Facebook Founder Chris Hughes Donates $100,000 to Pro-Homosexual-‘Marriage’ Forces in Maine

Meanwhile, Facebook censors Ohio pro-family advocate’s photo exposing lewdness of “gay pride” parade

Chris Hughes is leading Facebook’s campaign to destroy the family in Maine

The Bangor Daily News recently published an article about the huge Facebook donation:

PORTLAND, Maine — Supporters of same-sex marriage exceeded the $100,000 they needed to raise to receive a matching contribution from a co-founder of Facebook.

The Mainers United for Marriage campaign raised $121,197 as of Friday but topped $100,000 on Thursday, the deadline for raising the matching funds, David Farmer, spokesman for the campaign, said Monday.

Chris Hughes, editor-in-chief of the liberal magazine The New Republic, who owns 1 percent of Facebook, and his fiance, Sean Eldridge, president of Hudson River Ventures and senior adviser to the national organization Freedom to Marry, in May promised the campaign $100,000 if it raised matching funds in a month.

Mainers will vote Nov. 6 on whether to allow marriage licenses to be issued to same-sex couples. The referendum question in February was placed on the ballot after the secretary of state’s office validated the nearly 60,000 signatures on petitions submitted by supporters the previous month.  [Click here to view the entire article]

This picture was taken at the Columbus, Ohio “gay pride” parade. Children lined the parade route. Facebook would not allow the image in the private and personal account of Coach Dave Daubenmire.

Maine pro-family veteran Mike Heath (a Member of AFTAH’s Board of Advisors) comments:

At about the same time Facebook decided to block the speech of Coach Dave Daubenmire — who exposed the debauchery at Columbus, Ohio’s “gay pride” parade [see photo at left and click here] — one of its founders fulfilled his commitment to make a huge $100,000 donation to assure Maine enacts sodomy-based “marriage” in November of this year. I’ve been told hundreds of times in the past decade by churches, individuals and businesses in Maine that they cannot give money to defend marriage because it will hurt them.  More and more people each year decide to withhold funding for the defense of common sense because they are afraid of being bullied by the homosexual movement.

The Christian supporters of common sense in Maine struggle to stay faithful in the fight.  Even though Maine is the only political jurisdiction to have twice overturned “gay” rights in statewide voting, the momentum has shifted to the homosexual activist lobby.  Polling shows them winning the vote in November.  That would make Maine the first state to approve of so-called same sex marriage in a popular vote.

Now is, of course, not the time to soften our message.  It is, in fact, the time to abandon the pro-family politicking of the past four or five decades and simply tell the truth.  A good place to start is this sermon by Saint John Chrysostom.  He calls this whole issue “monstrous insaneness.”




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