Adam Flanders Warns AFTAH: ‘Cease and Desist’ or I Will Pressure Your Web Host to ‘Shut You Down’

Maine homosexual Adam Flanders — a convicted sex offender — warns AFTAH that he will pressure our web hosting company to drop us.

The following is the full text of an e-mail letter sent Friday by Maine homosexual Adam Flanders to Americans For Truth About Homosexuality. Flanders is responding to AFTAH’s Friday e-newsletter based on this web article in which we reprinted the 2007 letter sent by Flanders —  a registered sex offender in Maine — exposing adult-child sex and other abuses at a Maine “gay youth” group.

NOTE: in a future post, we will comment on Flanders’ outlandish claims and demands contained in this letter. In no way is our reprinting of this correspondence meant to affirm the accuracy of Flanders’ assertions. AFTAH has responded to Flanders’ letter with a letter to him by our legal counsel, Charles LiMandri of the Freedom of Conscience Defense Fund, delivered Saturday, July 14, 2012. LiMandri is not one to be intimidated by the likes of Flanders; he is the attorney who won the case involving four San Diego firefighters who sued after being commanded to drive a fire truck in the city’s baudy “gay pride” parade. 

Here is Flanders’ letter to AFTAH minus a single redaction of the web hosting company in Maine — which is also being pressured by Flanders because it hosts Brian Camenker’s MassResistance website:


From: Adam Flanders <> Date: Fri, 13 Jul 2012 10:42:34 -0700 (PDT) To: Americans For Truth<> ReplyTo: Adam Flanders <> Subject: Re: Fwd: Go ahead, Adam Flanders: Sue Us!

To “Americans for Truth,”

I don’t know if this is actually AFTAH or not since you are using a gmail account, but you are clearly trying to solicit some sort of reaction from me. I am already aware of the articles published on the AFTAH website. I may or may not pursue litigation against AFTAH, but the Belfast Police Chief indicated that’s what he would do in my situation. At this point in time my focus is on the origin of this defamatory material, that is, Brian Camenker and Mass Resistance. I have already established Defamation Per Se, which is recognized in the Maine courts. Even though AFTAH did not originate the material, it is still liable for re-publishing it. You would be wise to Cease and Desist this harassment. If you fail to promptly remove the defamatory and harassing personal material about me, I will contact your host, NoZoneNet. You are clearly in violation of their Terms of Service, which I have read, and it looks like you could stand to lose your entire account. I’m sure the court would grant a protective order against AFTAH for publishing the material, especially where AFTAH has apparently contacted me directly, soliciting a lawsuit. The same judge who granted the protective order against Brian Camenker is currently deciding an injunction that would prevent Brian Camenker from communicating about me, pursuant to Maine’s Stalking statute. The injunction will likely be broad and will apply to repostings of Mr. Camenker’s publications, which includes AFTAH’s publications.

The police and DA continue their investigation against Mr. Camenker, especially now that he has specifically targeted Judge Worth and Belfast Chief of Police Michael McFadden.

My conviction is under appeal in US District Court. While I’m not at liberty to discuss them, I’m confident the misdemeanor sex offense, which, as I’m sure you’ve already noted is no more serious than “stealing a candy bar,” will be overturned. The case originally began as a felony rape case due to the mother’s false statements, and then it was quickly reduced to a misdemeanor after Chief McFadden got involved. Just in case you don’t believe me, I attached the original report as well as McFadden’s audio recorded statements about how the allegation was very minor, equivalent to stealing a candy bar, and that the boy did NOT consider himself to be a victim. McFadden even refused to sign the actual misdemeanor summons and the Belfast PD reported that they destroyed all the forensic evidence shortly after I was convicted. DA Rushlau later wrote me a personal letter ensuring me that the forensic materials (bed sheets, etc.) were not tested prior to their destruction.

I only served about 6 weeks in county jail (due to good behavior), during which time the jail officials allowed me to have a computer and Internet access so I could work on college classes. You people act like this is some crime of the century, but that’s not how it’s viewed here in Maine. Things are different here. The age of consent is different. When I was sentenced, DA Rushlau told my attorney that the sentence was a “gift.” I’m not sure what that meant, but Rushlau is going to be representing the State in my criminal appeals. I have to wonder if it will be like the Obama and the DOJ “defending” DOMA.

In any case, notwithstanding my appeals, the registry only lasts 10 years in Maine and it doesn’t impose any restrictions on me anyway. Nothing about the registry prevents me from living or being at any place like a playground or daycare, etc. In fact, the Maine registry imposes absolutely no restrictions on misdemeanor RSO’s. It’s trivial. In fact, last Summer I took some courses at the University of Southern Maine and lived in their dorms right where a large group of little boys were staying for a Summer camp. USM interviewed me and determined I did not pose any risk for living in the same dorm as these children. The University of Maine at Orono made the same determination, allowing me to live on campus for several years even though there are often very young children all over campus and at least a few were living in my on-campus apartment.

My point, to summarize, is that you people (Brian Camenker, AFTAH, etc.) are heavily exaggerating this single misdemeanor offense. That is the basis of the harassment and defamation. To summarize:

  • The State of Maine classifies it as a misdemeanor
  • The University of Maine System determined that I was not a risk
  • The Belfast Chief of Police said it was equivalent to stealing a candy bar, that is was very minor, and there was no real victim
  • The DA apparently felt it was minor enough to warrant a small county jail sentence
  • The State of Maine registration terminates after 10 years (6 years left) and places absolutely no restrictions or limits on me
  • The absolute age of consent in Maine is 16 and can even be as young as 14 or 15 as long as the adult is not more than 5 years older than the minor. It’s apparent that Maine’s Legislature has determined that a 14/15 year old CAN consent to sexual intercourse with someone within 5 years of their age and that someone of 16 years of age can consent to sexual intercourse with someone of any age. This applies equally to gay and straight couples.

So if you and your like want to argue with and defy the Maine State Legislature, the University of Maine System, our courts and judges, our law enforcement, a Chief of Police, and a District Attorney who oversees more counties than any other DA and has been in office longer than any DA in Maine’s history, then so be it. I am in the right and you are in the wrong. The above-mentioned parties are on my side with this one. You should consider this a CEASE AND DESIST notice. Following the injunction and/or defamation lawsuit, I will be able to go directly to your web host and/or ISP anyway and they will shut you down just like Ecommerce shut down Mass Resistance. Their new host, [company name and founder withheld], has already informed me that if the court grants my injunction and/or makes a finding of defamation, they will terminate their contract with Mass Resistance, and Mr. Camenker will have to find yet another host. If AFTAH wishes to follow in the footsteps of Mass Resistance, that’s their choice. A Maine court has already made a factual finding of harassment and stalking. I can and will prove defamation.

Please stop publishing articles about me and stop contacting me. I have not been involved in activism in years, there is no gay agenda, and this has nothing to do with a gay rights lobby or a holy war on free speech. I am simply a private individual who wishes to live my life in peace and move on from my past. This case is based solely on harassment, stalking, and defamation in which I am the victim.

Adam Flanders

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