Conservatives Stunned as Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker Backs ENDA

AFTAH in the News – Urge Gov. Walker to reconsider support for ‘Big Gay Government’ ENDA bill

“If Christians are already being persecuted under state and local gay rights laws, why would you support a federal gay rights law which is only going to give the homosexual lawyers more power to oppress people of faith?” — Peter LaBarbera, to One News Now, 12/10/13


TAKE ACTION: Contact Gov. Scott Walker and urge him to rethink his misguided endorsement of ENDA (the Employment Non-Discrimination Act) — which will only add to the burdens on small business owners and make it easier for government to punish businessmen who oppose “gay marriage” and the the agenda to normalize homosexuality and transgenderism.  1) Call the Governor’s Office at 608-266-1212 (or you can leave a message at his campaign office, “Friends of Scott Walker,” at 608-441-1640); 2) E-mail the governor through his office at; or 3) contact Gov. Walker through online Contact Page.

Great Heritage Foundation ENDA resource: go HERE for an excellent report by the Heritage on ENDA [get a printable PDF of the report HERE].


Dear AFTAH Readers,

Like many of you, I’m a big fan of Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker (Republican). He fought off the Left in that state and enacted some key fiscal reforms that have turned Wisconsin around. But I was stunned to see a Bloomberg Report where the Governor backed ENDA — the pro-homosexual, pro-transgender Employment Non-Discrimination Act — which will vastly grow homosexual/transgender activist power in the United States if it passes the House. (ENDA already passed in the Senate with the help of 10 Republicans; see vote tally HERE.)

There is a powerful push by LGBT activists and “moderate” Republicans to make the Party pro-homosexual. Every conservative I have told about Walker’s statement has been shocked by it — yes, “change” is coming fast and hard in the GOP. All Christians and pro-family Americans (even non-Republicans) should fight those working to erode the Party’s values. Please read this short report from our friends at American Family Association’s “One News Now” and TAKE ACTION TODAY to let the governor know that — perhaps without giving it much thought — he just endorsed a bill, ENDA, that is:

1) Anti-conservative
2) Anti-freedom
3) A major threat to religious liberty and freedom of conscience in America
4) Big Government liberalism in action.

Follow the “Take Action” steps above and urge Gov. Walker (phone: 608-266-1212) to rethink his position on ENDA! Thank you. — Peter LaBarbera,

Read it on One News Now:

One News Now reports [subscribe to O.N.N. Daily News Briefs HERE]:


ENDA + traditional marriage = ‘healthy balance’ of rights?

Chad Groening   ( Tuesday, December 10, 2013
Gov. Scott Walker

Gov. Scott Walker

A pro-family activist who works to expose the truth about homosexuality is deeply disappointed in Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker’s recent statement in defense of his state’s Employment Non-Discrimination Act.

In an appearance on Bloomberg TV last month, Governor Walker – whose name has come up in recent discussions as a possible GOP presidential candidate – praised the state’s non-discrimination protections for homosexual workers. The Republican leader also suggested that the U.S. House of Representatives should consider passing a federal ENDA because there have only been “limited problems” with it in Wisconsin. At the same time he also steadfastly defended the state’s ban on same-sex “marriage,” saying Wisconsin has struck a “healthy balance” of rights for LGBT people.

Peter LaBarbera, founder and president of Americans for Truth about Homosexuality, says Walker’s logic is flawed.

“First of all, people – especially Christians – are being persecuted all over the nation under these so-called ‘sexual orientation non-discrimination laws,'” he notes. “So if Christians are already being persecuted under state and local gay rights laws, why would you support a federal gay rights law which is only going to give the homosexual lawyers more power to oppress people of faith?”

LaBarbera hopes the governor will change his position on ENDA.

“I think he’s getting bad advice from the libertarians who basically want the Republican Party to jettison the social issues,” he suggests. “Governor Walker has to see that Christians and pro-family people of faith make up the grassroots conservative army that is the strength of the GOP. And so I hope he still changes his mind on this.”

LaBarbera says it’s sad to see many Republicans selling out when it comes to the homosexual rights agenda. He believes one can’t support ENDA and religious freedom at the same time.


Comments posted on One News Now responding to Gov. Walker story:

Leroy Brown • 2 days ago

First, there is nothing healthy about homosexualism. Neither physically, nor psychologically. The homosexual movement is nothing more than an attempt to get politicians to bow to the 1% so that they may feel justified in their deviation from normal and natural sexual orientation. It is time that they devote that lobbying money to research to help fully understand, and help, those who are afflicted with the problem legitimately. Homosexuals already have the same rights as normal people. ENDA will not trump the rights of the people to freely practice their religion. The state cannot restrict genuine religious practices that have been in place since before the birth of our nation.

Donna Hughes St Romain • 2 days ago
nope cant support good and evil and expect to have a “healthy” balance

Joel Busher • 2 days ago
God calls government a beast. George Washington called it a machine. This beast or machine is the most beneficial or the most deadly institution in the human community. Its great good or its great evil depends on those who has control of it. That is why the colonial and American founders of America put on their state and colonial charters and constitutions a religious oath requirement as a gate, a check on access to important offices of public trust. Thisoath gave the morally sensible access while keeping out the immorally insensible. The Founder’s wisdom is our guiding light and our hope in protecting the use of public authority. It is the moral duty for every patriotic American to restore the religious oath that mandates conviction in the justice of God and faith that Jesus is’our Lord.”

kenhowes • 2 days ago ?
Walker has probably bought into the idea that Christian conservatives have nowhere else to go and will therefore vote Republican, even if the Republicans don’t do much for them. It was Christian conservatives staying home who re-elected Obama, and they won’t hesitate to do it again. What do Walker and his advisors think is the reason that turnout was so low in rural Midwestern counties where a big turnout would have carried Ohio, Wisconsin, Iowa and Michigan for Romney? It was because the movers and shakers of the GOP thought that soft-pedaling social issues would allow them to gain the yuppie, gay and suburban feminist votes that have moved a lot of formerly Republican territory into the Democratic column. Of course, it didn’t work. Those people are Democrats now; why vote for an imitation Democrat when they can get a real one?

The assumption of those strategists is that those are still basically Republican votes if the only real issues on the table are taxes and spending. They CAN’T reduce the issues to taxes and spending except by an all-out endorsement of the left’s position on social issues. But at that point, white Southerners will stay home in droves, and the overwhelmingly Democratic black vote will carry those states, the way that 120% turnouts in Cleveland (that’s not a typo) carried Ohio.

The Skeptical Chymist • 2 days ago
I do not agree that Christians are being persecuted. They simply are no longer being given carte blanche to control policies in the U.S.

justinwachin • 2 days ago
I don’t advocate mistreatment of gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgendered people. But, most non-discrimination acts come embedded with ramifications which are seen on the surface, which is promoted as a measure of fairness and civility.

Once ENDA gets enacted, the extension of employer benefits to gay partners is next on the wish list along with sex change operations. Any journey begins with a first step. ENDA begins a journey which will carry people places they aren’t likely desiring to go.

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