VIDEO: AFTAH Press Conference at HRC on ‘What’s Wrong with Gay Pride?’ – Speeches by Peter LaBarbera and Matt Barber

Barber calls for investigation into HRC’s role in IRS-Gate…

Folks, our press conference yesterday directly in front of the world’s most powerful homosexual lobby organization, Human Rights Campaign, was a success (despite the lack of “mainstream” media present). I was touched to see that HRC had put up a “Welcome Peter” sign on their swank headquarters building on Rhode Island Avenue in Washington, D.C. (see video below). But that was just a stunt as a spokesman for the “gay” pressure group quickly reverted to the usual HRC tactic of smearing our pro-family representatives: “Fringe is too polite a term for them.” HRC spokesman Fred Sainz told the Washington Blade, a newspaper for homosexuals. (Other homosexual websites‘ coverage was more hateful.) Perhaps truth is “fringe” to an aggressive Sin Lobby. Watch Cliff Kincaid’s video coverage of the event and decide who the real extremists are. Thanks to all who participated in this event. — Peter LaBarbera, AFTAH

Kincaid’s footage is in three parts, which we will post separately: Part One is below, featuring Matt Barber’s and my presentations; after the jump is a non-verbatim text of my speech:


Speech by Peter LaBarbera at HRC press conference, June 4, 2013

Good morning, and thank you for coming.

The escalation of homosexual activist power is bad for America, and American liberty. Our bottom line here today at the beginning of so-called “Gay Pride” Month — as the banner says — is not about “hate” but that Homosexuality Is Nothing to Be Proud of, but overcoming it is. The deviant sexual revolution represented by the Human Rights Campaign headquarters behind us is built on a foundation of lies. Consider two of the “Founding Fathers” of the “Gay” revolution, Alfred Kinsey and Harry Hay.

Kinsey, a homosexual masochist whose fraudulent “science” became the basis for sexual liberation, thought it appropriate to collect and publish “data” derived from a pedophile molesting babies to timed “orgasms” [see Table 34 in Kinsey’s Sexual Behavior and the Human Male”]. Hay, a Kinsey contemporary and Communist who first envisioned homosexuals as a “minority,” rallied for the right of NAMBLA (the notorious North American Man/Boy Love Association) to march in “Gay Pride” parades. And now a new PRO-pedophile movement is making its case, copycatting “gay” activist tactics of victim-mongering and distorting the meaning of words. (Pedophiles are now called “Minor Attracted Persons,” or MAPs.)

Suffice it to say that such facts will not be taught in the “Gay History Month” lessons being foisted on even young children in public schools. Neither will the fact that another “gay” icon, Harvey Milk, the first open homosexual to win public office, liked underage boys as sexual partners and cozied up to the mass-killing cultist Jim Jones. Linda Harvey will discuss homosexual youth propaganda today.

The “Gay” Revolution is one of the most amazing marketing stories of all time: a sexual sin once defined by Noah Webster as the “Crime Against Nature,” condemned by God for millennia, was repackaged as the supposed basis for “civil rights.” A Human Wrong sold as a Human Right. And as the successes of the Homosexual Lobby and “gay” power grew, so did its lies: the brazen ten percent “gay” population myth; the Transgender revolution and “Gender Identity” as another bogus “civil rights” criterion; and the still-popular yet never proven “born gay” myth.

Now a new, bolder lie is taking hold: the celebration and normalization of homosexuality as a religious issue. Homosexual activists – needing to supplant the religious authority of Christians and people of faith, started speaking a “gay” version of Christianity, a Christian-eze, if you will – as part of their latest gambit to market homosexuality as a “moral” crusade.

One homosexual activist, Harry Knox, — who worked as HRC’s director of religion before moving on to the Obama administration — even called his homosexual so-called “orientation” an “unchangeable gift from God.” Knox said it “would fly in the face of my respect for God to give that gift back.” Right is wrong and wrong is right in this Brave Disordered World.

Thus, sodomy has been transformed in a few short decades from taboo “abomination” into a divine “gift” – at least in the minds of its LGBT marketers. But it wasn’t clever marketing alone that propelled the Homosexual Revolution. Sometimes intimidation, bullying, violence, dirty tricks – like HRC’s acquisition of National Organization for Marriage’s IRS donor filings [as Matt Barber will discuss] — and shameless deceptions hyped by the gullible media – such as the many fake “anti-gay hate crimes” over the years – were used to advance the homosexual crusade. After all, the ends justified the means.

