AFTAH on Gingrich’s ‘Gay Marriage’ Capitulation; and Dan Savage Attacks LaBarbera – Four More Days to Give!

…Savage’s hateful “Porno Pete” video typical of vicious attacks on AFTAH


A new video by vulgar and hateful homosexual activist Dan Savage takes on AFTAH president Peter LaBarbera, smearing him as “Porno Pete” and using distortions in an attempt to discredit him. In the video (see link below), Savage repeats a lie about LaBarbera being ejected from his speech at Elmhurst College due to supposed disorderly behavior. LGBT militants hate AFTAH because we expose their lies and extremism.

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Profane “gay” activist targets LaBarbera with hateful, lying video: watch Savage’s video here (warning: offensive language):  Note: we will offer a point-by-point response to Savage’s video, and correcting its lies, but HERE is an AFTAH article that includes testimony from a Savage sympathizer explaining what really happened at his Elmhurst College talk.


By Peter LaBarbera, Americans For Truth

Dear AFTAH Readers,

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and are enjoying time with your family in this wonderful season when we reflect on Jesus Christ and His free gift of salvation for sinful man.

We at Americans For Truth About Homosexuality (AFTAH) are preparing for the New Year with all its challenges, even as we survey the wreckage of 2012.  I say ‘wreckage’ because in recent weeks some prominent conservatives and Christians have compounded pro-family defeats on Election Day by signaling surrender on homosexuality and “gay marriage.”

One of the big stories of 2012 has been the weakening will of people who know in their heart that the Homosexual Lobby is wrong — or who once opposed it on principle — yet now they rationalize their embrace of homosexualism and “same-sex marriage” as an issue of “rights” out of fear that society is trending pro-“gay.”

You may have read or heard Newt Gingrich’s ill-advised comments about Republicans needing to make an accommodation with “marriage equality” (the LGBT polemical code-word for radically redefining “marriage” to embrace immoral, sodomitic relationships).  Newsmax reports:

“The momentum is clearly now in the direction in finding some way to… accommodate and deal with reality [legal same-sex “marriage”],” [Gingrich] said. “And the reality is going to be that in a number of American states — and it will be more after 2014 — gay relationships will be legal, period.”

Looking around his own life — Gingrich has gay friends who have gotten married and his half-sister works at the gay-rights-supporting Human Rights [Campaign] — he said the concern is that the Republican Party will get trapped behind the times.

“I didn’t think that was inevitable 10 or 15 years ago, when we passed the Defense of Marriage Act,” he said. “It didn’t seem at the time to be anything like as big a wave of change as we are now seeing.”


Newt sacrifices principle for politics.

Newt should know better. If GOP elites and lawmakers take his foolish advice and capitulate on the core moral issue of preserving one-man, one-woman marriage, they could seal their own fate as a permanent minority party.  That’s because many Christians and moral-minded conservatives will bolt from the GOP — just like many did when the Party ran a Massachusetts social liberal against Barack Obama. (After opposing Mitt Romney in the primary, I voted for him in the general but I know many good people who refused to, or did not vote at all — in part because of Romney’s thoroughly pro-homosexual record, including his professed support for including homosexuals in the Boy Scouts of America.)

To echo Rush Limbaugh’s post-election counsel to the GOP: does Newt think Republicans can “out-Democrat” the liberal Democrats on social issues like homosexuality and abortion?  After all, the Democrats have become so cozy with sexual sin and abortion-on-demand that they were tagged as the “Romans One Party” by John MacArthur, one of the world’s most prominent evangelical pastors and authors. (Recall that Barack Obama arrogantly dismissed “an obscure line in Romans” — the proscription on homosexual sex — in his book, The Audacity of Hope.)

And isn’t Newt smart and mature enough to understand that just because he has friends and family members (Candace Gingrich-Jones) who are caught up in sexually immoral behavior doesn’t mean that he has to approve of it or, worse, advocate for its institutionalization through the force of law?

Needed: men of honor and principle

America is in a period of deep crisis that demands statesmen and moral leaders — not pandering politicians offering a “Democrat-lite” vision for a Republican Party whose platform has long stood for the sanctity of life and traditional, Judeo-Christian values — including the rejection of homosexuality as a “civil right.”

Conservatives conserve God’s natural, created order — a foundational part of which is man and woman uniting in the bond of marriage to produce children and family.  Homosexual activists wage a political and cultural war against this natural order and seek to radically redefine it — as part of a desperate quest to validate their sinful and unhealthy life choices.  Creating state-enforced legal privileges (“rights”) based on homosexuality — coming at the expense of Americans’ First Amendment liberties and children who are force-fed sexual and gender propaganda in the name of “gay equality” — has no place in the “conservative” movement.

Nature and Nature’s God clearly “discriminate” against homosexual behavior – which perhaps explains why homosexual activists like Dan Savage are in the vanguard of attacking the Church and undermining clear biblical proscriptions against homosexual acts.

