LaBarbera on Homosexual ‘Marriage’: Against God, Nature, Children, Religious Freedom and Against Common Sense

AFTAH's Peter LaBarbera speaking at IFI rally against homosexuality-based "marriage." He is holding a "children's" book, "King & King," that promotes same-sex "marriage" to innocent children. The book is about a prince who "marries" another prince, rather than a princess. A man disrupted the speech, yelling out to LaBarbera and asking if he wanted to "round up" homosexuals and put them in camps.

AFTAH’s Peter LaBarbera speaking at IFI rally against homosexuality-based “marriage.” He is holding a “children’s” book, “King & King,” that promotes same-sex “marriage” to innocent children. The book is about a prince who “marries” another prince, rather than a princess. A man disrupted the speech, yelling out to LaBarbera and demanding to know if he wanted to “round up” homosexuals and put them in camps. Photo: IFI. Click on photos to enlarge.

The following is adapted from a speech I gave Saturday (May 11, 2013) at a rally in Western Springs, Illinois, home district to State Rep. Jim Durkin (R). The rally was one of several sponsored by the Illinois Family Institute to educate citizens on the threat of “same-sex marriage” legislation in Springfield. Despite Democratic super-majorities in both House and Senate, the homosexual “marriage” bill (SB 10} has stalled in the Illinois General Assembly. A coalition of Christians — Black, White and Latino — is leading the charge against SB 10, against a far better funded pro-homosexual opposition in Springfield. IFI is to be commended for holding back the media-backed push for same-sex “marriage” against much-better funded pro-homosexual opponents. Click HERE for their Resource Page on homosexual “marriage.” — Peter LaBarbera, AFTAH


Good afternoon, thank you for coming and thanks to IFI for sponsoring these marriage rallies.

I have a question for you today: do you fear God or do you fear man?  If you fear God, you will shudder at the thought of attaching the noble, life-giving, God-ordained institution of Marriage to a deviant sexual lifestyle – homosexuality – that God Himself condemns as sin.

But if you fear man, you will worry about being Politically Incorrect – or being called a “bigot” or a “homophobe,” simply because you believe Marriage is what it is: a sacred union between a man and a woman.

I stand before you today as one who fears God.  But I also fear for this once-great State of Illinois – that more and more kicks God to the curb.  Yes, the Land of Lincoln has become the Land of Liberals, and liberals are destroying this state, and this Nation.

We’re here today to fight against the secular progressives’ latest social experiment – marriage (so-called), based on homosexuality, which God calls an abomination. Liberals and homosexual activists call this “Marriage Equality,” but we know there’s nothing “equal” about it.  Two men or two women cannot produce children without the assistance of heterosexuality, so enough about “Marriage Equality.”  It’s just not equal.

But it’s not just liberal Democrats promoting this bad idea, it’s liberal Republicans like Pat Brady, who finally stepped down as Chairman of the Illinois GOP. Let’s be clear: when Mr. Brady – a close friend of Representative Jim Durkin – came out for homosexuality-based “marriage” (so-called), he did not just come out against the clear language of the Illinois Republican Platform (which calls for a state constitutional amendment to preserve Marriage as one-man, one-woman).  No, Brady came out against God’s natural plan for Marriage.

Our Declaration of Independence speaks of “Nature and Nature’s God.”  Attaching unnatural and wrong behavior to marriage is an offense against Nature and Nature’s God.  And when you defy Nature, bad things happen.  Listen to this shocking quote from the federal Centers for Disease Control last December: CDC estimates that MSM – that’s “Men who have Sex with Men” – “represent approximately four percent of the male population in the United States, but male-to-male sex accounted for more than three-fourths (78 percent) of new HIV infections among men and nearly two-thirds (63 percent) of all new infections in 2010 (29,800).”

Our government should be warning against the dangers of homosexuality, not trying to call it “marriage.”

But none of that matters to the politicians who want to make Illinois the 12th [now 13th] state to allow homosexuality-based “marriage” (so-called).  Aren’t you tired of politicians who pay lip service to God and then work directly against His will? Who talk about health like Michelle Obama and then advance an agenda that promotes unhealthy behavior and endangers public health?

Just like with abortion, we now see Catholic and Protestant politicians alike who defy the tenets of their own professed faith to pander to the well-funded Homosexual Lobby.  Oh yes, when it’s campaign season, they’re “religious.” But down in Springfield, it’s another matter. Some day these phony-baloney politicians like Mike Madigan will learn the hard way that God is not mocked.

