AFTAH Stands with Chick-fil-A in Chicago against ‘Gay Liberation Network’ Bullies

No pro-family group or business, including Chick-fil-A, could match GLN’s hate

Pro-family Americans by the tens of thousands packed Chick-fil-A restaurants last Wednesday to counter the leftist, pro-homosexual campaign against this wonderful, Christian-run corporation. A “gay kiss-in” protest two days later fizzled.

By Peter LaBarbera

Hello all: Americans For Truth will be standing up for the lone, embattled Chick-fil-A restaurant in downtown Chicago this afternoon at 4:30 — to counter the Gay Liberation Network (GLN) protest at the same restaurant (located at 30 E. Chicago Ave). As longtime AFTAH followers know, GLN is one of the most extreme and hateful organizations in the world. In fact, these hard-core Marxists are so radical that they REFUSED to condemn the pro-homosexual brick attack against AFTAH’s banquet last year at Christian Liberty Academy. (Incidentally, don’t forget to save Saturday, Oct. 27th for this year’s banquet at CLA featuring Dr. Judith Reisman!)

Imagine if Chick-fil-A COO Dan Cathy publicly and pointedly refused to condemn a violent attack against a homosexual “rights” organization. He’d be pilloried the media, and rightly so. Yes, we live in a world of media double-standards. And believe it or not, it was the hate-mongering Gay Liberation Network that lobbied the Southern Poverty Law Center to smear AFTAH by labeling us a “hate group.”

I don’t exaggerate when I label GLN “bullies.” Not only did they refuse to condemn the hate-violence against Americans For Truth (for which a “gay” blogger called them hateful), but their co-leader, Bob Schwartz, once threatened to push me into oncoming traffic in downtown Chicago! (He told me that “my friends,” a few cops standing nearby, prevented him from doing so.) These zealots champion homosexual “Wikileaks” traitor Bradley Manning as a “hero,” and they have successfully pressured hotels to reject hosting AFTAH events by smearing us as a “hate group” — when the truth is nobody on the pro-family side, including Chick-fil-A, comes close to the brand of hate practiced by GLN.

Our banner reads: “We Stand with Chick-fil-A: Marriage Is One Man, One Woman.” Please join me and a few hardy souls in defending this wonderful, Christian-owned company that God is using to wake up America about the grave threat to religious freedom posed by the pro-homosexual “marriage” Left. Isn’t it awesome that what the anti-Christian Left meant for evil, God is using for good?! (Romans 8:28). I don’t know how many people will show up from our side today, but I’d feel great about being there even if were the only one who comes. This is Good vs. Evil, folks, and the best opportunity I’ve seen in years to educate people on the nefarious, freedom-of-conscience-crushing LGBT agenda.

I was astounded by the Chick-fil-A Appreciation Day turnout and the sheer, warm-hearted joy of this grassroots event (my son and I had to wait nearly four hours to get our meal, at a restaurant in Aurora, Illinois!). Do you know why the Chick-fil-A phenomenon across the country is so important? Because it is the first time in many years that conservative, pro-family, Christian America has united nationally against the Pro-Homosexual Left — in a way that even the liberal, “gay”-cheerleading media could not ignore!

So much of the homosexual agenda is built on intimidating people from standing up for what’s right — and widespread political correctness (read: cowardice and apathy) has enabled this tiny but well-organized sexual fringe to dictate to the overwhelming majority of Americans. Even “leaders” we thought we could trust like FOX’s Bill O’Reilly have caved into homosexual political correctness. But after the truly massive outpouring of support for Chick-fil-A last Wednesday, coupled with the anemic turnout at the obnoxious “gay kiss-in” protests against the chicken chain Friday (I called it “Operation Use-Your-Homosexuality-as-a-Weapon Day”), it became clear that the “Gay” Emporer has no clothes! (Maybe that’s a bad metaphor, but you get the point: the “gay power” balloon has been deflated.)

Despite every liberal media trick in the book intended to create the opposite impression, Chick-fil-A Appreciation Day showed even the cynical media that most Americans still support traditional marriage between one man and one woman. And we are tired of being pushed around and having our religious and moral liberty threatened by the ‘Homo-fanatical’ Left.

Let’s hope and pray that the “Silent Majority” of Americans will continue to be woken up, and that we can use this strategic moment to educate our fellow citizens on the grave consequences of turning what God calls an abomination into a “civil right.” Please come to the Chick-fil-A in Chicago this afternoon (4:30-6:00 pm at Chick-fil-A Loyola Water Tower, 30 E. Chicago Avenue). If you don’t feel like standing outside with our quiet counter-rally against the “Gay Liberation” bullies, at least support Chick-fil-A by stopping in for a meal. We cannot preserve our God-given liberties if we are afraid or unwilling to defend them. God bless you and your family.

Peter LaBarbera
Americans For Truth about Homosexuality


Here is GLN’s announcement of their protest today, which AFTAH will be counter-protesting:

Wednesday, August 8 – Chicago Boycotts Chick-fil-A! 4:30-6:00pm at Chick-fil-A Loyola Water Tower 30 E. Chicago Avenue.We will be re-launching the boycott of the bigoted Chick-fil-A chain that was initiated by the National Lawyers Guild Loyola Chapter. Chicago Boycotts Chick-fil-A! facebook event page:

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