Newt is not alone

Sadly, Newt Gingrich is far from alone.  Libertarians, liberal (“moderate”) Republicans and “economics-only” Republicans have been pushing the GOP to cave on homosexuality for years. Typical is FOX’s Bill O’Reilly, who has grown steadily more pro-homosexual each year, to the point where I recently heard him say flippantly that he’s not against “gay marriage” (even as he purports to be a champion “traditional America”).

Turns out O’Reilly’s “conservatism” – like so many others who ignore the dictates of their faith — is about as consistent as his Catholicism, which he flouts.  (Many Catholics are ignorant or could care less about the fact that their church’s doctrine rejects all pro-homosexual [“sexual orientation”] laws, including same-sex “marriage” and “civil unions.”)

Thankfully, what God thinks about a given behavior has a lot more authority than what Bill O’Reilly thinks about it, so just disregard his politically correct, pro-homosexuality spin.

Here comes the ‘Christian Left’

Further weakening the resolve of politicians like Gingrich is the “Christian Left” (never to be encumbered by biblical truth), which has joined the Left’s “gay marriage” crusade.  LGBT acitivists are working to create the impression that there is no Christian position — and no historical Judeo-Christian consensus — on homosexual “marriage.”  Of course, the agnostic media play along.

The “Emergent Church” further muddies the waters by cultivating ambiguity on homosexuality, and validates the anti-biblical notion of the Inherent “Gay” Person (as opposed to men and women caught up in sinful homosexual behavior).

The bottom line is that LGBT propaganda — which increasingly takes a faux “moral” tone — works.  It is no longer uncommon to hear prominent Christians simultaneously claim to believe the Bible — which inconveniently teaches that homosexual behavior is “detestable” in the eyes of the Creator — and the granting of legal rights based on homosexuality.  (Sometimes they do it in the name of Christian compassion or “social justice”; other times, it’s just because they’re worn out by the debate and would rather throw up the rainbow flag of surrender than stand for what’s right.)

The fact that such twisted interpretations of Christianity and the purpose of government are gaining ground only shows how morally corrupt and dumbed down American society has become.

AFTAH: lifting up a Truth standard

One reason to support Americans For Truth is that we don’t shift our belief and approaches according to polls and politically correct trends. And we never allow our positions to be guided by the needs of the Republican (or Democrat) Party.  AFTAH puts God before partisanship, and our solid, unshakeable principles have made us the conscience of the pro-family conservative movement on the homosexual issue. (And believe me, as many “conservatives” and Republicans hate us as love us for our stance.)

Since I began Americans For Truth (actually its predecessor, The Lambda Report, which in 1993 began reporting on the homosexual agenda using largely “gay” source material), we haven’t changed our beliefs or philosophy of engagement on this issue one bit.  From the beginning, we stressed that we oppose same-sex behavior, which is changeable. (The idea of “sexual orientation” and “gender identity” are nowhere to be found in Scripture.)

At AFTAH, we proclaim Truth boldly but we have never been hateful or caustic toward homosexuals, and we certainly don’t “fear” them. (See this AFTAH article on the Associated Press abandoning its use of the “gay”  smear-term “homophobia.”)  Most importantly, we reject the idea that embracing aberrant and deviant sexual inclinations (as “who you are”) is a part of God’s plan for anyone’s life.  This is why from our beginning AFTAH has championed “ex-gays” and “ex-lesbians” who left homosexuality behind with God’s help.

But while we at Americans For Truth haven’t changed, many around us have. In the face of an aggressive, well-organized and hugely-funded “Gay” Lobby — and its powerful fellow-travelers in the media, academia and Hollywood — most “moderates’ and even many secular conservatives and Christians have lost the will to fight.  Influential leaders like Newt — who once condemned the notion of homosexual “marriage” as “pagan” and irrational public policy — have started making pro-“gay” soundings.

We lose, we give up…

Before Newt uttered his “gay marriage” flip-flop, Republicans were already on a downward spiral on the homosexual issue. The most glaring example is how quickly the GOP establishment gave up after Obama and the Democrats pushed through a repeal of the ban on homosexuals in the military. From Mitt Romney to Paul Ryan to Michael Medved (the radio host), the same defeatist message came forth: forget trying to overturn the new, pro-homsoexual policy in the Armed Forces.  Just accept it and move on.

Move on?  I thought homosexuals-in-the-military was a key social plank in the GOP Platform.  Isn’t it interesting that when the LGBT Lobby loses a battle, such as in the 32 states where they lost on homosexual “marriage,” they redouble their efforts to find out what went wrong and win next time at the ballot box.  But when social conservatives lose, so often we accept the loss as the new status quo and do NOT fight to reverse it?

That same defeatism seems to be what’s at work here with Gingrich and other “pragmatic” Republicans on homosexual “marriage.”  Funny how the Left’s policy goals are always “inevitable,” while the conservative pro-family agenda is “controversial,” bigoted, destined for the ash heap of history, etc.

The Left could teach the Right a few things about how to do politics and culture-change.

