Heath Assails ‘Sodomy-Based Marriage’ in Launching Maine No Special Rights Campaign

The following are the remarks of Michael Heath, Co-Chairman of the Maine No Special Rights Campaign, on June 9, 2012, at the Lewiston City Hall Steps in Lewiston, Maine. Heath, Co-Chairman Paul Madore and No Special Rights are opposing a ballot initiative in November to legalize homosexual “marriage” in Maine:


As our society continues her descent into the gloomy depths love compels us to come together here today.  The inky blackness of evil only appears solid.  The flicker of a solitary candle reveals the deception.  Light always forces darkness to flee.  Darkness has no power over light … and love.

Sodomy, and those who practice it, choose to live in the darkness.  First they convince themselves that evil is good, and then they must convince everyone else.

The siren song of sexual pleasure entices them from the righteous course God prepared for them in eternity.  The clanging song excites them for a minute, but the pleasure always flees before the moment passes.  And so it will be with Maine.

The most unloving and intolerant act we could choose to perform would be to not engage the people of Maine in a conversation about morality, sodomy and sin.  My heart is heavy, for the institution most capable of leading this conversation is itself now turning her head in the direction of the siren’s song.

The church must repent.  It must choose clarity and courage over political correctness and sin.

The light of our civilization flickers as Christianity chooses fund-raising, politics and psychology over moral clarity about marriage, family-formation and sexual sin.

Our pledge today is to be clear with the people of Maine.

Love compels us to tell the truth.

All sex outside of marriage is wrong. Societal approval of homosexuality is an extreme form of wickedness that does great harm to everyone, especially vulnerable children.

All government actions that hint at the acceptance of sexual evil must stop immediately.  This evil must be replaced with government support for the creation of strong, multi-generational families.

Maine’s overwhelming NO vote rejecting sodomy-based “marriage” in November will begin the healing.

With your hard work the candle that flickers here today will light a righteous wildfire.  From the smoking embers new life will take root and bloom.

As Maine Goes So Goes the Nation.

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