take sodomy head-on. I read the following in a recent newsletter I received.

“The issue is not marriage. The issue is not “rights.” The issue is not “fairness.” The issue is sodomy. Homosexuality is not a lifestyle. Homosexuality is a behavior. ‘Sodomy is most commonly legally defined as any contact between the genitals of one person, and the mouth or anus of another’.”

Permit me to clarify the definition. Sodomy is one MAN inserting his genitals into the mouth or anus of ANOTHER MAN.

Say it again. Say it out loud so your ears hear it. Picture it in your mind. Picture Barney Frank and Elton John in action…Barney Frank putting his genitals into Elton John’s…

That is what they want to tell us is normal…no wait…tell our children is normal. Into that “union” they are asking permission to place children. Would you let them put YOUR grandchild into a sodomy-based family? Why would you let them do it to someone else’s child? Have normal people lost their minds?”

Rev. Mike Heath and “Mr. Maine” Paul Madore are taking the gloves off. They are putting the pictures on mobile trucks and are taking the truth of sodomy to every city, every school, and every home in Maine. Here is the picture they will put on the trucks that they will drive throughout Maine.

Oh, how the pigs will squeal. The sodomites will cry “hate” as if the truth of a picture can be hateful. The Christians in pretty suits will cry “mean” as if being nice ever won a war.

It is God who first called them sodomites. If it is good enough for Him then it should be good enough for us.

It is time to take off the gloves. It is time to get down and dirty. It is time we fought like we wanted to win.

Hey! Listen to me! Send them some money!! They are on the front lines. They know the people of Maine. They are battle tested and uncompromising. David taking on Goliath. Put some gas into their tanks. Redirect all of your giving from the “national ministries” to the two manly men in Maine. Their gloves are off. This is Clay against Liston III, Lewiston, Maine 2012.

If you trust me, trust them. I wouldn’t steer you wrong. Help deliver a knockout to the homosexual agenda. Your gifts are NOT Tax deductible. Helping Hands is not a corporation. It is a church.

Read this press release and then please donate here.

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