Whether it was destroying Anita Bryant’s career and cruelly smashing a pie in her face at a press conference; covering the house of the late Sen. Jesse Helms with a giant “condom”; torching the home of San Francisco pastor and homosexual “rights” opponent Chuck McIlhenny and his wife Donna; bullying the American Psychiatric Association into “normalizing” homosexuality; or the anti-Christian San Francisco drag queen “Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence” smearing Jerry Falwell as a so-called “child molester,” the LGBT lies, disinformation and intimidation kept coming.

Today, with the help of the left-wing Southern Poverty Law Center, the Big Lie of the moment is mislabeling opponents of the homosexual agenda as “haters.” Disagreement is NOT hate. Truth is pushed aside as all that seems to matter is the normalizing of homosexuality, as the liberal media toe the line.

But every homosexual victory is a Pyrrhic victory, for God is not mocked. Nations that embrace sexual immorality and devalue marriage inevitably decline. And, as Diane Gramley will show today, Nature itself discriminates against homosexual behavior – no matter how many press releases HRC pumps out. Aberrant, sinful behavior is often unhealthy.

As homosexual power grows, “gay pride” morphs into ever greater displays of arrogance, as common sense and the time-tested, Judeo-Christian moral order are flipped on their heads. Even though many men who once considered themselves “gay” and women who thought of themselves as “lesbian” have changed and pursued healthy sexuality in line with God’s natural design for their bodies, homosexual militants meanly and cynically dismiss the reality of ex-“gay” change. Now, the LGBT Lobby is attempting to use the heavy hand of government to deny heterosexual change therapy to young people – even young people who were sexually abused by homosexual predators (like CNN anchor Don Lemon, who was molested as a boy yet nevertheless celebrates his supposed “gay” identity).

Under the new and escalating “Gay” Tyranny, cries for “tolerance” have been replaced by plans for Dominance. Homosexual activists like Chai Feldblum triumphantly assert that when homosexual “rights” and religious freedom collide, “gay rights” will usually win. How can this be in a nation that was founded by people fleeing religious persecution – where freedom of conscience is enshrined in our Bill of Rights? How did the Cult of Homosexualism gain such sway over a once-Christian America? The answer is power politics, and our Nation’s drift away from God.

Yet politics is only politics, and the Truth remains: homosexuality is nothing to be proud of. Neither is sexual sin of any stripe. We have evolved into a nation whose proper sense of shame and knowledge of right versus wrong have been replaced by apathy, “live and let live,” and depravities of all kinds. But we fool ourselves if we pretend that America’s plummeting morals will not sap her greatness.

The contradictions of the out-and-proud “gay” movement are obvious to anyone not drinking the LGBT Kool-aid:

— The same sexual sin lobby that championed “visibility” for its own – screaming “We’re Here, We’re Queer, Get Used to it!” – now actively denies visibility to its foes and cannot “get used” to the many formerly “gay” men and EX-lesbians who daily give the lie to the myth of innate, inherent “gayness”;

— A homosexual movement built on “rights “now steals and ridicules the rights of religious and moral people to live out their own faith or creed;

— A movement that pleads for “Diversity” now works to squelch dissent – as I experienced personally when a staffer at HRC used his clout to knock me off a “workplace diversity” panel sponsored by DiversityInc magazine. (I would have been the lone conservative voice.);

— A movement built on “tolerance” plays the bully to get its way – even denying treatment to those who want it, and undermines the rights of concerned parents;

— A sin movement that rails against God, the Bible and the strictures of religion now redefines virtue and purports to speak for God on matters of sexual morality;

— A movement that champions “safety for youth” promotes high-risk “gay” sex and even attempts – as HRC has done – to end the blood donation ban for homosexual men in the name of fighting “anti-gay discrimination.” I don’t know about you but I want “discriminating” standards when it comes to giving blood.

Ultimately, the censor’s impulse and the everyday extremism that we now see throughout the “gay” movement testify to its vulnerability and inferiority. A healthy movement does not attempt to banish its enemies or viciously recast religious moralists as “haters.” Because it does not fear them.

The Homosexual Lobby fears the Truth, much of which is blocked behind layer upon layer of media obfuscation. But we here today represent the Silent Majority of Americans who reject homosexual behavior and “same-sex marriage” as “equal” when clearly they are not.

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