Harvey Notes Homosexual Youth HIV Surge, Asks: Are Boy Scouts Buying ‘Gay Child’ Myth?

Linda Harvey wonders:

Linda Harvey wonders why the CDC did not ask about the partners of homosexual teenage boys who admitted to sex with males before age 13.

Folks, my friend, Linda Harvey of Mission America — a Christian expert on the radical homosexual-bisexual-transgender agenda targeting youth — is right on in the WND.com piece below about the Boy Scout’s proposed pro-homosexual sellout.

This particular column is a must read because Linda brings forth some vitally important data on HIV and “gay youth.” Please take the time to scan these two CDC (Centers for Disease Control) reports that she cites (Warning: you will have to sift through the CDC’s nauseating political correctness, which precludes them from discouraging homosexual practice itself as part of the recipe for fighting HIV):

CDC Fact Sheet (Dec. 2012): “New HIV infections in the United States”: http://www.cdc.gov/nchhstp/newsroom/docs/2012/HIV-Infections-2007-2010.pdf

CDC (2011) report on “Sexual Identity…and Health-Risk Behaviors among Students” (see Table 55): http://www.cdc.gov/mmwr/pdf/ss/ss6007.pdf

Lastly, I note “JaneLovesJesus,'” who made the following comment to Linda’s piece on WND:

“This [Boy Scouts of America (BSA) proposing acceptance of homosexual Scouts] is simply the two-step approach to gay leaders in the BSA. Are they are going to allow ‘gay’ youth to participate…let those youth go through the entire program, maybe earning the rank of Eagle, and THEN say, ‘Sorry, you don’t qualify for leadership?’ Nope. Not going to happen. In for a dime, in for a dollar. There is NO compromising with the ‘Gay-stapo.’ Partial acceptance of this lie is FULL cooperation with evil.”

Surely Jane is right: we’ve been down this road of LGBT incrementalism many times before. — Peter LaBarbera, AFTAH (column is after jump)

Linda Harvey writes:


Are Boy Scouts Buying ‘Gay Child’ Myth?

WND: Exclusive: Linda Harvey urges parents to stand up for kids, resist assault on decency

Published: April 28, 2013, by WND.com (WorldNetDaily)

The Boy Scout leadership has just done what homosexual pressure groups have tried to do for 20 years. They’ve made respectable the monstrous notion of the “gay” child or teen.

Congratulations on advancing the sexual anarchist agenda and drawing countless numbers of children into sin. What will these leaders say to Jesus when they meet Him?

It’s a lie. No child’s same-sex attraction should be condoned, but instead, caring adults will guide them toward overcoming these feelings while recognizing a red flag signaling abuse or other disorders.

The Scout board, however, by publicly proposing this change for an upcoming vote, betrays the trust of millions of American boys and the media attention profoundly damages boys’ beliefs about responsible manhood. The ideals of the Scouts are a sham without the recognition that growing into an honorable, mature male means embracing masculinity, not femininity, and eagerly anticipating marriage with a woman and fatherhood in that union.

Who are the monsters on this board who would callously foster and feed the deception that any valid orientation exists except God-designed heterosexuality, and that all else is deviance? Neither Christian doctrine, nor epidemiology, nor social science, nor genetic research supports this fiction. The vote in May should not only say “No” but toss these guys out on their deaf ears.

The health risks alone should have stopped this board’s runaway train from railroading corruption into the lives of our sons. Here are the facts they’ve ignored.

For males who have sex with males, or MSM, “The number of new [HIV] infections among the youngest MSM (aged 13-24) increased 22 percent, from 7,200 infections in 2008 to 8,800 in 2010,” reported the Centers for Disease Control. Could the increase be related to the increasing promotion of homosexual sex to boys?

And if that isn’t sobering enough, another recent Centers for Disease Control study reveals that teens who call themselves homosexual or bisexual report much higher levels of risky behavior compared to heterosexual teens.

The study came from surveys given from 2001 to 2009 in seven states and six major cities. These teens were found to be more likely to engage in seven out of 10 risk behavior categories. Of note to the Boy Scouts might be the finding that these “gay, bisexual and questioning” youth were much more likely to report having had sexual intercourse before age 13, as well as having had more than four sex partners, compared to students who identified as heterosexual.

My question when I read this, but ignored by the researchers, was: Who were the partners in these tragic “sexual intercourse before age 13″ scenarios? The neglect of researchers to ask that obvious, responsible follow-up question is outrageous. This is sexual abuse, either statutory rape or peer-on-peer assault.

So early sexual experience is common among youth who adopt the unnatural “gay” identity, but to depict it as positive is another level of depravity. I reported several years back about books recommended by GLSEN, the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network. In its reading recommendations, young teens having homosexual sex, sometimes with an adult, were common. And of course, adverse consequences are rare in these stories – no diseases, criminal prosecution of adult predators or emotional trauma. It’s truly a pedophile’s dream, where abused children “choose” to have early sex.

But such stories are now the guidebooks for the new “gay” teen, the troop members our sons will camp out with. Troop should not turn boys away, but deviant notions of sex and gender need to be turned away. And under current policy, they are.

Yet we have this new regressive proposal. Homosexual labels are to be OK for boys, but not adults, one more piece of nonsense. Some Scout leaders will conceal same-sex attractions and yet lead boys who confess these attractions. Won’t some leaders be unable to resist temptation? And predictably, won’t males with these proclivities be drawn in greater numbers than ever to Scout leadership, given the chance to meet willing boys? We would be handing them proximity and access, two basic pedophile/pederast values.

The Boy Scout cover story is that no sexual behavior is allowed in the Scouts, which will, of course, prevent this, as well as an out-and-proud 15 year old from making moves on your still impressionable younger sons. Does anyone realistically trust this will never happen? On the contrary, this policy sets up situations where the likelihood of sexual abuse is extremely high. And the Scout organization is reckless and naive if they don’t see the litigation coming from broken-hearted families whose sons have been victimized either by an older boy or an adult.

Homosexual attraction doesn’t behave by the nice rules constructed by the Boy Scout leaders. Visit a “gay” pride parade to observe what many of these folks consider proud and acceptable behavior in public. The homosexual youth members of your son’s troop may, in all probability, participate in such parades. They may belong to their school’s “gay-straight alliance,” groups that promulgate the myth of inborn homosexual identity, believe any objection to homosexuality is grounded in hate and that Christian conservatives are their enemies.

And let’s not forget the support these homosexually attracted youth will get from the “gay” lobby. The new policy provides a convenient weapon of intimidation to make sure these homosexually identified boys are able to fully “express who they are” within the troop – and nail polish, dangling earrings and make-up are just the beginning. Troop leaders who try to restore order should prepare for legal action.

Let’s all pray these foolish board members do not prevail. Stand up, parents, for all our boys and resist this assault against common sense and decency.

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