Bottom Line Brought Home by Phil Robertson: Homosexual Sex Is Disgusting

Here’s a short but good takeaway from the A&E/Duck Dynasty hubbub by Jason Salamone, Research Associate at Americans For Truth. We will also post the linked piece by Christian filmmaker  Eric Holmberg:

By Jason Salamone

Let this be a lesson to us who are afraid to point out the behavioral aspects of homosexuality. Phil Robertson’s comment of “man’s anus versus vagina” may be crude, but it reminded people of what “homosexuals” actually do in bed. On Piers Morgan’s show, Dr. Michael Brown was able to capitalize and drive that point home again when he stated, “The rectum is part of the disposal system. It’s not meant for sexuality.” Bottom line is, we have an inherent disgust about that, even those who claim to be proponents or the most sympathetic to homosexual causes. This article will explain better at what I’m getting at here…

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