‘Aberrosexualist’ (Lesbian) Suze Orman Supports ‘Marriage Equality’? Get Real, Suze!

Suze Orman, aberrosexualist.

Note the term Judy Meissner uses below – Aberrosexualist — which is certainly more accurate than “gay” and more comprehensive than homosexual. This column is just the sort of thing “out-and-proud” lesbian financial advice guru Suze Orman needs: a dose of common sense of the same sort she dishes out to the money-challenged — only directed at her aberrant and immoral behavioral choice. My “tough love” addition to what follows would be: “Suze, stop pretending that all lifestyle choices are equal. Lesbianism is immoral, per thousands of years of human history. Thankfully, many women who once thought they were ‘lesbian’ — like many men who once called themselves “gay” — are now living healthier lives in accordance with the natural design of their bodies and the moral laws of their loving Creator. You can, too!”   — Peter LaBarbera, AFTAH

Aberrosexualists: partisans, whether aberrosexual or not, of the extremist ideology pushing for the “normalization” of biologically aberrant sexual behavior;

Aberrosexuals: those who engage in biologically aberrant sexual behavior.


Suze Orman Supports ‘Marriage Equality’? Get Real, Suze!

By Judy Meissner

Suze Orman, you are too smart to declare with a completely straight face that you “are not treated equally” because you cannot marry a person of your same sex.

Inequality means not being permitted something another citizen is permitted under the same, equal terms and conditions.

Suze, you can marry anyone under the same, equal terms and conditions as every other American. no one in America is allowed to marry under different, unequal terms and conditions as you seek, incredibly, in the name of “equality.” What you are proposing, Suze, is not “marriage equality,” but marriage inequality!

No one in America is ever asked their alleged sexual preference, their alleged sexual behavior or their alleged sexual practices when they apply for a marriage license. No one! Everyone in America can marry under the same terms and conditions as everyone else. So deal with it, Suze. Do not attempt to insult our intelligence, or yours, for that matter.

Now, if you want to talk about “Marriage Equality,” that true equality applies equally to everyone! It cannot be granted to a privileged few, but unequally denied to everyone else. It’s hypocritical to demand “Marriage Equality” for aberrosexuals (those who engage in biologically aberrant sexual behavior), yet cynically deny it to all others that, by the same logic, are as equally deserving.

Aberrosexualists (partisans, whether aberrosexual or not, of the extremist ideology pushing for the “normalization” of biologically aberrant sexual behavior) mock the very notion of equality by demanding “equal marriage rights” for themselves while conveniently refusing it to everyone else in a “loving and caring relationship.” What about those who want to so-call “marry” their blood relatives, minors, multiple partners, or even their lovable, adorable pets? That’s right, Suze! If you can leave your entire estate to your beautiful Labrador retriever, why shouldn’t you be able to marry him (or her?) as well? Shouldn’t “Marriage Equality” apply to these Americans as well?

Aberrosexualist extremists pushing so-called “Marriage Equality” need to come clean. They need to be consistent at the very least! They can’t advocate “Marriage Equality” for a chosen few, while hypocritically denying it to those who may want to “marry” (so-called) multiple partners or their grandma so they can be covered by her insurance or inherit her great pension benefits. Otherwise, they must stop pretending to stand for “Marriage Equality” at all!

Americans in all 50 states already enjoy “Marriage Equality.” Regardless of their alleged sexual preference, everyone in America has the right to marry a member of the opposite sex on the same equal terms and equal conditions. That’s what true marriage equality is all about: an equality that equals reality.

Judy Meissner is a Los Angeles-based writer and pro-family advocate. She can be reached through AFTAH by writing americansfortruth@gmail.com.

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