Target Corporation Promotes Homosexuality and ‘Gay Marriage’

American Family Association’s One News Now reports:

Charlie Butts – OneNewsNow – 8/3/2012;  Listen to Butts’ report by clicking the audio icon HERE

Another retailer gets behind ‘gay marriage’

With Target’s new wedding registry ad featuring a male couple, one proponent of natural marriage says the retailer is apparently promoting homosexual marriage.

TAKE ACTION: To contact Target, go HERE of call 800-591-3869 and hit “0” (zero) for the operator.

In recent months, JC Penney’s advertising has promoted homosexuality — both through print ads and the selection of lesbian comedian Ellen DeGeneres as the company’s spokesperson. Not to be outdone, Target’s ad promoting its wedding registry depicts two men holding hands, standing nose-to-nose. They are accompanied by the slogan, “Be yourself, together. Build a Target wedding gift registry as unique as the two of you.”

Peter LaBarbera of Americans for Truth About Homosexuality (AFTAH) is troubled that Target or any other corporation would sell out to the same-sex “marriage” agenda.

“So, once again, American consumers are going to face a choice,” he notes. “Do we spend a lot of money at Target or not. Do we patronize a business that celebrates counterfeit marriage, as blasphemous as that is, attaching the noble institution of marriage to homosexuality, or do we take our business elsewhere?

LaBarbera wonders if Target is turning against the customers that made it successful, just like JC Penney’s did when it began supporting homosexuality.

“It has a family image, and so to all of the sudden have two guys in a sort of a marital type embrace saying, ‘Be yourself, together,’ promoting homosexual so-called marriage, it’s just a very risky thing to do,” the AFTAH president asserts. “I hope that it doesn’t pay off for this company or any company that embraces homosexuality.”

He stresses that homosexuality is still a sin, regardless of how many institutions endorse it.

Are You Feeling Manipulated Yet?  The ‘Gay’ Plan to Market Homosexuality in America:

Read this homosexual activist marketing plan that has been remarkably successful in advancing the Sin Movement of “gay rights”:

‘The Overhauling of Straight America’: Homosexuals Lay Out Marketing Blueprint


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