Two princes kiss in the "children's" picture book, "King & King." Legalized "gay marriage" makes it easier for activist-minded teachers to promote the acceptance of homosexuality in public schools -- even to young kids who don't know what sex is yet.

Two princes kiss in the “children’s” picture book, “King & King.” Legalized “gay marriage” makes it easier for activist-minded teachers to promote the acceptance of homosexuality in public schools — even to young kids who don’t know what sex is yet.

The Truth is, a vote for homosexuality-based “marriage” (so-called) is not just a vote against God, and against Nature, it’s also a vote against innocent children – who will be indoctrinated in public schools in the supposed normalcy of two men or two women getting “married.”  The homosexual agenda corrupts the minds and souls of even very young children, with picture books like “King and King” – about a prince that wants to marry another prince instead of a princess!But it gets worse: the reality of so-called “gay marriage” is that it will encourage the teaching of homosexual “sex ed” – that is, teaching homosexual sex acts like rectal sex as if they are normal, because, after all, if homosexuals can get “married” (so-called), how could we “discriminate” against those relationships in teaching sex-ed?  According to the way liberals think, all relationships are “equal” and worthy of marriage, so watch out for what our kids will be taught!

Folks, this is modern liberalism, promoting evil in the name of “civil rights.” And how dare they equate interracial couples with homosexual “marriage.”  Last I heard, interracial couples produce beautiful children and families, which will never result from homosexual [sexual] unions.  I know it’s Politically Incorrect to say so, but Heterosexuality is Right and Homosexuality is Wrong.

Men and women united in the bond of marriage produce children and families, and future generations. What do two men engaged in sodomy (even cloaked in a “civil union”) produce? Nothing. That’s why society has a natural interest in promoting real marriage and no interest in homosexual unions. And society certainly has NO interest in incentivizing through government the creation of more households with children who are intentionally denied a Mom or a Dad. In fact, the opposite.

But in addition to homosexuality-based “marriage” (so-called) being Against God, Against Nature, and Against Children, it is also against our cherished religious and First Amendment freedoms.

Remember what the liberal politicians in Springfield called their “Civil Unions” bill?  Yep, the “Illinois Religious Freedoms Protection and Civil Union Act.”  But what happened after it passed?  The Catholic Church was forced to close down its adoption ministry because Catholic teaching forbids placing children in households that are Mother-less or Father-less by design.

And homosexual activists immediately targeted Christian-owned businesses – for example, Jim and Beth Walder’s bed-and-breakfast in Paxton, Illinois.  The Walders refused to allow a homosexual “civil union” on their own private bed-and-breakfast property – so they were sued under Illinois’ pro-homosexual laws.  Now they face years of litigation to uphold their “civil rights,” and their religious liberty to live according to their moral beliefs.  Thus the Walders join: Christian banquet-hall owners; Christian florists; Christian wedding-cake makers; and Christian photographers who are in danger of losing their First Amendment freedom not to use their talents and hard-earned resources to celebrate homosexual relationships.

Representative Durkin, know this: True freedom and so-called “gay rights,” including “gay marriage” (so called) cannot coexist!

Lastly, homosexuality-base “marriage” (so-called), in addition to being Against God, Against Nature, Against Children, and Against Religious Liberty, is against plain old common sense.  This is America’s Heartland.  We used to be known for our common sense, and honoring the Bible’s wholesome moral code.  But now Chicago is known for its corruption – political and moral – including a massive “Gay Pride” parade every year that exposes innocent children to sexual debauchery.  Why do so many pretend that homosexuality-based “marriage” is merely an issue of “fairness”?  Is our Creator “unfair” because he did not allow two women – or two men – to produce children?  How can a decent and caring society indoctrinate children in the acceptance of perversion when these children don’t even know what sex is yet?

We marvel at God’s wondrous creation, and the beautiful and intricate design of our human bodies. And we know that no man should ever use another man in the place of a woman to achieve sexual gratification, and no woman should ever replace a man with another woman in the sexual act.

We must return to the wisdom of the Republican we all loved, Ronald Reagan – the greatest president to come from Illinois.  It was President Reagan who said:

“Without God, there is no virtue, because there’s no prompting of the conscience. Without God, we’re mired in the material, that flat world that tells us only what the senses perceive. Without God, there is a coarsening of the society. And without God, democracy will not and cannot long endure.”

In the name of Almighty God, and of Nature, and protecting children and our precious religious and First Amendment freedoms – and in the name of good old common sense – let us reject this liberal, radically egalitarian social experiment called “same-sex marriage”! God bless you.

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