AFTAH’s 2012 Interview with Keynote Speaker Dr. Judith Reisman – Part Two

“Ages range from five months to adolescence.” This Table 32 is reprinted from 20th Century sexologist Alfred Kinsey’s highly influential book, “Sexual Behavior and the Human Male.” As the table states, the data come from timed “climaxes” of children — ranging from babies as young as “five months” to adolescent children.

Here is Part Two of the AFTAH interview with Dr. Judith Reisman, the keynote speaker at Americans For Truth About Homosexuality’s annual dinner-banquet Saturday, October 27 (click on banner ad above to sign up for more more information). Judith will be speaking on the topic: “Pedophilia: The Next ‘New Normal’?” Go HERE for Part One of this interview, and HERE for the first of four interviews I did with Judith last year. Reisman’s website is — Peter LaBarbera

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10-4-12, Dr. Judith Reisman, Part Two

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