Are we defending Truth, or just the word “marriage”?

I have always found it ironic that often we who embrace absolute Truth, grounded in the Bible, are so quick to back away from defending in the public square — while those who embrace the monstrous lie of “gay rights” (i.e, homosexuality as a “civil right”) are resolute, loathe to compromise their core principles, and willing to do whatever it takes to achieve their objectives.

For 20 years now AFTAH has been monitoring the “gay” lobby.  Working under and alongside pro-family icons like Beverly LaHaye, Gary Bauer and Bob Knight, I had been fighting the Homosexual Lobby for a decade before an opportunistic fellow came up with the curious idea of decoupling the battle over homosexual “marriage” from homosexuality itself.

We knew instinctively that this short-cut (though perhaps well-intended) was destined to fail, as cutting corners invariably does — because it side-steps the core fighting principle of our side: opposing the immoral and destructive nature of homosexual behavior. (Think of this theoretical parallel: fighting abortion while claiming that the humanity of the unborn is “not the real issue.”)

Sure enough, in 2012 homosexual advocates — learning from previous marriage defeats — locked in a successful rhetorical counter-strategy emphasizing love and commitment, and won. Meanwhile, guilt-ridden, pro-natural-marriage forces continued to backpedal: “anti-gay” advocacy was largely kept out of the marriage ballot measures in Maine, Maryland, Washington State and Minnesota — while in Maine the “good guys” went a step further — offering this insipid slogan to the grassroots: “Same-sex couples are entitled to respect and to live as they choose, but they do not have the right to redefine marriage for the rest of society.”

Let me get this straight: in a few short decades homosexuality went from being a shadowy perversion that dare not speak its name to the basis for same-sex “relationships” that are “entitled to respect”?

The same Protect Marriage Maine site offers this:

‘Our laws already provide substantial legal protections for same-sex couples, and the Legislature is free to enact additional laws if such are needed. But we do not need to redefine marriage to do so.”

Is it just me or are some on our side of preserving real marriage starting to sound like “gay” advocates?

History shows that appeasement never works in the face of evil.  In fact, it emboldens it. Republican pandering to the “Gay” Lobby will only empower homosexual activists to press for further moral compromise in the GOP.  The weaker and more defensive the posture of the Pro-Family Movement, the stronger the forces of perversion and gender confusion become.

Gay Pride plus Gay Power = Oppression

Our small but dedicated team here at AFTAH simply does not compromise on bedrock truths.  We never went for the disingenuous idea that the real issue at hand is “marriage,” and not homosexuality — because the only reason we as a nation are fighting to preserve the common-sense, historic definition of marriage is because the Homosexual Movement has grown so strong.

Americans for Truth also works hard to preserve the real meaning of words, which is why we put those irritating and cumbersome quote marks around “marriage” and “gay” and “sexual orientation.”

And we are hated for sticking to our principles.  Media-indulged “gay” activists are like spoiled children who hate being told, “No!” — but somebody has to do it.

It would be interesting to compile all the hateful acts committed by homosexual activists like Dan Savage against this writer and AFTAH just in 2012 alone. You could probably fill a small book with them. This isn’t about “civil rights”; it’s about using the government to promote moral wrongs to the majority of America citizens who still oppose homosexuality and the “gay” agenda–especially the push to normalize homosexuality and gender confustion on impressionable schoolchildren.

Leftist projection

I am not surprised by Dan Savage’s lies and hatred directed at me and AFTAH.  He’s rebelling against God (join me in praying for him).  One thing you learn quickly as a conservative culture warrior is that the Left excels at projecting its sins on to its opponent.  The “Gay” Lobby takes this tactic to new heights, or should I say lows:

Intolerance: the “Gay” Lobby rails against religious intolerance – even as it crusades to shut down its opposition, including balanced debate in the media on homosexuality.

Lies: the Homosexual Lobby accuses its opponents of lying, but “gay” activists routinely lie about their foes and about the nature of homosexuality itself (e.g., denying the immense health risks endemic to same-sex conduct).

Porn: male homosexuality is riddled with porn – and most Gay Pride parades and festivals celebrate pornography – yet the same movement accuses its opponents of possessing some prurient interest in deviant sex (hence Savage’s and Wayne Besen’s nasty “Porno Pete” slur against yours truly).

Hate: Nobody hates like homosexual militants, but these same people malign their (mostly Christian) opponents as “haters.”

We at AFTAH take it all in stride as the outworking of a Sin Movement.  As long as we are in this battle — and that looks to be a very long time — we will be on the receiving end of ugly slanders and barbs from homosexual activists like Dan Savage.  But even though they attack us, we know the one they really hate is their Creator, who cannot abide homosexual (or any other) sin — and who gave His only Son, Jesus, to die for their sins, so that they could live eternally with Him.

In 2013 and beyond, we will do our best to faithfully represent our loving God by speaking the truth, in the love and grace of Christ.  May God bless you richly in the coming New Year!


Peter LaBarbera

Americans For Truth About Homosexuality
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