AFA’s Bryan Fischer Interviews Peter LaBarbera about Collapse of Exodus International

Folks, here’s a clip from my appearance June 20, 2013, on American Family Radio’s Focus Point with Bryan Fischer,” discussing the implosion of Exodus International under Alan Chambers and the rise of Restored Hope Network in its place. Click HERE to watch it on YouTube. Beneath the video (after the jump) is Restored Hope’s response to the closure of Exodus. — Peter LaBarbera, AFTAH

Statement from Restored Hope Network:


Contact: Anne Paulk:

For Immediate Release

Response to the Announced Closure of Exodus

Statement of the Board of Restored Hope Network

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, June 20, 2013:

We, the Board of Restored Hope Network, grieve the decision of Alan Chambers and the board of Exodus to close down this venerable organization. It feels like the unnecessary death of a dear friend. It would have been better for them to have stepped aside and allowed others to carry on the message of hope for transformed lives. Although the timing of the news was a surprise to many, the shutting down of Exodus is the not-unexpected outcome of a cheap grace theology that severs the confession of Christ as Savior from the confession of Christ as Lord.

While some falsely proclaim that a transformed life is optional for Christians, the united witness of Jesus and the writers of Scripture are clear: In God’s grace true saving faith results in a life of holiness and sexual purity. Thankfully God does not leave his people without a witness to the transforming power of Jesus Christ. The Restored Hope Network was formed in 2012 to provide just such a witness. We welcome all those cast adrift by recent events to know that God is still faithful.

“I am so thankful that Restored Hope Network exists at this time to continue the message of transformation and new life in Christ.”Frank Worthen, one of the founders of Exodus (1976) and of the Restored Hope Network (2012)

Founded in July 2012, Restored Hope is a membership governed network dedicated to restoring hope to those broken by sexual and relational sin, especially those impacted by homosexuality. We proclaim that Jesus Christ has life-changing power for all who submit to Christ as Lord; we also seek to equip His church to impart that transformation.


For more information orfor interviews with Board Chairman Andrew Comiskey, Network Coordinator Anne Paulk, or board member Robert Gagnon of the Pittsburg Theological Seminary, contact *

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