VIDEO: Homosexual Man Responds to ‘It Gets Better Project’ with Video: ‘It Got Worse’

Single gay man in his thirties compares “flakey” homosexual men to shallow, vicious 14-year-old girls…

It_Got_Worse_14-year-old-girlsFolks, here is a fascinating eight-and-a-half-minute YouTube video that reminds me of how — despite 20 years of monitoring the “gay” movement — AFTAH has only skimmed the surface in exposing the tragic reality of the homosexual lifestyle. AFTAH is excoriated by “gay” activists for allegedly exaggerating homosexuality’s downsides, but the reality is quite the opposite: as outsiders (I am not nor have I ever been homosexual or homosexually-tempted), we fail to convey how dysfunctional, superficial, and destructive it actually is.

The anonymous author of this video is no fan of AFTAH, to be sure. On Dec. 18, he tweeted: “My video is not meant for hetero[sexual] bigots. [It] is meant for other gay men who have to deal with the same things I do.” But that only makes the video more authoritative, not less. God only knows how representative and accurate this fellow’s bitter assessment of male homosexuality is. However, the video is a necessary and frank rebuttal to the ubiquitous cheerleading for homosexuality, as typified by the thousands of videos inspired by homosexual militant Dan Savage’s youth-oriented “It Gets Better Project.”

Few could doubt that LGBT advocates — desperate to rationalize their own (or a friend’s or relative’s) homosexuality, tend to downplay its many negatives. And of course the media and Hollywood — pressured by GLAAD (Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation) — glamorize homosexuality. Think of this presentation as a lone, politically incorrect — and well documented — counterpoint to all the “gay”-affirming buzz. Following the video is research provided by the author to back up his claims. — Peter LaBarbera, AFTAH

 [WARNING: Video contains vulgar language and sexual references]

The following supportive research is a verbatim copy of that which appears under the “It Got Worse” video on YouTube:

Published on Sep 29, 2012

Twitter: @ItGotWorse – The “It Gets Better” campaign has worn out my last nerve. Of course, I understand the goal of the campaign is to prevent teen suicide, but the fabulous lives you are bragging about (or pretending to have) do not apply to a large segment of the (over 30) gay population who do not live your lives – and have never seen an improvement since high school (for all of the reasons mentioned in this video). The reality of gay life (as viewed by me – a “low status” gay, perhaps) is shown in this video. The quality is crappy because I really don’t know how to make YouTube videos – but my many (validated- academically or otherwise) points should be clear. It does not get better for everyone.

Suicide rate among gay adult men is at least 3x higher than average:

Gay men who rigidly enact traditional masculine ideals and experience a “fear” of effeminate gay men:

Gay men prefer straight acting men:

Steroid use among gay men:

Plastic surgery among gay men:

Substance abuse and increased alcoholism among gay men:

To see the gay community at its finest (racist, anti-fem, anti-fat, ageist, superficial, and narcissistic):

The CDC and documented increased rates of STDs (and drug resistant strains) among gay men: (HIV) (Gonorrhea) (Syphilis) (Hepatitis) (General STD info)


Queen Bee Syndrome (original study):

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